SAP Business One solution in India

Various Costs of SAP Business One and the Factors Affecting Them

The cost of SAP Business One is dependent on the needs of the business. Small and medium-sized businesses need to constantly cope with the dynamic requirements as well as the rising competition in the market. SAP Business One offers support for businesses to deal with the competition by providing an affordable and complete ERP Solution according to the goals of the business. SAP Business One software has been specifically developed in accordance with the needs of small and medium-sized companies in mind, therefore, the SAP price in India is kept affordable and within their budget.

Let us look at the cost of SAP Business One ERP software as well as the factors affecting them in detail –

  • Software Licenses

The correct license has to be chosen according to the number of users, features, and functionality set required. The SAP Business One licenses are of these types – Professional, Limited, Mobile, Employee, and Indirect. A perpetual license cost of SAP Business One (one-time) can vary from INR 12000 to INR 120,000 according to the type of license.

Perpetual License – This is a one-time cost that has to be paid

Subscription License – These are recurring costs that are to be paid annually

  • Implementation Cost

The implementation cost of SAP Business One is the professional fee that is charged by the SAP Partners for implementing SAP Business One and automating the business processes in accordance with the business needs. This may also include training provided to all the employees for the efficient functioning of the business.

  • Infrastructure Cost

Infrastructure costs are determined by whether an On-Premise installation of SAP is required or SAP Business One has to be installed On-Cloud.

The On-Premise installations will generally have many hidden costs, such as obsolescence costs as well as power and backup costs, etc.

On-Cloud costs are fixed costs every month.  Many customers are preferring On-Cloud infrastructure with the latest environments at AWS, Google, and Azure. All these are certified by SAP for hosting their solutions.

  • Extra Add-on costs or Customization Costs of SAP Business One

The Add-ons may be certified by SAP or can even be custom-built specifically for an organization.

These are the different kinds of Add-ons-

Desktop add-ons; Web portals and also the Mobile apps that run on Android or iOS devices.

  • Annual Maintenance & Support Cost

Annual Maintenance is about 15 to 20 percent of the total license costs for SAP Business One as well as Add-ons, which are paid yearly.

Support Costs are dependent on the support that is needed by the organization for running SAP effectively for the management of the business operations.

What are the factors affecting the SAP price in India?

  • Licenses – One of the main factors is the license required as well as the price models. The cost of SAP Business One will depend on how many users and the kind of licenses the business needs and also if the solution is on-demand.
  • Service, support, as well as maintenance – The service cost will depend on the business processes and requirements. The support and maintenance that SAP Business One will need have to be considered for determining the SAP price in India.
  • Add-ons – Add-on products help in increasing the capabilities as well as functions of SAP Business One.


There are different ways to determine the exact cost of SAP Business One solution in India. We have seen some factors that can determine SAP price in India. The license price of SAP Business One software and even the operating system, among other things, have to be considered. Organizations should select a reputed and experienced SAP Business One partner for providing them with a proper solution that is developed according to their business processes and the budgets.

By Michael Caine

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