8 Best Apps Built With Python To Focus in 2022

Python has progressed as one of the most multipurpose programming languages in the era of technology. Presented in 1991, it has become one of the most preferred languages for start-ups, developers, and some of the giant companies for several vital reasons.

The web apps built using Python provide a robust result in the field of desktop GUI, game development, audio, and video applications, artificial intelligence, data visualisation, and data science.

Python’s pattern philosophy accentuates code readability with its prominent usage of substantial indentation. Its object-oriented tactic aims to aid software developers to write logical and clear code for small as well as large-scale web development projects.

In this blog, let’s understand Python programming and apps made with Python in detail.

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What Is Python Programming?

Python is an object-oriented, interpreted, and high-level programming language with active semantics. The high-level inbuilt data constructions, united with dynamic binding and dynamic typing, make it attractive for Rapid Application Development. It also makes it alluring for the usage as a glue language or scripting to link prevailing components together.

8 Best Apps Built With Python


Dropbox is a popular web based hosting service that presents the choice of file synchronization, cloud storage, client software, and personal cloud. The users who are willing to access any file on their computer devices from any situation, select Dropbox, a Python-based storage scheme.

Dropbox is accessible for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux OS, and Mac. It took the initiative to coordinate and share the files across many devices using the cloud.

Its software engineers state that using Python renders readability, strong support, and ease of memorizing. Python delivers a constant and rapid development cycle. Hence, any new features can be employed, deployed, and tested quickly.


The globe’s biggest music streaming service, with yearly revenue of around €4 billion is Spotify. It is a chief market player and one of the top Python users amongst businesses. The company opted to function with Python because of the advanced data analytics and development speed that the language presents.

This empowers Spotify to manage functions such as Discover and Radio, which are completely based on the personal musical choices of the users.


Pinterest is a social media network that permits its users to find and save any information on the World Wide Web. This image-based platform saves your data in the form of GIFs, short videos, and images. With a dynamic user base of around 335 million, it has a robust existence and user engagement for various topics like technology, fashion, science, food, and DIY.

People use this platform for subscribing to other users and sharing boards. The team of Pinterest picked Python and a deeply modified Django form at the chief phases of building the mobile and web application.


Uber is well-known for its incredible car hail and ride-sharing services. This company is situated in San Francisco and has operations in 900 metropolitan areas globally. In 2009, its backend scheme was created in three major languages. And Python was one of them owing to its capability to run any complex code at a great speed.

The preference of the language has not altered since then. The team uses a Python-oriented web framework to guarantee a better association between Uber drivers and passengers.


Quora is a platform that permits all internet users to ask queries, answer, and edit them, either in the form of opinions or factually. There are over 300 million monthly users on Quora with around 15,000 answers presented on the platform daily.


Python is a big part of the Facebook technology stack comprising 21% of the codebase. Facebook got upgraded to 3.4 and has issued open-source projects exclusively for Py3. The team of Facebook can decrease the quantity of code with Python. Additionally, they extended the efficiency of the app and infrastructure’s consistency.


Reddit is a web content rating, discussion, and social news aggregator platform. It allows its registered members to submit their content in the type of text posts, links, and images. And this can be further downvoted or upvoted by several other members. As of February 2018, with around 542 million visitors per month, it is one of the most inspiring Python app examples.


Instagram is the most popular social networking site that permits its users to take videos and photos, edit them with varied digital filters, and share them with their followers on the platform. It is one of the most successful Python application examples.

Instagram app altered the sphere of digital photography, made it more accessible and widespread, instant defined new rules in marketing, and expanded lines of creativity.

Wrap Up

Python app development is extremely flexible and fast. The apps made with Python are easy to create owing to the versatility of Python’s code. Have a web app idea? Contact us to get Python software development services and build scalable, complex, and efficient apps that can add value to your company.

This programming language provides various kinds of libraries that are accessible for dissimilar types of app development. It can be used to perform complex mathematics and handle big data. Moreover, it can be employed for production-ready software development and rapid prototyping.

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