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Tips to set an effective timetable to prepare for the government exams 

Without any plan, it is almost impossible to achieve something bigger in life. There are separate departments in the business that are particularly hired to plan effectively to generate more profits. Well, that’s a matter of business. But planning skills play a very important role in the life of a student. Even if you are intending to crack the government exams, then you must also possess some exceptional planning skills to hit your target. 

When it comes to setting a timetable for the government exams then, candidates often make it complicated by setting impossible targets and extending it by adding so many activities. Well, to your knowledge, you can’t devote 8 hours straight to your exam preparations. You can do this for one day or maybe for a week, but you will not be able to do this for a longer time. You must devise a plan that can help you stick to your preparations with the same zeal for a longer time.  Read this article to have a clear-cut idea of an effective timetable for government exam preparations. 

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Set an effective timetable to prepare for the government exams with the help of the following pointers:

  • Analyze the syllabus 

You can’t decide to cover the syllabus just fifteen days prior to exams. You have to manage to prepare for the exams at least three months prior to the exam date. So that, you can adequately revise the syllabus. After acquiring proper information about the exams, start with the syllabus. Break the major topic into smaller parts and then set a deadline for each to complete them on time. Make sure the targets are feasible or possible to cover in a single day. Don’t plan to cover major topics in a single day as this can make you skip crucial information. 

  • Every subject is important 

It is necessary to allocate proper time to each and every subject of the government exams? Do you know why? Well, because to your kind knowledge, the commission usually set a sectional cut-off score for every subject that every candidate must cross. Only then, his overall score will be considered eligible to cross the overall cut-off score. Thus, there will be no benefit in giving attention to just your favorite or toughest subjects all the time. Divide your time equally so that you can be able to cross the cut-off score.

  • Self-love

Well, the concept of self-love has gained wide prominence in the last decade. People are getting aware of its significance in spreading happiness. It is very difficult to love someone else till you don’t love yourself. You have to understand that bigger things are achieved with patience, perseverance, and faith, not aggression, jealousy, and hate. Thus, stop cursing yourself or other people and be kind to your inner self. 

For this, keep your inner voice generous. You can’t stay happy when you are thinking about negative thoughts constantly. Thus, love yourself by taking the thoughts under your control and keeping yourself healthy and active by eating nutritious food. 

  • Paper-attempting skills 

There are lakhs of candidates who miss their attempts just because they lack the paper-attempting skills required to attempt the objective-type question-answer format. You have to sidestep this situation by setting aside 30 minutes to practice mock tests on a daily basis for three months regularly. Mock tests are the finest source that you can practice daily on some authentic websites. 

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Your timetable bear fruits for you only if you have planned it on the basis of accurate information and kept the targets feasible. Also, there is nothing wrong with setting 15 minutes aside to go through the questions in the last year’s papers. Besides this, don’t forget to set an ideal sleeping time as relishing good sleep is very necessary for your focus.

By Michael Caine

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