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We’ll talk about car tyres again in this piece. By this point, everyone is aware of how crucial tyres are to a car. In an earlier blog post, we talked about their main purposes. We’ll look at two well-known tyre companies today: Dunlop and Roadstone.


Let’s talk about the two brands first.


Due to its own rather than its tyres, Dunlop is a recognisable brand. The brand is owned by numerous corporations, with regional ownership variations. Tyres are produced in North America by Sumitomo Rubber Industries under the Dunlop name. Ownership in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei is acquired by the German Continental AG. The Dunlop brand in India is owned by the Ruia Group. The Dunlop name is associated with performance and quality despite having several owners.


It is a well-known tyre company connected to Nexen Tires. As a result, even if you are not familiar with Roadstone, you can be sure that it is a trusted brand because Nexen is the company that created it. The main strength of Roadstone is its extensive global network of R&D facilities. It guarantees that the most cutting-edge technology and innovation are used in Roadstone goods. The brand’s existence in more than a hundred countries is evidence of its appeal and clientele.

Let’s look at their tyres now.


SUVs, CUVs, and 4x4s can use these tyres. The Grandtrek AT23 has fewer size possibilities while the RU1 comes in a range of sizes. The RU1 costs between AED 364 and AED 506 due to the different sizes, whilst the Dunlop costs between AED 572 and AED 592. Don’t be discouraged from buying the AT23 by the smaller variety or higher price.

Many people are unaware that the AT23 is an original equipment tyre for Toyota and Lexus cars. The Grandtrek has an all-season tread, in contrast to the RU1 summer tyre. It implies that it is usable in all climatic and road situations. Therefore, Roadstone N Fera RU1 is superior in terms of size and price. The Grandtrek is the better choice in terms of adaptability in all seasons.

The two of them perform similarly in terms of quality. Modern technology is present in both. In general, it is challenging to decide between the two possibilities. We recommend the AT23 if you desire all-season tyres and are unconcerned about expense. The RU1 is a better choice if you only sometimes need all-season tyres.


These two are made for passenger cars. However, keep in mind that they are not intended for the typical passenger vehicle. These two are suggested if your vehicle fits into the high-performance group. The costs of the two goods are similar. The price will increase if you select a larger CP672 size, though.

The two tyres’ exceptional quietness is something we admire. To put it another way, you are no longer required to be concerned about tyre noise. Both are robust other from it. It implies that you won’t need to replace tyres on a regular basis. The LM702 outperforms the CP 672 in terms of road traction. Despite the fact that both offer outstanding traction, the LM702 inspires more confidence in slick and rainy weather.

By Michael Caine

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