Despite care and caution, fires can occur anywhere, at any time. A building or a car can both catch fire. The priority in a fire is to protect the family. After a fire has been put out, people usually think about paying for the necessary repairs. When it comes to cars, a fire can cause minor and serious damage. In both cases, the cost of repairs will be high.

The justification is that you’ll select the best auto repair facilities. Money matters If you go with a cheaper option, the repairs might not be of the finest quality. It will affect the car’s functionality and resale value. You can guess what PitStopArabia will discuss from the title of this blog entry. But first, let’s quickly examine what starts a fire.


A fire can break out for several reasons:

Electrical Short-circuiting

One of the most prevalent causes of car fires is electrical short-circuiting. It could be brought on by improper maintenance, the use of aftermarket parts, and a variety of other things. Regular electrical audits can help to avoid this problem.

Fuel System Leaks

Please pay attention to fuel system leakage. Because fuel is so combustible, they represent a major risk to you and other people.

Poor Maintenance

If you don’t spend money on routine maintenance, your automobile is more likely to have problems or catch fire. Therefore, never put off maintenance.

Car Batteries

Batteries are a component of all automobiles, whether they are internal combustion, hybrid, or totally electric. If the battery has a problem, it can catch on fire.


It’s possible that someone will set fire to your car in an effort to scare or promote hate. It fits the protest mold.

Surrounding Conditions

The atmosphere occasionally has a chance to cause your car to catch fire. For instance, the building could catch fire and collapse, engulfing the vehicle in flames. In the USA, wildfires happen frequently and are known for destroying cars.

There are numerous additional causes for an automobile to catch fire in addition to the ones already stated. The ash from your cigarettes could ignite a fire if you smoke. Too numerous to list them all here. Instead, let’s get back to the subject at hand.


There are two types of auto insurance policies: comprehensive and third-party. Different levels of fire damage coverage are available under each insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance and Fire Damage

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, you can file a claim for fire damage with your insurance company. Almost all comprehensive insurance offer protection against fire damage. If not, you can add it to your policy for a fee. A automobile insurance company in the UAE or elsewhere may reject your claim if the damage was the result of your carelessness. foot the bill for

For instance, we already indicated that one of the causes of a car fire is the addition of aftermarket parts. If a car catches fire as a result of it and the installation was not permitted in advance by the insurer, your claim may be rejected. Therefore, before making any changes to the car, it is crucial to have the insurer’s approval.

Third-Party Car Insurance and Fire Damage

In third-party insurance, only third-party losses are covered by the insurer. The policy does not cover any damage to the policyholder’s vehicle. Or to put it another way, fire damage is not covered by third-party auto insurance. There is, however, no cause for concern. You might sue the other party for damages, for instance, if you were in a collision and your car caught fire. If a building fire resulted in the fire damage, you can file a claim for damages with the building’s insurance company or management.


Several factors that insurance companies utilize to set insurance premiums. How many claims a policyholder submits is one of the factors. Therefore, making a fire damage claim could result in a rise in your insurance rates. However, the best insurance companies in the UAE and the rest of the world do not charge more for claims that were not your fault. For instance, if your car is damaged in a building fire, your premium won’t change.


There are various ways through which you can protect your car against fire, including:

  • Do Not Smoke Inside the Car
  • Have a Fire Extinguisher in the Trunk
  • Do Not Store Flammables Inside the Car
  • Park in a Secure Area
  • Avoid Installing Aftermarket Parts
  • Do Not Skip Periodic Car Maintenance
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