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What Qualities Make Defense Personnel Different From Other People? 

The personality attributes and behaviors of a soldier vary significantly from ordinary people. Their duties make them ingrain such eminent qualities in themselves. There are some qualities that set defence personnel apart from the rest of the population. You must be well cognizant of the significance of soldiers in maintaining peace in the nation. Without them, our nation is exposed to different perils that can cause disasters in the country. The soldiers play a very significant role in tackling internal and external attacks happening in the country. 

So, are you intending to become a part of eminent Indian defence forces? Well, if so, then, you must know some rare qualities that make the Indian soldiers different from other people. To have a meticulous explanation of such qualities, read this entire article cautiously. 

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Take a look at the qualities that make defence personnel different from other people:

Organized Lifestyle 

Well, we have often heard the quote that no one can be perfect. But no one can be more perfect than a soldier. The organized lifestyle followed by the soldiers makes them more perfect than others. Their strict routine helps them to be so. Their punctuality, discipline, courteousness, kindness, and positive attitude toward their responsibilities inspire them to live an organized lifestyle. Thus, their organized lifestyle is also a prominent reason that sets them apart from other people. 

Physical Fitness

To maintain mental as well as physical fitness, a soldier has to bind himself with regular exercise and a healthy diet. They have to tackle challenges that demand physical fitness and intellectual skills. Thus, their responsibilities inspire the army personnel to be physically fit to tackle exhaustion and fatigue during their jobs. Thus, they have to follow a routine that gives special attention to physical and mental fitness. You will hardly find any soldier who doesn’t like jogging in the morning. This is an essential part of their lifestyle that help them stay physically fit and active throughout the day.


The most important quality that makes a soldier stand far away from the crowd is his directness while conveying messages. They don’t like to hide their thoughts for the sake of promotion. They are trained to communicate easily, effectively, and without ambiguity. This is necessary so that they can finish their tasks on time. They are very direct when it comes to conveying their thoughts. They know what the circumstances are and they always convey their messages without sugarcoating. 

Decision-Making Ability

When it comes to making decisions, then the soldiers are experts in this. They are experts in making quick decisions after analyzing the problem from all perspectives. Because they have to make quick decisions during times of war, internal attacks, and while rescuing people from disasters. Even you have noticed their swiftness in making the right decisions in the movies. They analyze the situation correctly in a blink of an eye and then, make a decision swiftly to save the people from trouble. Thus, their decision-making quality also makes them different from other people. 


Have you ever seen a soldier rescuing people from disasters? Well of course! You must have seen a soldier performing his duties on news channels while rescuing the people. It is incredible how people trust their abilities. This is because the soldiers are trained to be confident through regular practice. They have ingrained the quality of confidence through hardships and regular training. Confidence plays a very significant role in the life of a soldier as this quality helps them do his duties with utmost efficiency. It is very rare to see such an eminent quality in ordinary people. 

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Besides the above-mentioned qualities, the integrity of defence personnel also makes them more perfect than other human beings. They need to be honest for the sake of their colleagues, their duties, and the nation. Also, they love to cooperate with their colleagues and support them when they need it. These are the qualities that make a soldier different from other people. 

By Michael Caine

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