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How much electricity does a TV use with it cost to run?

Streaming services have made sure that more people are watching TV than ever before. Gaming consoles hook up to your TV to make the images more prominent and use much power. If you know tips and tricks to use less electricity, you can save a few dollars on your monthly electricity bill and a lot of money over time.

Do you worry that your habit of streaming TV makes your ‘bijali ka bill,’ i.e., electricity bill, go up? Depending on how much electricity a TV uses, you may be unable to watch it for long periods.

How Much Electricity a TV Uses

Hundreds of different sizes and types of TVs use various technologies. It’s hard to pick one TV as the best in terms of how much power it uses. But if you know how much electricity a TV uses and the different things that affect energy use, you can be a more careful user.

How to Cut Down on TV Power Use?

The Sceptre E1 is a TV that is known for using little power. When it is on, it uses 10W, and when it is off, it uses 0.5W. It is a 12-volt, 18-inch TV that can be used in your kitchen or car as a second TV.

You can’t get rid of your home entertainment system and replace it with a smaller TV to save money on your power bill. But there are a few things you can do, which are listed below, to use as little power as possible:

  1. Change your TV’s timer and ECO settings to get the best results.
  2. Put your TV in a dark part of the room and turn the brightness down.
  3. Please turn off the TV completely to stop it from using energy while in standby mode. But remember that when your TV is off, you can’t record shows or update it. Also, turn off everything that goes with the TV at night.

How much power does a TV take up?

The size of your TV is the first thing to consider when figuring out how much electricity it uses.

Brian Horne, Senior Insights & Analytics Consultant at the Energy Saving Trust, says that the giant TVs can use the most power out of all entertainment devices. Even the most efficient 60-inch TV costs more to run per year than the least efficient 32-inch TV. When you choose a smaller TV, you save more energy on average.

The type of TV is another thing that affects how much energy is used.

  • Most people have LED flatscreen TVs. They use an LCD with LEDs providing the backlighting.
  • There are also QLED TVs that have smaller LEDs. OLED TVs are like LED TVs in that they also have an LCD but don’t need to be backlit.
  • You could still have a plasma or LCD TV (as opposed to LED lit). Both of these use more energy than the LEDs above.

What features should I look for in a TV that save energy?

Look for these handy features that all of the best TVs have. They will help you save money on your evening’s entertainment.

1. Controlling the brightness by itself

A TV that is too bright costs more to run, so look for ones with light sensors that can sense how bright the room is and adjust the screen brightness to match.

2. Sleep timer

A sleep timer will turn off the TV after a few hours of inactivity, whether you fell asleep or forgot to turn it off before leaving the room.

3. Power/energy saving mode

Instead of constantly changing the brightness on your TV, this mode will dim the backlight to help you save up to a third of your power. Great for the day, and you can switch it back if you need to at night.

BBPS lets you pay your electric bill online.

With the “Recharge and Bill Payments” service on the Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform, you can now pay your ‘bijali ka bil,’ i.e., electricity bill, online safely. The Reserve Bank of India came up with the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) idea at Bajaj Finserv. It is a one-stop bill payment system run by the National Payments Corporation of India.

You can pay your WBSEDCL electric bill online through BBPS.

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What you can do to pay your wbsedcl online bill payment at BBPS, and why you should,

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Payment options that suit you

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