Importance of Chikankari Saree

With sarees, a woman can never go wrong. Sarees look beautiful on every single woman, young or old, thin or fat, fair or dark. Indian women have worn sarees since ancient times, and the practice is still popular today.

Modern women dress in sarees in a variety of ways to look fashionable and Indian. The Chikankari saree is one of the many varieties of sarees that are available today. The Chikankari sarees are embellished with intricate and lovely thread embroidery, and the word “Chikan” means embroidery. Buy Chikankari sarees online in India from our website if you want to add this lovely garment to your wardrobe.

What is chikankari, how is it performed, and where did it come from?

An ancient form of embroidery from the Indian city of Lucknow is called chikankari. It is also among the most widely used and best textile decoration techniques. In Lucknow’s Chowk, there is a significant market for regional chikan products. Chikankari is the term for the process of creating chikan work on fabric.

The most well-known origin story for the chikan embroidery work in India, however, is that of Noor Jahan. This Chikankari technique was introduced to India by this Mughal empress and the wife of Emperor Jahangir. You can order this Lakhnavi saree from our website and buy it in Lucknow, which is the center of the Chikankari industry.

Chikankari was previously only performed on white fabric using white threads. This kind of delicate embroidery uses a variety of stitch patterns. Hemstitch, chain stitch, back stitch, and other patterns are among them. One of the most well-known of these patterns is the shadow stitch pattern. Work is typically done on the reverse side of the fabric for a shadow stitching type so that it can be seen on the right side of the fabric.

The chikan art form has advanced greatly today and become more westernized. Chikan-work embroidery is made with silk and colored threads in addition to cotton. It adheres to current fashion trends while keeping the Chikankari straightforward.

Lighter fabrics are typically used for Chikan work to emphasize embroidery. Some of the light fabrics used are cotton, pure Georgette, semi-Georgette, chiffon, silk, crepe, etc. Harder fabric makes embroidery challenging because the needle might not pierce the fabric.

The designs or patterns are printed on the backing fabric before the embroiderer sews the pattern. The fabric is washed to remove the printed design after the embroiderer has finished the embroidery process. The following procedures are used to create chikankari:

Designing \sEngraving
printing in blocks Embroidery work
cleaning and polishing


The best outfit is a saree with chikankari embroidery, which is a favorite among Indian women. These sarees, a must-have article of clothing, represent Lucknow’s ancient tradition and culture. When the weather is hot in India, women prefer the Lucknowi Chikankari saree the most.

These sarees are made from lightweight fabric that has been beautifully pastel-dyed. They are also cozy for everyday use.

Because of its intricate embroidery, the Lakhnavi Chikankari saree has gained international recognition. Most women prefer chikankari sarees over other types. For special occasions, they prefer to dress elegantly and gracefully. Why wait any longer? Purchase a Chikankari saree right away.

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