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The capacity to transform a vision into reality is possessed by a true leader. Leadership encompasses the vital role of updating and empowering the human resource with strategic skills to perform optimally. Several HR firms advise taking up a certified people leader programme to enhance one’s skills and competencies and stay updated with the latest in the industry. This also is essential to be able to perform as per the industry standards and give the best output. The industry cannot survive in lieu of such programs and development strategies to equip its manpower with modern work methods and proficiencies. In today’s competitive world, it becomes increasingly essential to stay updated and at par with industry standards. Enlisted underneath are some points outlining the reasons why leadership programs are essential for the upkeep and sustainability of a successful business in today’s times:

  • Positive effect on productivity: Any program which brings in change and development related to the performance level of the employee is a positive change and needs to be incorporated to enhance productivity.
  • Enhanced employee engagement and discourage turnover: as the company encourages its employees to undertake certified courses for achieving industry leadership, there is a focus on the achievement of individual and company goals. This reduces the chances of turnover and helps to retain the employees for a longer duration of time.  
  • Tapping fresh talent: Another very important feature of such people programs is to tap the inherent but hidden talents of existing employees thereby cashing in on their capabilities without spending on recruitment and training of new talent. This also ensures fostering new talent among existing employees to raise future leaders.
  • Team building for effective decision making: Since the management and the employees are on the same platform when it comes to staying updated with the latest technological and other industry-related developments, engaging employees in any people development programme always supports the team work and overall growth of the concern to achieve the common goals. 
  • Improving career prospects: Training and career growth prospects encourage the employees to develop their devotion and integrity towards their work and their concerns. A well-planned leadership program can encourage them to contribute more and more to the growth and development of the company thereby ensuring their personal growth and goal achievement. 
  • Decision-making in line with corporate culture: Further it also builds up corporate culture and connects the employees to the vision and mission of the company. This facilitates decision-making and leads to effective implementation. This creates a win-win situation for the workers and the management.
  • Building enduring bonds: Leadership programs help develop and nurture enduring bonds between peers and benefit from their experience in the industry. Leadership programs bring people closer to each other thereby helping them to establish bonds and associations which go a long way to support them in their growth in life.
  • Reduces turnover and promotes staff engagement: Leadership training and programs for development promote employee engagement. An employee who gets an opportunity to take up such programs feels empowered to contribute more and stay connected to the organization. He does not wish to leave the company as he anticipates growth opportunities.
  • Development of digital acumen: A program in leadership in virtual mode endorses the growth and development of digital acumen. It helps the employee to understand and experience things from a virtual perspective thereby enabling his sense of digital learning and application. As most companies work with technological advancements and explore digital modes simultaneously, it becomes an added benefit for the employee to get training and recognized certification in a leadership program. It can go a long way in the growth and development of future managers in a concern.   
  • Encouragement and motivation: An employee feels elevated and encouraged to contribute to the company’s growth and prosperity as he is intrinsically motivated. He aligns his personal goals with the goals of the concern and tries to contribute in the best possible manner. 
  • Latest technical know-how: An employee gains the latest technical know-how and stays updated with the newest and most modern techniques in his trade. In an ever-changing world today, where developments take place every now and then, it becomes important to stay updated and know about modern methods and changes. A virtual program to develop leadership qualities will encourage the employees to keep track of the happenings and developments and thus bring a change as required. 
  • Improved communication: An employee can communicate better and effectively after the completion of a strategic leadership course as he develops skills to convey his ideas and thoughts in a better way. He is able to impact and change the way his views are perceived and interpreted. It puts him on a better platform to successfully communicate and connect and develop interpersonal associations.
  • Risk management is improved: A company faces many challenges and it becomes imperative to improve its risk-taking abilities by training its staff for future challenges. It can train its employees to manage risk better by giving them tools and equipping them to take decisions considering the risk involved. This helps the workers to assess the risk associated with a particular task and make informed decisions for the betterment of the concern.

Organizing and attending such programs is definitely a win-win situation as it fosters growth at both ends. The progress of an employee at a personal level will contribute to the growth of the company and vice versa. An added benefit is the availability of such programs in a virtual mode, allowing on-the-job training to happen. The employee can get trained and simultaneously contribute to the progress of the company.

Truly, the introduction of career development platforms acts as a catalyst to support progress and advancement at a personal and professional level in addition to a sense of accomplishment at both ends. A strategic leadership development programme if implemented tactically and at the right time boosts growth and gives headway to any concern. As leadership and learning are indispensable to each other, introduction to development will always be welcomed by the management and the workers alike. 

By Michael Caine

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