Online Quran Teaching For Kids

Even though there are many mosques in almost every city where kids can learn how to read the Quran, in-person learning has its disadvantages. The methods used by most teachers are outdated and not effective enough to teach children without making them lose interest quickly. Online Quran teaching solves all of these problems and gives you everything you need to teach your child the Quran online. Here are three reasons why online Quran teaching is more beneficial for kids.

Go Green

Children living in rural areas may have limited access to good schools. While studying at home or having a tutor come to your house can be helpful, it’s not always feasible. Online quran teaching makes things easier because it takes place online. Instead of having a teacher come all the way out to your town and sit down with you, you have one accessible over Skype or any other video calling service. You don’t even need a computer to learn; all you need is an internet connection, and most homes in developing countries have that these days. All in all, online Quran teaching helps more kids than ever before while being extremely convenient for them—and their parents!

Maximize Learning Time

If your child has to go to a mosque for Quran teaching, it takes them away from schoolwork and other important activities. Traditional learning methods can take up hours of your child’s day, leaving less time for them to spend on other things that are important for their future. With online teaching, they can learn from home, which means less time away from school and other life commitments. Online study makes it easier for students to learn without disrupting their lives or having to rearrange their schedule in any way. It also means you can set lessons up at times that suit your child rather than fitting into someone else’s schedule.

Expand Comfort Zone

The Quran doesn’t teach that we should know only one way to memorize and recite it. If your kids are learning it traditionally, there’s no reason why they can’t also learn it online. Using technology not only allows kids to experience another style of learning, but also opens them up to a wider audience that might not be able to access traditional classes. In addition, online teachers are available 24/7, so your child can learn at their own pace – helping them feel more comfortable and empowered as they pursue their education. We live in a multi-cultural community; we encourage our children to have multi-cultured educations as well!

Watch Improvement Happen Before Your Eyes

If you’re teaching your child, you know that one of their biggest hurdles is memorization. By using online technology to display Quranic verses in an interactive and engaging way, students are more likely to retain information through creative and enjoyable means. It’s easy to get distracted during traditional learning methods; a screen keeps kids focused on what they’re trying to learn. In addition, kids who use online tools tend to love studying Quranic content because it’s presented in fun and exciting ways. If your child has tried learning Arabic before but didn’t enjoy it or struggle with memorization, try out an online Quran teaching tool instead!

Save Time, Money and Hassle

Most children would benefit from learning at home. However, parents do not always have enough time to teach their kids as they should due to their jobs and duties. With online Quran teaching, you are spared of having to teach your kids and save your time for more important things in life. Moreover, you save money on travel expenses as well. You can send your kids to a class even if you are not with them since it’s available online! There’s no hassle involved with all these when compared to traditional Quran teaching methods that require you to drive around going from one place to another just so your kids could learn how to read and memorize verses of God’s holy book.

Keep Pace With Modern Times

In today’s world, it’s never been easier to learn about Islam. Parents can use online tools and resources to teach their children about their faith—instead of relying on traditional sources like a neighborhood imam or Quranic recitation classes. Learning online Quran teaching for kids keeps pace with modern times and helps kids connect with others who share their passion for knowledge. Also, in households where both parents work full-time, many parents choose online learning over other options because it fits into their lifestyle.

By Michael Caine

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