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Welcome to the most comprehensive Portland pizza inclusion for the more prominent Portland metropolitan region which incorporates all styles, sizes, outsides, garnishes, broilers, trucks, and neighborhoods-even that one right over the scaffold into the province of Washington. Assuming that you are visiting or live in or close to Portland, we’ve composed this nearby manual for the best pizza in Portland so you’ll at no point ever need for extraordinary pizza in the future. We should start.


Hammy’s is a little pizzeria on Clinton Street in insane Hosford-Abernathy where you go for a huge cut with lots of cheddar and fixings. “Portland’s Original Nocturnal Pizzeria”, Hammy’s conveys until 4 a.m. They are intended for take-out or eat on the control — there is no seating with the exception of a table or two on the walkway, however the people there are truly cordial. Any of their specialty pies will do, and in the event that you’re in the state of mind for a smidgen of flavor, add green chile garnish to any pizza.

34. By means of CHICAGO

Through Chicago is a great little neighborhood pizza joint and jug shop on Alberta Street. They serve Chicago style thicker style tomato weighty and other thick and cheesey pies in a casual air. Request at the counter and get your cut or pie before long. Extra focuses for Euchre games and great Italian Grinder and Chicago Italian style hamburger sandwiches. First time eating Chicago style ‘za? Get the Meaty Pizza, made with Isemio’s Hot frankfurter, pepperoni, Giardiniera Peppers, or for something on the “lighter” side, the exemplary pepperoni or four cheddar are similarly as delish.


The Crown is Portland acclaimed restauranteur Vitaly Paley’s pizza project associated with Imperial Restaurant inside the Hotel Lucia in the core of downtown. It’s an extraordinary spot to stop for lunch in the event that you work in midtown Portland. You can be done in a short time and have a scrumptious lunch. At The Crown you can arrange cuts or an entire pie, or a cut and drink lunch exceptional, and attempt such uniquities as broiled chicken with honey and farm, or hot wiener with mollusks and oregano.


Tastebud is situated in Multnomah Village which is somewhat of a journey from Portland legitimate, yet entirely not excessively far. All tastebud’s pizzas are not modest, however they are adequately estimated and deceived out with Oregon’s privately developed tastiness. Tastebud began as a ranch, then they fabricated a stove, began making bread and bagels, lastly pizza in the ranchers and outdoors markets of Portland. Then they turned into a truck. Presently besides the fact that they serving some of are the best pizza in Portland, yet they’ve placed Multnomah Village on the guide as a Portland eating objective for their superb wood-terminated pizzas and other hearth food sources. Menu top choices incorporate the Autunno Pie, Dill With It, Persian Plum, and Golden Hour.


Pyro Pizza is one more extraordinary Portland food truck situated on Hawthorne Boulevard, that is devoted to nearby sources, superior grade, new fixings, and negligible waste. We love their wood-terminated exemplary pies, for example, margherita, marinara, quattro fromaggi, and fennel frankfurter. Check their Facebook page for pivoting week by week specials like insane a stacked heated potato pie or French Ratatouille. Extra focuses for hand crafted soft drinks that are shaking heavenly and the best pizza box workmanship from ordinary client Tim Butler.

30. Debris WOOD FIRED

Debris Wood Fired Pizza, whose truck is left in the part of the Base Camp Brewery in the Central Eastside Industrial District, serves probably the best pizza in Portland. Debris makes each of their pizzas with sourdough starter made with wild yeast from neighborhood grapes, and has a ridiculously innovative menu that changes month to month. Their pies are dynamic, succulent and untidy and their outside layer is the absolute best we’ve had around. Assuming you need something remarkable however all the while consoling and almost nostalgic simultaneously, come to Ash. Menus turn at Ash occasionally however we love their bianca (ricotta, shred, basil leaves, new mozzarella, Mama Lil’s bean stew oi) and pepperoni (red sauce, Ezzo pepperoni, shred, new mozzarella).


With five areas around, Hot Lips Pizza is an extraordinary choice for a speedy cut of pie any place you are visiting the area. Browse many choices including meat, veggie lover, and vegetarian choices on their broad menu, or make your own pie in a 10″, 14″, or 18″ pie. Without gluten pies accessible in 12″ sizes.


