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Experimental Group – Definition, Examples And Types

Are you going to work on a research for some project? Before you embark on your dissertation writing journey, you must understand the different research methods as well as the required groups you can use. The evolving science in this current era of technology asks several critical questions. In order to answer the questions, you are supposed to conduct experiments. The trials of experiments help a lot in finding the best suitable answer for a particular question. Another most important thing in an experiment is the way to conduct different groups, which requires accurate information about different types. Therefore, this article aims to discuss the experimental group in detail. 

What is an Experimental Group?

The experimental group is one of the groups of an experiment that is tested. First of all, you have to see what type of research method is required for your study. Based on the research methodology, you must devise an experimental or non-experimental group. 

Researchers need to know the change of one variable (dependent or independent) and how it affects the other (dependent or independent). For this purpose, researchers use quantitative research methods in their dissertation projects. Quantitative research methods employ the general procedures of developing a research hypothesis, formulating an operational definition, and collecting and analyzing empirical data to test the hypothesis.

The experimental group is used to find the effects of different research variables. The researchers, through this group, evaluate the dependence of different variables on each other. It focuses on the dependent or independent variables. This kind of research is mostly used in social sciences, physics, and psychology studies. You need to analyze the cause-effect relationship between a group of variables. 

Example of the Experimental Group 

You can better understand the experimental group with the help of an example. Take an example of a hospital where doctors collect blood samples of different patients. When a doctor determines the condition of a patient, he concludes the results by comparing the collected values with the standard values of a particular disease. In this way, it becomes easy to find the desired and identified ranges. Different researches have a particular purpose, while the experimental group focuses on manipulation and control protocol. Based on the purpose of the study, you can further explore the experimental group. 

What are the Different Types of Experimental Group? 

The following are two types of experimental group:

  • Treatment Group: it is the group that is examined as per the required and then compared with the control group to make a final decision for any problem of research.
  • Control Group: The control group is also kept with the experiment group. In the control group, changes are not made. The control group is made separately, and it does not have any involvement in the experimental group. So, you can see that there is no effect of the control group on the experimental one. The only purpose of a control group is to match the results and find differences. 

The cost of experimental group can be more because of many reasons. One of the reasons behind the high cost is the use of a large sample size which helps very well to limit the ethical and technical issues. In some situations, it becomes practically infeasible. The ranking in the hierarchy of evidence is low for some experiments as the lack of randomization increases confounding and bias.

Define the Steps to Conduct an Experimental Group 

For conducting experiment, you have to follow a particular path and ask several questions in the right manner. From a general perspective, this procedure is taken as a scientific method. The six basic steps of this procedure are mentioned below:

  • First of all, you have to ask questions. In this regard, the area of research plays a vital role. Here, you get the ground base for hypothesis creation. In order to make this foundation strong, you are supposed to spend quality time on research and then come up with some effective hypothesis for the experimental group. For the research area, you should always prefer your interest.
  • Secondly, you are supposed to research the selected question for better understanding. Before conducting experiments, ensure you have a firm grasp of your niche. It is the most important step in creating a hypothesis. If you’re having trouble thinking of one, conduct some preliminary research. It will help you discover problems in your niche that need solutions. Conducting research can also lead to potential collaborators, which will be helpful as you develop and test your hypothesis. Similarly, the conditions for an experimental group are made to get the required study results. 

In a systematic procedure of research, you have to design a hypothesis. The designed hypothesis helps you in a particular investigation. Also, it keeps your research in one direction. After making an initial hypothesis for research, you have to work on two types of hypotheses. It includes a null and alternate hypothesis. The null hypothesis is represented in the form of Ho, while the alternate hypothesis is Ha. The alternate hypothesis supports your initial hypothesis. 

  • The regular procedure of hypothesis testing demands a significant discussion of the result. In this discussion section, you have to justify the study’s findings. At the time of presenting your research findings, you must be clear about the presentation of the null and alternate hypotheses. The purpose of hypothesis testing is not to approve or disapprove of one of the types of hypothesis. Your main concern is to identify the pattern of research. For example, we came to the end that the alternate hypothesis was not correct. It identifies that the null hypothesis is correct. In this way, the research study highlights that the technique to test the hypothesis is accurate. In case you do not get favorable results, then you have to see if the data analysis approach is not the right one. 

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Final Thoughts:

You can better deal with the experimental group by understanding the abovementioned points. In this way, it would not be a big deal to get the best end results, and decision-making would not be a challenge anymore.

By Michael Caine

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