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5 Proven Email Techniques To Ensure Email Are Not Abandoned 

So, you are overwhelmed by unopened emails? Then, this is something for you to worry about. There are a lot of reasons attached in regard to abandoned emails, and the reason could be you too. As a business, it is necessary to work on sending emails.

Sending business-related emails is an art to perform. It includes how, when, and why you are sending emails. The process of getting a success rate in emails is one milestone to cover. It requires to have a full study of everything and learning the technique.

5 Ideas To Improve Chances Of Opening Emails From Your Customers

Make sure emails are cut through and are to the point. When people receive overcrowded emails, they are naturally left unread in the cart. So, how can anyone ensure emails are not abandoned? Take look at some of the tips that can help turn tables. 

Keep It To The Subject

Getting away from the subject and stuffing emails with unnecessary content will never work. Experts are of the view that is better to stay within the subject and keep the paragraphs short and simple. Ideally, a paragraph should not exceed more than three lines. Also, do not overdo the sentences that get away from the subject.

Pay Attention To The Subject Lines

Subject lines intrigue the user to either read or leave the email as it is. They are as important as headlines of the news, or the tagline of an advertisement. Take out the dome to invest in making compelling subject lines that can hit right on the spot. To make it attractive, you can add questions, directly give the message, or create a pre-hype.

Become More Personalized Rather Than Be General

Do you know how customers want to be treated? Now, they want to be treated differently and catered to at a personal level. You have to be more connective because if you are not paying attention then it may be less email recognition. For instance, rather than writing to all Cotton Bag Buyers in Australiayou can contact them specifically. Use better email addresses and email names that are more relevant to the business.

Be More Conversational

It is not the era where emails were just sent for the sake of it. An impersonal and general email is already boring. Instead of throwing your message, be a little conversational and responsive to customers. Add some questions to the emails to remove all communication barriers.

Set A Time To Send Emails

The customers would not like to receive emails at 5:AM in the morning. To ensure you are sending emails at the right hours select different slots. It can help in testing and finalizing a good time to send emails. Extract the data and check when were the customers more responsive.


So, why are emails so important to any business? Well, they are one of the best practices used in digital marketing and have shown proven results. The best way is to make sure they are being sent rightfully.

By Michael Caine

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