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5 Reasons To Visit Thailand In 2022

Thailand is a well-known tropical land that every tourist wants to visit once in their life. Moreover, it was a never colonized southeast country known for its authentic places and culture. Besides, the weather in Thailand is so mesmerizing throughout the year. 

Thailand is home to numerous sandy beaches, unreal traditions, and places that keep you engaged. Moreover, people from multiple countries visit to witness Thailand’s charm and beauty. This land of smiles never disappoints any visitors. 

Furthermore, it holds the most tranquil beaches that vibe you authentically, including blue ocean edging with golden sand under the pleasant weather. Moreover, there are excellent water and beach activities, including kayaking, snorkeling, water volleyball, and underwater scuba. 

All the places are unique and cultural, which gives an immense experience with its beauty and kind locals. Thai people are friendly and gentle. Besides, they never disrespect their religion and tradition. The tradition is derived from and influenced by numerous countries, but still, it looks magnificent, which Thailand is proud of. 

If you want to explore a whole part of this glorious place, choose the 7 days Thailand tour package from India. It offers you the best seven days of a trip, which includes all significant places, monuments, temples, and beaches. Moreover, it includes a lavish stay in top resorts and hotels with all central cuisine that give a tremendous experience to taste buds. 

Thailand has its own vibrant culture, where 85% are Buddhist. Thai people follow Buddhist traditions. Moreover, there are tones of the buddha temple that reflect the authentic culture and tradition. You must visit those places to witness the impeccable statues. 

Surreal Spots of Thailand 

Thailand is already known for its numerous activities and foods, but the places are too stunning to visit. Go through the information below, which will help you better understand Thailand. 


Phuket is a must-visit place in Thailand, situated on the west coast of the Arabian sea. Moreover, it is well-known for its beaches, including Kata Noi, which offers the best scenery and is quite a place. It is the perfect option for people who want personal time to enjoy themselves on the beach. 

Furthermore, Nai Harn is an authentic beach that offers top activities which are adventurous and exciting. It does give a tropical feel under a palm tree, shining sand, and a soothing climate above the mesmerizing ocean. Therefore, if you want a luxurious resort, visit Surine beach. 


Ayutthaya was once the capital of Thailand in ancient times, around the 14th century. It’s now the world’s UNESCO heritage site. Moreover, it is widely spread for people to enjoy the blissful aspects. It holds numerous temples of the Buddha. Therefore, the three temples are the most famous. They are all unique in their build, including the most famous, oldest, and emerald made. 

Additionally, Wat Phra maha that is the most famous temple, which offers the tallest Buddha, which looks magnificent from view. You must visit this place to witness the ancient beauty of Thailand.


Krabi is home to numerous islands, all exotic and beautiful. They offer the captivating experience of sandy beaches. Moreover, due to its rugged coastline, limestone cave, and dense cave, the island gives immense exposure. Besides, side shacks are available alongside the beach, offering you top international drinks with fantastic seafood and Thai food. Therefore, the experience of side shacks is fabulous and shows the atheistic view of the weather lying on the ocean. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to have underwater activities. It gives tremendous exposure to the marine coast. Besides, it would be best if you witnessed unreal water creatures, reefs, fishes of several species, and corals. Hence all will rejuvenate your mind and experience. 

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a perfect destination for people who want to experience mist mountains and jungles. Moreover, it shows the different sides of Thailand. It was filled with hill treks, tropical rainforests, and other places like temples, monuments, and heritage sites. Besides, these all make it famous to visit. 

Furthermore, the Himalayan mountain range and remote villages are fascinating spots, including the stunning viewpoint of Doi Inthanon national park. Best place for wildlife lovers. Additionally, the buddha temples are gems of Chiang Mai, including side flea markets to buy handmade souvenirs. 

Two major hill tribes named Karen and Meo hill tribes impact every tourist’s tremendous experience. Moreover, explore Chiang Mai to explore the wild culture of Thailand. 


Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, a glorious place for its cultural and street life. Moreover, it is the most famous and dazzling city in Thailand, which holds around 8 million people. Bangkok is home to vibrant tradition and cosmopolitan street culture. Therefore, it offers delicious food in the stall, which gives valuable experience and taste. 

Being a shopping lover, you will get tremendous experience in flea markets. Visit Chatuchak market, which offers pretty much everything. Besides, it is the largest market in the world, holding more than 8000 stalls. It would be the best adventure if you visited to shop there. 

Furthermore, Lumpini Park, located in the city’s heart, offers blissful greenery. Moreover, it is an attractive place to have a walk under mesmerizing climate. One of the major attractions of Bangkok is the grand palace. Besides, there is an emerald buddha, the tallest at approximately 45 meters. Hence, it looks magnificent from distant places in Bangkok. 

Wrapping Up 

In addition, these are the major attractions and spots to visit in Thailand. Jot down the information mentioned earlier to get the best out of Thailand. If you are planning a holiday with your partners, choose excellent Thailand honeymoon packages from Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow. It gives immense pleasure under super offers. 

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