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How to use Twitter hashtags for a better marketing campaign?

Twitter is a hashtag hub, we use hashtags all the time. But how to use hashtags properly to get maximum results? Hashtags, when used strategically can provide tons of benefits like targeting a larger audience, raising brand awareness, reaching out to a specific audience, boosting SEO, and much more. 

Hashtags are engaging and hold the potential to bring a lot of impressions and interaction to your tweets. And if not used properly you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities to attract a more relevant audience on the platform. In other words, even if you know what to tweet, you might miss out on the optimum traction due to a lack of relevant and right hashtags. 

Hashtags consist of keywords and phrases with a hashtag symbol before without any spaces or punctuations. Any word or phrase preceding by “#” symbol is a hashtag. It helps groups tweets and related content around a similar topic, making it easy for people to find and follow what interests them. You can also check the hashtags through the Twitter hashtag analytics tool.

When someone clicks on the hashtag, they will be able to find all profiles and public posts that have the specific hashtag they searched for. For brands, hashtags are essential because they make your content searchable and grouped with related content. You can hop on with different Twitter trends with hashtags. They make your post more visible and easy for users to find your brand eventually improving your reach and awareness. 

How To Use Hashtags On Twitter?

The key to using hashtags correctly is using them properly with proper research instead of simply stuffing your posts with random hashtags and hoping for the best. Let’s see how you can use Twitter hashtags to reap maximum benefits. 

  1. Tweet about events/conferences 

We talked about joining in conversations using hashtags. So, if an event is held that relates to your industry, tweet about the event or the conference. Better yet, if your brand is involved or invited to make an appearance at these events. 

Share news about your involvement in the event, use the dedicated hashtag and create a discussion around the event. 

  1. Embed on the website 

Twitter hashtags collect all the relevant information and group them. Use social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox to aggregate and display hashtag feed on multiple marketing touchpoints like digital screens, websites, emails, etc. You can customize the widget, moderate, filter, and display only relevant content using the moderation feature. 

These platforms help you run hashtag campaigns and embed them on the website effortlessly. Simply copy and paste an embed code in your website backend to make the widget functional.

  1. Celebrate occasions 

Use hashtags to celebrate a national or global holiday like thanksgiving, earth day, etc. You can also join the fun with lesser-known celebrations like national emoji day or national pancake day. Make sure you use these occasions at par especially important days that are around your niche. 

For example, burger kind of Mcdonald’s posting content on national burger day. 

  1. Promote other campaigns 

The best way to use hashtags is when you wish to promote your brand and its products. It can be done using a hashtag. Create a unique branded hashtag for a product or campaign. This is the best way to collect user-generated content and boost your visibility. 

For example, social media examiner uses #SMEchat to promote its Twitter chat. 

  1. Connect with trending cultures 

Twitter is a good source for conversations, especially on pop culture topics. If and when you decide to join these conversations, using the most used and relevant hashtag will surely get you more visibility. Dont always involve yourself in every other trend, understand the topic first, and post-not-so-controversial content. 

  1. Join a challenge 

All the challenges done on Twitter that either supports a cause or are just for fun, have a hashtag. Hashtags like #MondayMotivation, #ThrowbackThursday, #WeekendVibes, etc. are trending every week. If you wish to join these challenges, make sure you use relevant hashtags. 

  1. Support a current cause 

To build positive recognition and connect to your audience, it is important to stand up for a cause. 70% of consumers feel that brands need to voice their opinion about public issues. When you speak out for a cause, using hashtags can get you more visibility and brand awareness. 

For example, Ben and Jerry’s used the hashtag #StopHateforProfit and stopped all their social ads in America to support the cause. This portrayed that the brand cares for its customers and takes action for their beliefs. 

  1. Voice your opinion on relevant topics 

Even if you decide to post content around a general topic of interest, using a relevant hashtag will help you get the attention it requires. Brands can expand their audience beyond their local market reach and reach out to a massive audience using hashtags around some general topics. 


To conclude it is recommended that you do proper hashtag research before using them on your posts. They are a powerful avenue for brand recognition and overall success if used correctly. 

By Michael Caine

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