Best Malayalam Movies

Best Malayalam Movies

Since Malayalam movie theatre underwent a renaissance in the past decade- with the increase of new-age filmmakers developing some cutting-edge jobs, it has been unarguably the primary film sector in India when determined by the high quality of movies created. If the 2000s were the most awful years for Malayalam movies, then the best period was certainly the 70s and also 80s, which saw the surge of the New Wave as well as Middle cinema specifically.

To handpick 25 excellent Malayalam flicks from an industry whose veteran filmmakers like Priyadarshan alone have made more than 60 Malayalam motion pictures (much of which are standards), can develop a dilemma for lots of Malayali cinephiles

This list is an effort to assemble the most effective of mainstream as well as independent movies that I’ve supervised the years. It is not ranked in any kind of certain order; rather, I’ve clubbed the work of filmmakers that have greater than one film featured below. Please note that several filmmakers have developed numerous work of arts but I’ve covered them to 2 per director. The idea is to include as numerous fantastic filmmakers in this listing as well as evoke passion in the viewers to explore more of their job.


One of the finest mainstream films of the previous decade, Madhu Narayanan’s directorial launching ‘Kumbalangi Nights’ takes on social taboos along with tough numerous stereotypes but never ever lets loose its hold on the amusement quotient. Supposed alpha men weeping their heart out, earning the widow as well as child of a departed best friend, a mute sibling falling for an American black female — are all progressive motifs for the middle-class scene.

The stand-out scene that was widely appreciated in which Soubin Shahir’s personality Saji seeks mental aid from a medical professional, damages the stigma associated with therapy. The emphasize plan of the film is Fahadh Faasil who delivers a great efficiency as the villain Shammi. Via this personality, the writer Syam Pushkaran sketches a typical picture of a patriarchal male who passes off his misogynist perspective and also hazardous masculinity under the pretense of family honor.


Another directorial launching, this National Honor winner for Finest Feature Film in Malayalam is just one of the ideal feel-good motion pictures of our time. It has a large heart and is bound to well up the eyes of even the most patient individuals. The title describes a star international player Samuel “Sudu” of Majeed’s (Soubin Shahir) football club, that consults with a crash as well as is made to relax at Majeed’s house while he recoups. Gradually, Majeed and his mom create a strong bond with Samuel as they share their individual life stories with each other. Even the neighbors and townsfolk end up being really keen on the kindhearted foreigner who does not speak their language.

‘ Sudani from Nigeria’ reminds us that love and also humankind can transcend barriers of language as well as citizenship. It also efficiently shatters the misconception that immigrants that bet on football clubs in India originate from audio economic histories. The truth when it comes to many African footballers remains in stark contrast to what most individuals assume. Many of them play in India with the hope of leaving their impoverished lives in their residence countries.


Multiple National Acclaimed cinematographer Venu’s 2nd directorial trip complies with a young female journalist who lays out to write a bio on found guilty C. K. Raghavan (Mammootty) who professes that he never dedicated the criminal offenses he remains in jail for.

‘ Munnariyippu’ is a multilayered film that deconstructs the story and disposes of specific conventions, making it an interesting aesthetic experiment. What elevates the film’s degree is Mammootty’s terrific performance as well as suppressed mannerisms. He gets rid of any trace of the superstar identity and methodically absorbs the personality of Raghavan in completeness.

The movie does not delight in the crests and troughs of mainstream dramatization and also embraces a really controlled and also fully grown method in its narration. The main contemplation that ‘Munnariyippu’ attempts to define with Raghavan to the target market is that the analysis of freedom or exemption is absolutely subjective according to the individual in question. Viewers willing to join the narrative can expect to be awarded.


Probably, among the best Malayalam films ahead out in recent times, the sarcastically entitled film serves a disgusting variety of patriarchy, male chauvinism, hypocrisy, and makes the audience slowly eat it by duplicating the chores as well as challenge of its women protagonist.

A must-watch for all moral custodians of society who have dealt with ideas about sex duties in a family. The film tells the story of a newlywed female (Nimisha Sajayan) who struggles to be the passive spouse that her other half (Suraj Venjaramood) and his family expect her to be. Countless homemakers who drudge with house chores daily that have actually been stabilized by culture will certainly understand the oppression women have been sustaining for centuries while satisfying their anticipated function of duty-bound housewives. If ‘The Excellent Indian Kitchen’ can cause a positive modification in even one wedded household, the movie would have done its work. That would certainly be the best reward for the film.

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