The best pizza in Portland for downtown shopping or touring when you need a fast hot meager, plentifully estimated cut of dainty covering pizza with a lot of Portland character (wild names, wild fixings) is Sizzle Pie. There are five Sizzle Pie areas all through town, all serving both pizza by the cut and whole pies. Some of Sizzle Pie’s more famous flavors incorporate Spiral Tap, The Ol’ Dirty, and Raising Arizona, yet our #1 pie here is the Police and Thieves, a cut of pie with spinach and mushrooms.


We love Life of Pie for their astounding pies along the North Williams Avenue strip in the Boise District. The pizza is wood-terminated, with a firm outside layer and a totally delicate inside. We love the thick and melty mozzarella on each and every pie, as well as outside cookout seats. Our #1 pie here has salami, Mama Lil’s Peppers, goat cheddar, honey, yet you can likewise fabricate your own pizza pie with marinara and house-made mozzarella.


Firehouse is situated in the extremely Northeast neighborhood of Dekum in Portland and they make fabulous Neapolitan pies. The pizza here is exactly as expected Neapolitan so anticipate a fragile, practically floppy outside layer with wonderful roast. Get the exemplary margherita for your tomato/mozzarella/basil fix, or on the other hand assuming that you’re in the temperament for something heartier, request the fennel hotdog pizza, went with pureed tomatoes, onion, and mozzarella.

25. Stove AND SHAKER

Stove and Shaker is an occurrence pizza joint and bar in the Pearl District of downtown Portland where Nostrana’s Cathy Whims is part proprietor. They have a decent determination of seven specialty pies and three works of art, and you can fabricate your own pizza too. All pizzas brag wonderful flimsy, roasted outside, cooked in their wood-terminated broiler. We love their conventional Bianca pie, which highlights garlic, fontina, sottocenere al tartufo, bufala mozzarella, and broiled sage.


Hogan’s Goat is an extremely unpretentious and undervalued, off-the-beaten-road minimal joint on Sacramento Street simply off Sandy Blvd. in Portland’s varied Hollywood area. They are without a moment’s delay a pizza joint, bottle shop, and store kitchen throwing really top notch American style pizza, utilizing occasional neighborhood fixings and hand extended batter. Contributions at Hogan’s change frequently, however get the Green Goat for a house #1: spinach, mushrooms, simmered garlic, ricotta, mozzarella, and basil puree. Crazy and heavenly and probably the best pizza in Portland!


East Glisan presents extraordinary pizza in a cutting edge bar/relax air in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland. The wiener pie here is one of our favs, finished off with pureed tomatoes, fennel frankfurter, mozzarella, ricotta, and green olives. Remember to attempt their square Detroit-style pies served Thursday through Sunday.

22. Chart book PIZZA

Chart book pies are very meager and fresh, and an ideal motivation to stop in the event that you’re tooling around SE Division Street shopping and hungry for a light meal. Get a cut and drink/salad combo for a wonderful lunch bargain. The most famous pies here are the Big Joe, made with housemade meatballs, ricotta, and basil, or the veggie pizza. Map book is an incredible spot to bring Vegan pizza fans as they have six unique veggie lover pies on the menu.

21. Satisfy LOUISE

Satisfy Louise is a generally new pizza shop in the Slabtown neighborhood of Portland, presenting scrumptious imaginative pizza and little plates. The pies here are fresh and flimsy crusted, made in a deck-stove terminated broiler. Come here for a little yet reliable assortment of menu contributions including pies like margherita, potato carbonara, bolognese, and other occasional contributions for one of our top choices spots for the best pizza in Portland.

20. CIBO

Cibo is a flourishing SE Division Street neighborhood café serving territorial Italian cooking in a loose and upscale climate. Their sixty-foot bar folds over an open kitchen including their wood-terminated pizza broiler. Cook Marco Frattaroli is a long-term pizza ace in Portland and his pies here are a demonstration of that procured mastery. Our number one pie here is the exemplary margherita, made with imported Italian tomatoes, new mozzarella, new basil, and additional virgin olive oil.

19. Highminded PIE

Upright Pie serves probably the best veggie lover pizza in Portland — they are tied in with making food that looks and tastes energetic, is great for your body and supports a solid planet. Our must-attempt suggestion is the Ultraviolet with pecan and arugula pesto, cashew mozzarella, broiler dried tomatoes, kale, caramelized onion, and pine nuts. We additionally love their doughnuts and exceptional vegetarian frozen yogurt.


