Best Goodwill In Arizona

Best Goodwill In Arizona

For most fashionistas, wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or flaunting a Michael Kors bag would be the stuff of dreams. But how are you going to be able to buy it when you’re on a college budget? Of course, thrift shops! You could find the thought of used clothing repulsive, but it’s difficult to dispute when you can achieve the desired style for a far lower cost. We’ve done the grunt work and located Phoenix’s top ones.


Not your mom’s secondhand shop. This is a high-end consignment store where prom dresses, designer clothing, and shoes are displayed on racks and line the walls. Short-stop shoppers will find it advantageous that because the store is small, it doesn’t take long to go through all the items that are available in your size. The circle racks reserved for particular designers are one of Urban Exchange’s distinctive features. This is the place to go if you’ve always wanted a short-waisted fur coat. They’re not dirt cheap, but spending $100 to $400 is still preferable to spending thousands of dollars elsewhere.

Town of Cheapskates

A franchised consignment shop called Uptown Cheapskate recently opened in Phoenix. The fantastic thing about Uptown Cheapskate is how well-organized their wardrobe is. The clothing is divided into categories, including tops, coats, dresses, maxi dresses, skirts, jeans, and accessories. The shirts are separated by colour, size, and sleeve length. So there is a location if you’re seeking for a size small, short-sleeved, mint top! You are welcome to make purchases directly from the mannequins, which are dispersed throughout the store and are constantly immaculately dressed. Thanks to their high standards, this doesn’t feel like a “thrift shop” at all. Each store has a list of acceptable brands that you can bring in, and you may exchange your unwanted clothing for cash or store credit. One of the best thrift shops in Phoenix is without a doubt this one.

A SECOND LOOK The question is, “What don’t they have here?” Despite the fact that some building may still be needed in the region, don’t be misled by its appearance. This is where to go if you want something for less money. Along with clothing, they also sell china, pet supplies, paintings, gardening equipment, and other items. When you’re shopping for a specific outfit, it’s useful because their clothing is arranged by colour. The front of the store has a spherical jewellery counter that is likewise color-organized, allowing you to browse the jewellery while choosing your outfit. The quality of what you buy is nearly identical to that of brand-new because they only accept gently used, high-grade things.


This tiny store offers a cosy atmosphere. This thrift store, which has two little rooms and charming fitting rooms, supports the neighbourhood by hiring unemployed single parents. In the next six months, this shop will undergo changes as they prepare to relocate just down the road to a newly refurbished auto shop. The most well-organized and spotless area on this list is the one for kids. Despite the limited options, they consistently carry Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo premium clothing and footwear because of their high standards. Keep an eye on this place because they’re going to become an unstoppable force in the world of thrift stores once they move into that new site.


This store, which is directly across the parking lot from Uptown Cheapskate, is a terrific place to acquire durable used furniture and home furnishings. Although it isn’t particularly inexpensive—a secretary’s desk still costs $285—everything is in decent condition, so it should last till graduation! According to clothing article, size, and colour, the clothing is arranged in long racks. Everything is spotless, but they offer a greater assortment because their brand restrictions are less stringent than those of other shops. Choose among more than 100 purses on the purse wall, which is Turnstyle’s most striking feature. Yes, a whole wall of handbags! Everyone can find a purse. They come in a variety of forms, designs, and sizes.


This is a terrific Goodwill to visit if you’re itching to. Although not the finest for vintage clothing, this Goodwill is still superior to most after visiting more than five in the Valley. The fact that this store has so many trinkets, DVDs, and books is its best feature. This is a reliable source of those extras because thrift stores often sell apparel followed by a wide variety of miscellaneous accessories. This is the place to be if you have an eye for unusual trinkets. If you check here often enough, almost anything you could imagine might appear. If you prefer DIY projects or reupholstering used furniture, Goodwill is usually a fantastic place to start. Before you locate something project-worthy, it could take a few trips, but with a steady flow of donations, there is fresh stock every week.

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