Best Engineering Schools In Alabama

Best Engineering Schools In Alabama

Being the seventh most popular degree programme in the nation, engineering has above-average popularity. This indicates that it won’t be too difficult for you to locate institutions that provide the degree.

When establishing its list of the Best Engineering Schools in Alabama for 2023, College Factual took into account 6 colleges and universities. These institutions collectively awarded 3,927 engineering degrees to deserving students.

Alabama’s top engineering schools

Your future may be greatly affected by the engineering programme you choose. We created our collection of Best Schools for Engineering rankings for this reason. We add the outcomes of our degree-level rankings, weighted by the quantity of degrees granted at that level, to determine our Best Overall Engineering School rankings.

You might choose to filter to one of the degree levels below to locate the schools that are the greatest fit for you.

It matters which engineering school you spend your time and money on. We’ve created a number of major-specific rankings, including this list of the Best Engineering Schools in Alabama, to assist you in making the choice that is best for you. To find schools near you, you can also filter this list by location.

In addition to College Factual’s rankings, you might want to check out College Combat, a special tool that allows you to evaluate how your preferred colleges fare on the metrics that matter most to you. Check it out when you have time; you might want to bookmark the link so you don’t forget it.

You may read more about how we determine our rankings here: Data Methodology at College Factual.

By offering students top-notch undergraduate and graduate degrees in a range of engineering specialties, Alabama’s top engineering schools support the growth of the industry and the engineering workforce. Alabama’s engineering schools do not all offer the same comprehensive programme, though.

It matters where you receive your engineering education. In light of this, we have compiled a list of some of Alabama’s top engineering colleges. Important information about each school’s curriculum, graduation rate, and tuition is also provided. Additionally, we have provided a list of the universities based on reliable Alabama engineering school rankings.

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Alabama Engineering School Selection Guide

Consider each school’s entrance standards, academic expectations, as well as your own personal and professional goals and objectives while selecting the finest engineering school in Alabama. It is a significant choice that deserves considerable thought. The input of family members and school advisors, as well as campus visits, can be helpful.

A first-year college student could find it challenging to choose which criteria are most important when looking for a school. The following are a few things to think about carefully before making a decision.

Workplace Opportunities

The primary motivation for attending college is likely to be to acquire the education required to land a good career. To learn more about internship opportunities, the largest firms in the area, and the employment rates for engineering degrees that interest you, get in touch with the school’s career services office.

We will provide you with a summary of the job outlook for particular types of engineers in Alabama later on in this article, as predicted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Any student choosing a school should be aware of what to anticipate and strive towards.

The cost of attendance and the availability of financial aid

The total cost of attending college, which differs greatly between institutions, does not solely include tuition. The cost of attendance will also cover any departmental and school fees, lodging and board, travel, books, loan fees, and several other incidentals.

If you choose to major in a particular area of engineering, you should find out how much the programme, department fees, books, and other supplies will cost. You may also use this to find out what financial aid programmes are offered to students.

Ratio of Students to Faculty

The ratio of students to faculty members at the school is another important factor. The size of the group, for instance, can affect how much one-on-one time and attention you receive in a classroom. The lower the ratio, the better in this case.

Alabama’s top engineering schools

The list below shows which institutions are generally the best at providing an education for the engineering degrees they provide, regardless of your interest in a specific degree level.

Top Engineering Schools in Alabama

Auburn College

One of the top universities in the nation to get an engineering degree is Auburn University. Public university Auburn, which is situated in the city of Auburn, has a sizable student body. Auburn University is a fantastic institution overall, earning a Best Colleges ranking of #131 out of 2,241 institutions nationwide.

In the most recent data year, Auburn awarded this degree to around 1458 engineering students. In the first few years of their careers, graduates of the engineering programme make an average salary of $66,591.

Alabama State University

Everyone who wants to study engineering has to research The University of Alabama. The city of Tuscaloosa is home to the very sizable public university known as UA. UA is a fantastic university overall, earning a ranking of #157 among 2,241 colleges nationwide on the Best Colleges list.

In the most recent data year, there were around 1009.9999999999999 engineering students at UA who received this degree. Following graduation, engineers typically earn $64,684 on average in their first five years of employment.

Alabama University in Huntsville

One of the top universities in the nation for engineering degrees is the University of Alabama in Huntsville. The medium-sized city of Huntsville is home to the moderately-sized public university known as UAH. In Alabama, this university is ranked sixth overall among the top 40 colleges.

In the most recent data year, UAH awarded this degree to roughly 624 engineering students. The average salary for engineering graduates in their first five years of employment is $67,408.

Alabama University in Birmingham

University of Alabama in Birmingham should be considered by any student with an interest in engineering. Large public university UAB is situated in Birmingham, a city of average size. UAB is a top university overall, earning a Best Colleges ranking of #367 out of 2,241 institutions nationwide.

The most recent year for which we have data indicates that 389 engineering students at UAB received this degree. Earnings for those with engineering degrees from the University of Alabama in Birmingham are around $3,771 higher than the average for engineering graduates.

Southern University of Alabama

There is a public university in the American midsize city of Mobile with a sizable student body. In Alabama, this university is ranked eighth overall out of 40 institutions.

In the most recent year for which we have data, about 225 engineering students at USA received this degree. The average salary for engineering programme graduates in their first year of employment is $64,962.

The Tuskegee Institute

In the town of Tuskegee, there is a small private, non-profit university called Tuskegee. In Alabama, this university is ranked 19th overall out of 40 institutions.

In the most recent year for which we have data, Tuskegee graduated roughly 109 engineering students with this degree. The average salary for engineering programme graduates in their first few years of employment is $59,964.

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