How (the Right) Zero-Nicotine Disposable Vape Can Help You Beat Cigarettes

Both the internet and traditional medical literature are littered with suggestions and advice for quitting nicotine, from basic tips to actual regimens that promise to get you off of cigarettes for good.

But some strategies (like quitting cold turkey) don’t work for everyone, and even worse, others (like nicotine replacement therapy [NRT]) simply replace one form of nicotine with another.

With that being said, let’s take a look at how a zero-nicotine disposable vape can help you quit the habit, once and for all – especially when you pick the right one.

Potentially Superior to Some Traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapies

Nicotine-free vapes, as the name implies, contain no nicotine. This makes them inherently better than some nicotine replacement therapies, like patches or nicotine gum, because they don’t just replace the method by which the user consumes nicotine.

Granted, nicotine replacement therapies can be effective at weaning some users off cigarettes, and some studies have proven as much – but let’s not also forget that nicotine replacement products are, themselves, addictive, and since many do not require a prescription, some users just replace cigarettes with gum or lozenges.

Is that better than smoking? Perhaps – but if the goal is to quit the nicotine addiction, it’s not much help.

By contrast, 0 nicotine disposable vapes can help you fight the urge to smoke without simply introducing a new habit. It is important to remember that while nicotine is not necessarily the most harmful ingredient in cigarettes, it is the most addictive and it is a toxin, so quitting nicotine has its benefits too – and leaning on NRT to quit cigarettes can prolong the process.

Fighting the Oral Fixation

Some smokers find that the hardest part of quitting cigarettes is the oral (or even tactile) fixation. They’re naturally fidgety and smoking gives them something to do with their hands and mouth.

A nicotine-free disposable vape can be a highly effective way to fight the fidgety irritability of a restless mouth or hands. Many disposable vape pens are similar in size and weight to a cigarette, and let’s not forget that you use them the same way.

If one of your biggest challenges with quitting smoking has to do with quieting your hands or giving you something to manipulate with your mouth, then a vape device like a classic e-cig might be perfect for you.

(By the way, another tip is to munch on healthy snacks as these can help you fight the oral fixation and will keep both your mouth and hands busy while you’re snacking.)

Giving You Something to Take Your Mind Off the Cravings

Finally, vape products (and the vaping experience in general) can give you something to get your mind off the cravings.

One of the most common bits of advice in “quitting guides” is to divert your attention when the craving strikes for. Reading, solving puzzles, or performing tasks that require your full mental focus can help you overcome a craving.

For others, simple meditation and mindfulness can be equally effective, and a zero-nicotine disposable vape can be perfect for that.

Easy to ease, but full of flavor, a nicotine-free disposable simulates the experience of smoking (producing big clouds) and offers you the ability to sample a wide range of flavors – both of which can potentially take your mind off of a craving.

By the way, for others, if you need to keep even busier to fight the urge, consider a refillable nicotine-free vape. The process of filling up the tank with vape juice and warming up the vape mod can potentially keep your mind and hands busy – and off of the cravings.


What Are Your Options in Zero-Nicotine Disposable Vapes?

If you’re looking to get into zero-nicotine disposables, you simply have to check out Cyclone Pods at They offer 0mg nicotine liquids and disposables that are better than the industry standard.

First off, they offer three convenient disposable options so you can get starting vaping with nicotine-free products faster. Either try the Gust (rated to 200 puffs), the Gust Plus (rated to 600), or the Gust Super (rated to 5000 puffs). All three are disposable and affordable, and in the case of the Gust Super, rechargeable.

If you’re interested in reusable, rechargeable vapes, consider the Thunder, which takes pre-filled pods and produces less waste, since you don’t have to throw them away when it’s done.

Most importantly, all of these devices are available with a wide range of different vape juices in bold, bright, unique flavors – ranging from vanilla to guava and of course, bold tobacco.

Every one of their vape juices is made in America and contains no nicotine or other harmful additives. The only ingredients in their vape juice blends are PG, VG, and some natural and artificial flavors – no diacetyl or vitamin E acetate.

To learn more about how you can enjoy vaping with nicotine-free disposables, visit their website at the link above.

By Michael Caine

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