Things to Do a Day Before the Exam

Everyone is curious to know the routine that must be followed while preparing for the defence exam. There are even many blogs and articles on the internet that give some tips to be followed every day throughout the exam preparation journey. However, nobody guides students about the things they must do a day before the exam. 

So, in this article, we have enlisted a to-do list you must do a day prior to the exam. You might get nervous and a number of thoughts may enter your mind with the exam date coming close. Moreover, when the exam is going to be held on the next day, you will feel a bundle of nerves. This extreme stress can degrade your energy levels and can adversely impact your performance. So, make sure to plan a day before the exam including the tips mentioned below. However, if you have not started your defence exam preparation yet and are looking for an apt source to get the best coaching, get top recommendations on Search India

Here is a to-do list you must follow a day before the exam as a defence aspirant: 

Avoid learning anything new 

Students have a habit of procrastinating on their tasks throughout the exam preparation journey and then cramming those concepts at the end moment. Let us tell you that the last few days before the exam are really stressful. When you try to learn anything new, you will get even more stressed. So, never leave any topic to be done at the end moment. Adhere to your timetable and complete your daily deadlines timely. If you have any doubts, clear them immediately. Otherwise, you need to appear in the examination hall with ample doubts and negative thoughts in your mind.

Stay away from social media 

You may be well-acquainted with the fact that rays from mobile phones are harmful to your brain. Thes hazardous rays shrink your brain’s capacity and lower your productivity. However, students don’t understand this fact and keep on using social media continuously for a long time. They pick up their phone to just check messages and end up wasting hours on Instagram reels and Youtube shorts. So, if you have the capability to perform well in the exam and want to perform at your fullest potential, make sure to eliminate the usage of social media a day before the exam. 

Sleep early 

Are you a night owl? Do you sleep late and keep chatting with your friends? Or do you keep on juggling the topics till late at night? If yes, you need to change this habit. If you sleep late and wake up early, you will feel tired the next day. This way, you will face a lot of difficulty focusing on the questions. With a lack of concentration, you may make a myriad of mistakes that can impact your scores and thus rank in the exam. So, if you want to get a top rank to accomplish your aim of becoming a part of the defence forces, make sure to sleep early. 

Arrange everything for the morning 

Have you kept all the essentials in your bag? If not, take some time and do it the day before the exam. As you need an admit card for entry, keep it in the bag first. After that, you have to solve questions and for that, you must have a pen, pencil, eraser and sharpener in your bag. Make sure to keep extra stationery with you. After that, check whether you have ingredients for a wholesome breakfast or not. If not, purchase them from the market, otherwise, you need to appear in the examination hall either eating some unhealthy stuff or with a hungry stomach. Finally, check the distance of the examination center from your home and arrange a conveyance to reach the center on time. Make sure you don’t have a smartwatch in your hand, as digital devices are not allowed in the examination hall. 

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Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, these are some things you must add to your to-do list for a day before an exam. For sure, these tips will help you stay calm and positive and you can easily perform exceptionally in the defence exam. 

By Michael Caine

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