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What’s The Difference In Save The Dates V/s Wedding Invitations?

Some people suggest sending out save the date cards, others suggest sending wedding invitations. What do you think? Do you either?

What’s The Difference?

There’s a noticeable distinction between these two products. The Save Date invites guests to exactly what they need to do, make a note of the date on their calendar.

While it gives details about the date and location the wedding will take place the purpose that this card serves is to let guests to plan ahead and to inform them that an official invite will follow out at the time of the Foil Wedding Invitations.

Information on the Save the Date card includes the message (e.g. “Please Save the Date”) and your name as well as the date of your wedding, the venue (State or Postcode) and a note that lets the guests know that they can be expecting an official invitation. It is also possible to include the wedding website if you already have one.

As the time approaches the date of your wedding it is essential to mail formal invitations. The purpose of an invitation is to both invite your guests as well as to provide more information about the event.

The invitation should invite your family and friends to attend the celebration of the union between you and your spouse. Include invitational words that you and/or your families.

The invitation must also contain all the details your guests must attend This includes the dates and venues in the invite card as well as any other details you wish to include on extra cards like RSVP details for accommodation maps and directions transportation and travel details.

When Is The Best Time To Send A Save-The-Date And Do You Need To?

It is always a good idea to send an official invitation to your guests at your wedding. Save-the-date cards aren’t required. It is important to be aware of when you should send you Save the Dates in the event that you choose to make use of them, as the timing is crucial for these cards.

It is generally never too late to send an invitation to Save the Date when you have the necessary details sorted out (date and location) let your guests be aware.

As a general rule, you should distribute them 8 to 12 months prior to the wedding, based on the location (allow more time for weddings at destinations).

When you send these cards, you’re telling people to mark that date on their calendars so that they don’t have other plans at that time.

They may request time off from work, make travel plans, cut costs and organise. The time for invitations will be much later, generally six to eight weeks before the wedding.

Keep The Date Etiquette

There are some rules you shouldn’t and shouldn’t do when sending Save the Date cards. Here are some guidelines for etiquette to ensure that you get maximum benefit from the decision to mail Dates to Save Dates:

Make Sure To Include Enough Details

You’ll need to include important information that you’ll want to include. Additionally, everything you know about the area is crucial and will be useful for your guests.

You can send Save the Dates once you’ve finalised your guest list.

When those Save the Dates arrive delivered there’s no way to doubt it. Therefore, only send them to the people you would like to have on your wedding day.

Include details on allowing additional people and if children will be allowed to attend.

Knowing who’s being invited in the beginning also gives parents the opportunity to plan their child’s care.

Include the wedding website

Don’t include information about your gift registry but include the wedding website, if you have one.

Make Use Of The Save The Dates Feature Effectively

For save-the-dates and wedding invitations, there’s not a matter about which one is more appropriate. Both have different functions. Making use of each effectively could enhance the impression your guests get when they visit your wedding.

As you plan your wedding, think about how much impact the Save the Date cards might have. If you believe that your guests would benefit from getting the Save the Date and you think they would be a good idea, then send the cards out.

Four Reasons To Give Save The Date Invitations To Guests

Your wedding is scheduled to take place in 9-12 months from now.

The date of your wedding is so far away that guests only have to know when they should “save dates” to be able to attend your wedding.

You can then relax and concentrate on the finer points of what you should include on your wedding invitations, such as the timings for your reception and ceremony, and improving the wording of your invitation manner of writing.

It is a wedding in the United States or international wedding.

This will allow your guests to arrange the accommodations and travel.

This will allow your guests time to organise.

If parents have children, they’ll have the time to schedule babysitters. For those with commitments to work and can plan time off.

To avoid date clashes.

Your guests can “save dates” in their personal calendars to ensure they don’t have to make reservations for the weekend.

Additionally, you can arrange your wedding date with your other friends and family members so your weddings do not clash.

Why You Should Your Dates In Advance

It’s true that save the dates aren’t that modern in terms of wedding ceremonies. They’ve become popular in the modern world largely due to the many advantages for newlyweds (and the guests who attend).

The schedules of life are hectic and are usually packed with birthdays, vacations as well as other events. Making sure your guests are informed in advance of your wedding day is also beneficial to you. Also, is saving the date essential?

1. You’re Planning A Wedding In A Foreign Country

There’s a lot of work involved in the planning of a destination wedding which includes the plans for your guests and plans to be there to celebrate with you.

Ahead-of-time notice is a great way to give guests the opportunity to consider the costs for accommodation and travel, and compare them to their budget to determine what it’s possible for them to participate.

There are some guests who will require ample time to plan trips away from home, particularly when it’s an overseas destination or in a foreign country.

2. You Have Additional Time To Send Invitations

Because you’re mailing an announcement early enough before your wedding and giving your guests plenty of time to plan their trip to arrive, you’ll have additional time before you have to mail out the actual invitations to your wedding.

It’s possible to extend the invite date up until six weeks from the wedding, but we wouldn’t recommend attempting to extend this time frame more. Keep in mind that guests need time to respond and to RSVP. Saving the dates helps guests plan their travel plans earlier.

3. Start Collecting Mailing Addresses Now

One of the most important aspects of making a guest list is gathering email addresses and (if required) postal addresses for guests. When you utilise Paperless Post save the dates you can quickly gather mailing addresses to print your invitations.

Making this decision early will take a significant burden off your shoulders, and opens the time to concentrate on more exciting aspects of wedding planning like wedding venue tours and tastings of cakes.

When you’re ready to mail out invitations for your wedding it will be easy to have contact details ready to go.

4. Imagine Saving The Dates For A Test For The Run

Save the dates are excellent ways to test themes and design elements you enjoy. It allows you to play around with them, have some amusement with them and find out what you like and don’t love prior to adding it to your wedding invitations.

There’s no reason to fret about making sure you save the dates as the wedding invitations. Save the dates may differ in style insofar as they have the same theme overall. 

By Michael Caine

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