Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Great Unboxing Experience

With the emergence of e -commerce, companies are looking for creative ways to get involved and interact with their customers through their products and packages more than before.

You can create relationships with your customers through marketing and advertising efforts, but the most direct way to develop a loyal user base is to have an impressive unboxing experience for new and existing customers.

In our blog post on how to make unforgettable unboxing experiences, we explain the importance of users of users from their products because this is the first physical form you contact with your customers. Today, we will be more detailed about DO and DON’TS to create a great unboxing experience.


1 – Use branded packaging

custom rigid boxes wholesale Jing box craft mailer box packaging

Source: Jing!

To help customer involvement and retention, your packaging branding is a good way to promote your company and help make users accustomed to your brand.

You can enter your brand in anything like the box itself or your packaging material. Add a logo to your packaging is not expensive, and you always want to have your brand throughout the unboxing experience so that it includes as much as possible without flooding customers. We write posts about why you need branded packaging that you can read here.

2 – Playing creatively with sustainable packaging materials

Rigid craft custom Baraiya box with insert

Special box inserts

Unboxing experience does not end in your packaging. You also have to think of the best way to protect all your content in the box.

Instead of using traditional packing beans, you can use special box inserts, branded tissue paper, or wrinkled recycled paper. Branded packaging bands are also a popular addition to the packaging industry if you want to add a little more excitement to unboxing experience.

Make sure you choose the packaging material that matches your brand sound and in harmony with the environmental aspects of your brand identity. After the customer opens the box, custom bottle boxes you want packaging and products to talk alone and provide a good presentation. So make sure the packaging respects the product and packaging and does not take over the entire unboxing experience.

3 – Beyond the package

Thank you, a lot of cards,

With everything online, you want to make your customers feel special and thankful to them for being a loyal customer for a time that has never happened before. Going more extra and include additional features that will make unboxing experience more memorable. Think about small details because you believe it or not, your customers will appreciate it more than you know.

For example, you can write a personalized thank you to show your appreciation, provide free samples or trial codes from other products offered by your company, or even include a free repayment label to make the return process easier to customers if they don’t exist T is satisfied with the product/service.

You can also include opportunities for social media promotion by encouraging your customers to share their experiences through hashtags on social media. The list can continue and continue. So if you can, try making unboxing experiences fun and personal.

Do not

1 – Don’t make the packaging difficult

Custom Aniya Mail Box for Beauty Products

Minimum Aniya mailer box

When your customers receive your product, you don’t want to flood them with all your graphs or marketing materials or make them frustrated because the package is too complicated to open.

Keep your packaging simple both structurally and aesthetics. This will not only keep the unboxing experience fun, but also helps your company continuing because you want to use the least packaging to keep your carbon footprints low.

In Pack mojo, we offer a simple and sustainable folding cardboard box design, a rigid box, and the sender box that can be a suitable solution for your company if you are looking for the Right Package

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