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The ATAMIN Alvis Really Is the Ideal LED Floor Lamp for a Living Room

All right, we hear you. How exciting can an LED floor lamp for a living room really be? Does it truly warrant an entire article dedicated to it?

Perhaps not. Or perhaps you’ve just never been properly introduced to the ATAMIN Alvis LED floor lamp – the perfect LED floor lamp for any living room.

It’s the sort of lamp that really does make lamps exciting. Here’s what it offers.

Saves Space

The ATAMIN Alvis Edge Charger Edition is custom-made for spaces that don’t have a lot of, well, space. It’s purposely designed to make the most of every square inch of room you have and can conveniently nestle into a corner.

Can Hold a Lot of Weight

The Alvis Edge also features three different shelves that are perfect for storage or simply for showcasing, even displaying, your decor and collectibles.

But the Alvis Edge is built differently. How much should an LED floor lamp for a living room be able to hold? 10 pounds? 20 pounds? 30?

Each shelf of the Alvis Edge can hold 40 pounds. Now that’s a display shelf that’s built for functionality.

Has Charging Capabilities

With an LED floor lamp like the Alvis Edge Charger Edition, you’ll never need to go too far to juice up your electronics again. This LED floor lamp features not one, not two, but three charging ports that are useful for a wide range of different electronics and appliances.

This is because it doesn’t just have three AC outlets. It has one, plus a USB-A and USB-C charging port.

Saves Energy (on Lighting and Cooling)

The Alvis comes with an LED light bulb, which means it’s engineered to save money on energy costs. It’s no secret that LEDs consume far less energy than incandescent and halogen bulbs, but did you know that they are much more efficient than CFL bulbs, too – not to mention the fact that they contain no harmful ingredients (CFLs contain mercury and phosphor powder).

LED bulbs also last a lot longer, and as if the situation couldn’t get any better, they produce less heat, too. This means in the summer you won’t be wasting electrical energy heating your living room with a lightbulb at the same time you are trying to cool it with air conditioning.

It’s Easy to Put Together

Don’t be misled by ultra-modern designs that are difficult to assemble, and either require a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering or come with instructions that make little to no sense. The ATAMIN Alvis is a snap to assemble.

It’s Made of Engineered Wood

ATAMIN’s Alvis (and other fixtures) are made using a special type of wood known as medium-density fiberboard which is made using hardwood particulate bound to resin and wax under controlled heat and pressure.

Medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is remarkably strong and long-lasting, less impactful on the environment, and perhaps most importantly, responds less to changes in atmospheric humidity.

It Features an Environmentally-Friendly UV Coating

One more thing to love about the ATAMIN Alvis LED floor lamp for your living room. It’s finished with an environmentally-friendly UV coating that is long-lasting and can be applied with no harsh chemicals or solvents. It, like MDF, is also environmentally friendly, and it leaves a sleek, polished modern aesthetic that compliments the minimalist design of the Alvis perfectly.

Save Your Trip to the Outlet: This Is the LED Floor Lamp Your Living Room Needs

Whether you’ve heard enough about the Alvis and are ready to buy or are engrossed and want to keep reading, visit Atamin.com for more information – they carry many modern floor lamps (perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and more) in addition to the Alvis and there’s plenty of information on their site.

By Michael Caine

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