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Different ways to pay low EMIs two-wheeler loan calculator

When you consider the unreliability of public transport, owning a vehicle becomes a necessity. Many companies provide financial aid to purchase a bike or a scooter and easily calculate EMIs via a two-wheeler loan calculator. It is effortless to calculate EMI for your bike or scooter loan through the EMI calculator. All you need to do is to enter the amount in the respective fields to arrive at the final amount. However, getting the EMIs at budget-friendly rates could be challenging because of ever-increasing inflation.  Hence, it would be best if you find different ways to make things easy.

What are the ways to reduce your two-wheeler loan EMI?

Opt for a higher down payment

Down payment is the upfront amount a customer must pay if they choose to go for EMI options. A two-wheeler loan calculator is designed to calculate the EMIs on parameters like a higher amount of down payment and the repayment tenure. Hence it does not always favor the borrower regarding repayment. A borrower needs to make things in their favor by compromising either with the higher down payment or, the higher EMIs. If the loan amount is higher, they have to pay a higher EMI amount, which would be wise. Hero splendor plus finance offers you a bike or a scooter loan with reasonable down payments and easy EMI options.

Choose the loan scheme that offers you a longer repayment duration

If you opt for a long-term loan, you need to understand that a two-wheeler loan calculator’s loan repayment duration is inversely proportionate to a specific EMI loan amount. A longer duration decreases your EMI and can translate to a more considerable interest rate over the loan tenure. Hence, it would be best to analyze the pros and cons before asking for an extension for repayment duration.  The loan interest rate at Hero splendor plus finance is a 6% interest rate on EMIs, depending on different states in India.

Opt for a step-down EMI plan if required

Many banking and non-banking financial institutions offer customers a step-down EMI plan option. In this case, the two-wheeler loan calculator would show a more considerable EMI amount to the borrower at the beginning of the tenure. It would reduce the interest burden later in the loan repayment tenure. Hero splendor plus finance offers you the step-down EMI plan to make the repayments easy for the customers and get their money on time. It is a Flexi-EMI scheme for retired persons or employees nearing retirement age.

Think of going for a loan with your existing bank

If you have been a customer of a particular bank for many years, you would be at an advantage while approaching them for a bank loan for purchasing a two-wheeler. If you have an excellent standing with the bank, there is a possibility that your down payment and EMI will come under your budget.

Negotiate or bargain with the bank for a lower interest rate

The two-wheeler loan calculator gives you the EMI amount based on the amount & the duration that you choose. However, if you feel that the interest rate is on the higher side, you can always approach the manager to negotiate the interest rate so you would get some concession. Hero splendor plus finance is one financial company that negotiates interest rates and meets customer requirements.


The other way to make the two-wheeler loan calculator work is to make an extra monthly or bi-weekly payment. It would make the loan amount shorter by several months. Hero splendor finance plus encourage the borrowers to use this method, including foreclosure.

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