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Who doesn’t want their travel experiences to last a lifetime? And it is only human to keep these memories as material possessions. Whether you splurge on your trips, buy a cheap souvenir, pick a free keepsake, or shoot many photos, there will always be something to look back on when you return. But how do you ensure you bring unique keepsakes from souvenir shops from your vacation every time? So don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This blog post will share some entertaining souvenir ideas to consider when shopping for souvenirs worldwide.

Suggestions For Your Next Trip’s Souvenirs.

Here are some unique ideas to get you thinking about bringing back some intriguing souvenirs from your vacation.

1. The Cliche Souvenir

Whom are we kidding? We’ve all bought one of these overpriced made-in-China trinkets at some point. Let’s try and make a list of some more overused things.

  • Magnets
  • Keychains
  • Shot glasses
  • T-shirts from the city

2. Postcards

Postcards are inexpensive, light, and small souvenirs that are ideal for collecting. As trip photographers who enjoy taking postcard images of new places, we aim to avoid purchasing them. We do purchase postcards from sites where photographing is not permitted. For example, postcards of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, or postcards of Van Gogh’s artworks from Amsterdam, because photography is not allowed within the museum.

3. Home décor items

Everyone wants their home to reflect their personality. If you enjoy travelling, for instance, in Australia, try bringing home items from that Australian Souvenir Shop Perth to improve the attractiveness of your home. Of course, you can purchase many of these decorative objects on Amazon, but do you have an intriguing tale to share? Travel souvenirs are an essential part of our home, serving as a beautiful memory of all the locations we’ve visited. As an example:

  • A Japanese geisha doll
  • The Netherlands’ Delft flower vase
  • A classic German stein
  • A couple of hand-carved wooden creatures and a Kenyan book stopper
  • The Italian hand paints.

4. Food

Whoever remarked that a country’s soul is found in its food was utterly correct. We strive to bring some of that soul cuisine back with us whenever possible. Please check the rules in your nation before purchasing culinary mementoes. As an example:

  • Maple syrup and apple butter from Quebec City, Canada.
  • Istanbul Turkish Delights (sugar sweets)
  • Sri Lankan Ceylon tea is delicious.
  • India’s spices
  • Switzerland and Belgium chocolates

5. Local liquor

This is not a cheap memento (unless you pick samples), but it is a great pleasure back home. You can’t go wrong with bringing the “soul” of a nation, whether you buy it duty-free or in a local shop. As an example:

  • Icelandic liquor (Birch, Icelandic Vodka, Brennivin)
  • Scotch whisky from Scotland
  • Italy’s Limoncello and Chianti
  • Riesling wine from the Rhine valley of Germany
  • Japanese Sake
  • Mauritius and Puerto Rico rum

6. Apparel and accessories

Whether it’s a classic piece of clothing or a design statement you won’t find in your native country, shopping for clothing can be enjoyable if you know where to search. You don’t even have to go to a mall to find these treasures. Just take a peek at our local best-price variety stores. As an example:

  • Traditional Icelandic sheep wool sweaters are hot, despite their high price.
  • Cambodia’s night market sells light Caps and hats
  • Traditional Mexican or South American Poncho.

7. Skin care and cosmetics

While on vacation, the importance of shopping for skin care and cosmetics is needed to be understood. Those can help while on the trip and are also pretty good souvenirs.

  • Capri fragrance from Carthusia fragrances in Itlay
  • Soaps for bathing.
  • Masks for the face.
  • Cosmetics and make-up
  • Add a classic hand mirror to assist you with these beautiful items.


Purchasing great souvenirs to take home while on vacation in Perth is undoubtedly high on your ‘must-do’ list. The question is, where can you find some one-of-a-kind Perth souvenir shops?

The goal is to avoid any location that appears overly ‘touristy.’ Do you know those stores with garish colourful plastic bits and bobs in the window? Instead, a far better idea is to visit our local souvenir shop in Perth. There are many fascinating little stores scattered across the Perth area. Many sell locally made and organic soaps, bath salts, candles, and other items. Many of these independent stores are unusual and exciting. Get on to our stores for some exciting souvenir collections.

By Michael Caine

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