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5-Point Checklist To Find The Best Demand Generation Agency

A modern business necessity, demand generation is a rock-solid marketing approach that can help businesses grow. Developing and executing a strong demand generation strategy is complex and requires specific skills and expertise that can be a costly proposition to build in-house. Therefore, partnering with a sales-oriented B2B demand generation agency will be an affordable and flexible approach to building a steady revenue pipeline. However, hiring a B2B demand generation agency can be tricky and requires strategic evaluation criteria to find the right one. Let’s look at the 5-point checklist in detail to find the right agency. 

What is a demand generation agency?

A B2B demand generation agency helps businesses in many ways, from creating demand in the market to driving digital lead generation and ultimately impacting conversion rates. 

Businesses that want to ensure their demand-generation efforts are successful must know how to find the best demand-generation agency. Here are five tips for finding a reputable agency:

  • Do they have a proven track record of success?

It is one of the most crucial aspects to look for while finding the best demand generation agency. Nowadays, many demand generation agencies don’t work properly. They also lie about their clientele portfolio, strategic endeavors, and unfounded business processes that drive effective outcomes. It may be just a trap!

So, while searching for a demand generation company, it is vital to check its record of success.

  • Are they on the same wavelength as your business?

Business principles are vital when it comes to working with any demand generation agency. It is recommended to find an agency that truly comprehends the variations of B2B marketing, fits with the spirit of an organization, and can support its goals.

Some of the questions to ask while searching for a B2B demand generation agency:

  • What is their target?
  • What are their main service offerings?
  • How much experience do they have in this field?
  • How did they earn the reputation of being the best in this field?
  • Are they offering good returns on investment (ROI)?
  • Are they operating in an agile way? 

Flexibility is essential, particularly when it comes to creating demand for SMEs. Priorities sometimes change, new possibilities also rise, and businesses need a partner agency that can adjust rapidly.

Unfortunately, there is no assurance with this agile process. Many agencies still use the waterfall delivery method, in which tasks are completed after being scheduled and approved at the outset of the engagement.

Adopting an agile strategy is a must-have aspect, an alternate course of action. Organisations can swiftly take an opportunity to create demand if it presents itself.

Look for a dynamic, proactive growth partner who will halt and consider options strategically if the current course of action is unsuccessful.

  • How much does it cost?

Numerous agencies specialize in providing business growth and can offer genuine and affordable B2B demand generation services to enhance businesses.

It is necessary to ask them about their pricing model and see if they’re competitive enough with what other agencies are paying them.

It is advisable that before starting with in-depth discovery calls with the firms on selection, it’s essential to obtain a general idea of their price. Businesses can discover that some demand generation agencies charge double that of others. Therefore, this will also aid a company’s ability to compare price structures.

Remember that businesses must reserve sufficient money for media or promotional activities. If they don’t have enough money to run campaigns and distribute information to their target audience, businesses will not achieve the suitable outcomes they have set.

  • Do they have a successful track record of generating demand?

Credibility is essential when trusting a demand-generation partner. As an indispensable aspect of the shortlisting procedure, find out with whom they have worked in the past and which fields they excel in.

The ideal B2B demand generation agency should have a track record of expanding firms with similar characteristics to its own.

End Note

These five-point checklists can help businesses evaluate the value each shortlisted agency will contribute to their business according to their standards. Finding a B2B demand generation agency that will generate ROI and with whom they will click are pertinent facets.

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By Michael Caine

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