Problems When Buying Genuine women’s leather jackets

Achieving a dapper look isn’t always easy. A lot of the time, people think that it’s a hard look to pull off. Accessorizing is a big thing when it comes to achieving the effortless bad-ass look. There are rings, necklaces, earpieces, and, of course, leather jackets.

Women’s leather jackets collection is usually more versatile than men’s. The colors, the style, and the cuts provide a lot of different options for women. As easy as leather jackets are to pair and style, shopping for a good jacket is that much more difficult.

How many of us are guilty of buying a jacket that looked good on the website only to have it look like a mess on us? That’s because there are a lot of factors people don’t consider when it comes to shopping for leather jackets. But fret not; we have gathered here all the common problems people make when shopping for women’s jackets to help you out. We will also explore specific problems associated with buying genuine leather jackets.


Sizing is one of the common mistakes people make when it comes to shopping, in general. Something may look exquisite in the store on a mannequin or on the model on the website. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it would look good on you. That’s because of different body types, lighting, and many other factors.

The size of the leather jackets isn’t only the length of the jacket but also how the jacket fits. If the shoulders of the jacket are too wide for you, then the jacket will look massive on you regardless of the length. The same goes for if the shoulders are too narrow for you.

Another factor that affects how flattering the outfit may look on you is the cut of the jacket. The cut of the jacket will determine how it’ll fit you. The most flattering cut for a feminine look would be the one that curves across the torso to give you a nice hourglass shape.


Now, you may not believe in the color theory, but you have to admit how some colors have the power to just elevate your whole look. That’s because the colors of all the layers of the outfits are supposed to complement or contrast each other. Not only the clothes but our skin also has undertones. These undertones are to match the color of our outfit.

If you are a cool-toned person, then cool-toned jackets would suit you, like purple, blue, and icy gray. If you are a warm-toned person, then warm-toned jackets would suit you well, like brown, maroon, or orange. Black and white, on the other hand, are open to all. Because these two colors do not have clashing undertones, other than that, these colors also have a slimming and expanding effect. In short, color matters!

Genuine leather jackets were first introduced in brown. But today, you can explore more exciting colors like red, yellow, etc.


Another mistake that we are all guilty of is preferring fashion over functionality. How many times have we bought something that makes us uncomfortable or makes us sweat profusely, or restrict our limb movements altogether? Yes, the fit may look great, but what’s the point if you are not comfortable and mobile in it?

Leather jackets, in general, were designed to bring comfort and fashion together. You are supposed to be cozy and warm in them while looking like a badass. Genuine women’s leather jackets will provide you with that.

Accessories And Features:

Leather jackets have numerous features. Some are purely for aesthetics, whilst others are functional. You may buy a leather jacket that looks awesome, but it may not be as functional.

The rings and studs and hoops are all great when it comes to fashion, but if you have to be around children, then it is not the best choice. Button-down leather jackets sure look a lot cooler than zippers, but they won’t be as warm or as cozy as the latter. This is why you need to see beforehand what added accessories would make you compromise the functionality of the jacket.

Determining Whether Leather Is Genuine Or Not:

Quality is not usually assured when shopping online. There is no way of telling what the material is or what it feels like and let’s be honest, sometimes brands are less than honest on their website.

100% leather mentioned on the website doesn’t necessarily mean that it is authentic leather. This is the way it is important to know the source of the leather before you buy a leather jacket.

A genuine leather jacket for women is usually made up of sheepskin. Sheepskin is quite expensive. So, if you think you are getting a good deal online from a retailer, chances are, you are not.

How To Shop For A Leather Jacket?

Now that we have had the problems out of the way let’s talk about how to shop for leather jackets.

  • See why you are getting a leather jacket and what are some of your requirements? Keep the rest of the aesthetics and the accessories to the second.
  • Then, see the size. If you are shopping in the store, try the jacket on. See how it fits. But, if you are shopping online, see the size chart. See how the jacket fits the model. Contact the company, see if they can give you specific of the jackets.
  • Make sure to confirm that your leather jacket is, in fact, made of genuine leather. Visit their website, and see if they linked their source material. Again, don’t be afraid to call the company to ask more questions. Also, consult reviews, both on their website and other sites. Get an idea of the quality of the jacket before ordering one.
  • Color matters, of course. Studio lighting, natural lighting, and office lighting will all affect how the color is perceived. See the photos and videos of the product from blog reviews to see if the color is as it was advertised.

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It is quite hard to find a brand that offers everything. Good quality product with smooth functionality, all in an overall stylish jacket. But we have found you a brand that offers it all and more. Leatheriza Affinity offers a wide selection of genuine leather jackets for men and women, both at a reasonable price point. They are also very transparent about their source material, so, you know, it is genuine leather.

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