MyAssignmenthelp review Vs ThanksForTheHelp review- Who is worthier of your hard-earned penny?

MyAssignmenthelp Vs ThanksForTheHelp- Who is worthier of your money?

Two most popular assignment writing services in Australia- MyAssignmenthelp, and ThanksForTheHelp. But who is better? Who is more trustworthy? Read the detailed MyAssignmenthelp review and ThanksForTheHelp review to find out right one.

When availing of online assignment help services, you must be very careful. There are many reasons to justify the same, the most important being your academic scores depend on this. And that is something you cannot take any risk with. Hence, before you avail of any assignment help service online, do proper research on the same. Here I bring you a comparative study between two online assignment help services – MyAssignmenthelp and ThanksForTheHelp. Keep reading to unravel more about these services.

The comparison is carried out based on a few basic yet very significant factors.

Team of Writers

MyAssignmenthelp – On the website of MyAssignmenthelp, clear details have been provided about the team of writers who are responsible for preparing the assignment. They have clearly mentioned that a massive team of around 5000+ writers works for them. On the ‘Expert’ page, they have mentioned that all the writers associated are highly qualified PhD experts, to be specific, and thus students need not worry about the quality.

ThanksForTheHelp – ThanksForTheHelp also has a page dedicated to its team. But if you look carefully, you can see that they have very less information about the team of writers. They have a lot of information about the operational and management team. But a few writers’ profiles have been included there. To be honest, the students do not need management profiles. Rather they need to see who is going to write their assignments. But unfortunately, nothing much was found about it on the official website.

Quality of Service

MyAssignmenthelp – MyAssignmenthelp has numerous samples on its site. If you go and read them, you will understand how informative the samples are. There are almost no or very less instances where students can complain about the quality. Also, if you see the reviews regarding the quality, 99% of students have confirmed that irrespective of everything, MyAssignmenthelp never compromises the quality of the assignment.

ThanksForTheHelp – There have been mixed reactions about the quality of the assignments provided by ThanksForTheHelp. A certain number of students have appreciated their efforts, but a huge number of students have complaints regarding the quality. It was prominent that somewhere down the line, they compromised with the quality to meet the numbers.


MyAssignmenthelp – MyAssignmenthelp is an all-star when punctuality is in question. Students have always remarked that they always finish the assignments before the deadline intending to give them some time for revision. Even the comments and reviews say that the agency is very particular about the deadline they are given.

ThanksForTheHelp – In the case of ThanksForTheHelp, students have significantly complained about their irresponsible behavior regarding deadlines. There have been instances where students fail to submit their assignments on time and face severe consequences. 


MyAssignmenthelp – Without any doubt, the service charges at MyAssignmenthelp are less compared to any other such assignment-providing services. Besides charging minimal service costs, they also offer various discount bonuses all throughout the year.

ThanksForTheHelp – The cost of expenses is high when compared to MyAssignmenthelp. Also, students do not get any such added benefits or advantages for their price. Even at times, they regret wasting their huge sum of money for them. 

Knowing you are free to take a decision on which service you want to choose. But if you ask me – I would suggest you choose MyAssignmenthelp.

About the Author – Ricky, a former professor, is now an analyzer at He uses her leisure time to give tutoring sessions to uni students.

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