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5 Smart Ways to Get Instant Personal Loan Without Documents Online

No matter whether you want to apply for an instant personal loan in whichever city in India, lenders will usually need documents to verify your identity, credit score, financial situation, and more. However, with the advancement of fintech, you can now opt for an instant loan without documents

Technological inclusion in the financial sector has made it easier for the public to obtain a personal loan with minimum or no paperwork. Not only are lenders now following the no-documentation clause, but online loan applications have also eliminated the need for collateral or guarantor. This article highlights five smart ways to get an instant personal loan without online documents.

1) Choose the current financial institution you have a relationship with:

When you want to borrow credit, loyalty is preferred in all domains, specifically in the financial sector. It has been seen that long-term patrons of financial institutions are the preferred ones for an instant loan without documents online. This is because the financial institution will already have your personal and financial details. 

Furthermore, your KYC formalities will already be completed with your banker. Now that your existing banker knows your identity and financial standing, you can receive an instant personal loan within a few hours without submitting documents. Moreover, if an applicant’s profile indicates a significant cash balance, some lenders might even sanction him/her loan without income proof.

2) Choose from a pre-approved offer:

If you are looking forward to an urgent cash loan without documents, then always consider opting for the pre-approved offers. Such pre-approved offers are often floated for those customers who meet the eligibility criteria specified by the lender. These offers are only made depending on your current credit score and financial standing. 

So, reaping the benefit of these pre-approved offers will save you from initiating the personal loan application process from scratch. Also, you will not need to submit additional documents. Additionally, pre-approved loan offers might give a sanction for a loan at a reasonable interest rate. 

3) Maintain a strong credit score:

Almost every financial institution checks the credit score and tracks an applicant’s credit history before approving his/her application for an instant loan without income proof. Therefore, no matter for what amounts you need a loan, all types of personal loans will be approved by a lender if you have a strong credit score and history. 

In addition, you can access personal loans at lower interest and avail of the benefit of reasonable processing charges. Therefore, to qualify for an instant personal loan with no documents, you must have a credit score of at least 750.

4) Timely payment of your bills:

If you are using a credit/debit card, especially one issued by the bank from which you are planning to get an instant personal loan without documents, then make sure to pay your bills in full before or on the due date. Additionally, see that your credit/debit card usage is always below 30%. 

Paying your dues on time and keeping the low credit/debit card usage limit will help you get an instant personal loan easily. Unfortunately, many people think they wouldn’t need any loans in the future, and thus, they avoid paying their bills on time. Such an attitude lowers their credit score, making it difficult or impossible to get a personal loan in the future. 

5) Opt for lenders offering the instant approval feature:

Some lending institutions offer instant loans without documents or minimum paperwork like salary slips, credit scores, or PAN cards. Once your details are verified, these lenders approve your loan application within minutes. Furthermore, the instant loan approval features enable quick loan disbursal and transfer of approved amounts in your bank accounts within a day or two. 


Following these five smart ways will help you obtain an instant loan without documents online in relatively less time and without hassle. Whenever you want an instant personal loan, compare different lenders, and decide on the right one. Additionally, it is better to research the features and rate of interest applicable to the chosen instant loan lending institution to avoid any surprises in the future.

By Michael Caine

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