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Eyeing a New Set of Off-Road Rims for 2023? These Blaque Diamond Wheels are Making Waves!

In 2009, 2 very different companies started manufacturing high-end off-road wheels. Both were based out of California and neither company had any idea back then that they would one day rule this very exclusive & highly competitive niche!

The first one to hit shelves across all 50 States was Blaque Diamond Wheels. The brand was owned by Hipnotic Wheels, helmed by maverick businessman and entrepreneur Eric Aydin. Aydin was also one of the chief designers during those early years.

Blaque Diamond has come a long way since then! It’s often referred to as BD or Diamond wheels by fans and market watchers alike. It is one of the biggest names in the aftermarket rims segment and specializes in the production of exclusive off-road rims.

But hang on! Fuel Wheels too was formed in 2009. It was, in fact, launched as a sister company that would cater to the growing appetite for such rims not only across the United States but globally. The parent company – MHT Luxury Alloys – had been in the market long enough to understand the incoming trends and they bet heavily on Fuel’s products.

It was a very good bet; Fuel is another giant that can go toe to toe with some of the biggest aftermarket brands.

Suffice to say that BD and Fuel are almost always competing with one another – and the rest of the bigger manufacturers too.

However, Blaque Diamond Wheels seems to have taken the initiative over the last 2-3 years. They have redoubled their R&D budget, launched more models than any other rival and has managed to break its own records.

Which is why the experts we spoke to at California’s AudioCity USA, one of the oldest and most respected retailers of such rims in the country, recommended that we try out BD’s new launches this year.

Off-road wheels 101: what makes Blaque Diamond special?

When we say ‘special’, it’s not to disparage any other brand. We are trying to explain here why BD has created a flutter these last few years.

  • Made in the USA: There are very few companies that still uses all-American technology and manpower to churn out their products. Even Fuel Wheels has outsourced its off-road rims to manufacturers in China, even though their forged rims are made in America.

Don’t get this wrong: Fuel ensures that their off-road beauties pass several tests for quality and durability before they are sold here. But that tinge of pride the label of ‘Made in the USA’ is something BD has mastered!

  • Superior proprietary technologies: For its off-road wheels, BD uses its own ULW technology. This is patented; it reduces the weight of these rims by a very significant margin. The result is a set of rims that will serve you on even the most hellish surfaces you can think of while also being quite at home on your paved driveway.

And then there’s the fuel savings too! That’s another immense advantage.

  • Clever and customer-centric R&D: It really seems like when it comes to R&D, BD has overtaken most of the competition. It is engaged in various new forms of forging, something only premier companies like Lexani and Savini actively use. Moreover, unlike even Fuel, Blaque Diamond Wheels is gradually shifting to CNC forging while using better-grade aluminum.

While the industry standard is the 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, BD appears to have gone slightly higher and opted for 6082 and 6063 grades too.

While others will catch up rapidly, BD will retain the first-mover advantage!

3 top models for 2023

The next time you visit your trusted retailer to purchase a set of all-new rims, ask for any of the following:

  1. BD F25: This is the flagship model of the company’s flow-forged series, a procedure that makes the rims immensely robust and almost immune to damages sustained while driving on hostile terrain. Currently available in black and a very matte shade of silver, this should be your next set of off-road wheels especially if you drive ‘Big Boys’ like the Ferrari 488, the McLaren 720s or even the humbler Toyota Supra.

The BD F25 looks splendid and adds value to high-end EVs like Tesla’s Models X, S and Y.

  • BD 15: This has always been in demand ever since Blaque Diamond introduced its flow-forged range. This year, there are 2 new models and a facelift being added to the family. Perfect for any road and most passenger vehicles, the BD 15 is slightly ahead of the most premium Fuel Wheels due to its relatively lower weight.

The 5-spoke design is timeless and the best part is the finely machined deep lip plus the added concavity which come together to make it perhaps the most favored forged off-road rim from BD.

  • BD F18: There are chances that this range too will receive a few new members. The reason is their excellent performance in terms of numbers sold per year. The BD F18 is widely available and is often preferred over the preceding 2 models because it has extra size options.

Off-roading enthusiasts also love the pocketed deep lip that’s a hallmark of the BD F18. This is one of the most affordable models manufactured by Blaque Diamond; the company is often noted for its higher price tags.

Sounds great! Where do I buy these?

We would recommend AudioCity USA right away! Not merely because they offer lowest price guarantees, free shipping, all bells and whistles and financing options plus a ton of other advantages; it’s because their 33 years of reputation precedes them.

Get their professional advice when purchasing Blaque Diamond Wheels; you’d be surprised to learn several new things.

That said, you can purchase them from any established retail outlet you trust or from online stores. That choice is best left to you!

Bon voyage!

By Michael Caine

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