Dove Vivi Pizza serves probably the best pizza in Portland and stands apart for its uncommon, boggling cornmeal covering. We love Vivi pizzas not just on the grounds that the covering has a great rich flavor and a significant heave, yet additionally on the grounds that that best in class weight can hold a sizeable mantle of dissolved cheddar. Indeed, this is the best pizza you need when you’re truly ravenous and need something pretty withdrew from a “ordinary” pizza. Get the vegetarian corn cashew pizza for something genuinely novel and mark to Dove Vivi, made with veggie lover broiled red pepper and cashew cheddar, new sweet corn, caramelized onions, chives, and smoked tomatoes.


There are a few great spots for Sicilian pie in Portland, however what truly separates Pizza Doughnais, articulated “batter nay”, is that their outside is all normally raised and quite delectable. Workers here will teach how edible the pizza is, and that’s what we concur albeit Sicilian pies will more often than not leave you on the dormant end (hi cheddar and bread on steroids), the mix of both the sourdough outside layer and the distinctive, new garnishes ease up things up, yet makes for one of the most tasty, and beneficial pizzas in Portland. Our #1 pie here is the white roni (matured mozzarella, pepperoni, ricotta, pecorino, and olive oil) or the exemplary pepperoni.

16. Child DOLL PIZZA

Child Doll is an extraordinary choice for probably the best pizza in Portland that will resound with nearly anybody. Child Doll has cuts, garlic hitches, entire pies, and treats. Their New York style pizzas are an imposing 18″ and will take care of your family for seven days. They even have some good times, exceptional contributions like Sicilian pies and cuts, Shirley Temple soft drinks, and gluten free contributions. Get the #7 White Pie for one of the most signature Baby Doll Pizzas. It has an olive oil base, mozzarella, house-made ricotta, parm, caramelized onions, and garlic, all on a delightful sesame seed covering.


Child Blue Woodfired Pizza serves the best veggie lover Pizza in Portland out of their wood-terminated pizza truck on Hawthorne. The outside for every pie is delightfully fragile and cushy, and the plant-based fixings are scrumptiously new and tasty. We suggest the margherita made with plant-based mozzarella, or the rosemary pizza, additionally made with plant-based mozzarella and ricotta, cut garlic, rosemary, and broke pepper.

14. Pizza joint OTTO

Pizza joint Otto is a family-accommodating corner pizza place in the Roseway neighborhood of Portland that has heavenly wood-terminated Neapolitan pizzas. Additionally, Otto procures heaps of extra focuses for their Happy Hour being the entire day from 11 – 5 each day, when their tasty Margherita will just slow down you $6. Browse north of 16 Neapolitan pies (counting a week after week unique) for a portion of our top picks like the margherita di bufala, salami and honey, or the wiener and mushroom. Veggie lover cheddar and sans gluten outside are accessible for any pizza orders.


Rally Pizza is one more great motivation to make the excursion over the extension into Vancouver for probably the best pizza in Portland. A couple group (and both pedigreed bread cooks and culinary experts) Alan Maniscalco and Shan Wickham run this superb eatery that other than offering flavorful Neapolitan pies, likewise presents magnificent wood-terminated vegetable simmered dishes, mixed greens, and frozen custards and cements. Our #1 pizza at Rally is the Margherita, made with hand-pulled mozzarella, pureed tomatoes, and basil, however the exemplary pepperoni is irresistible too. Keep your eyes open for their Hot Potato Pizza extraordinary and consistently finish your feast with a frozen custard or cement.


Red Sauce Pizza presents the absolute best pizza in Portland, including calzone, veggie lover pies, fun pies named after fun individuals, container pies, and week after week sourdough bread. Arranged in their new area on NE Fremont (regardless with their famous topsy turvy AZZIP sign similarly as it dangled from Red Sauce’s unique homefront, acquired from Bob Cassidy), Red Sauce is controlled by long-lasting pizzanista Shar Dues who makes a great sluggish matured, chewy crunchy mixture. Our #1 pie at Red Sauce is The Fern which highlights house-salted peppers, red onion, arugula, and goat cheddar and will take care of you for seven days. Likewise new-ish and vital are Big Hank’s Hoagies (heavenly hoagies made on a house sourdough hoagie), served Mondays and Tuesdays.


Renata is in the focal point of Portland’s Industrial Eastside District, which is loaded up with nearby craftsmans, hip diners, and in vogue shops. They have a little, essentialist pizza menu and every pie’s covering has a pleasant enlarged edge that is slender and delicate. We love their first-rate, customary margherita, pepperoni and quattro fromaggio pies-all a portion of the very best pizza in Portland. You can likewise come here for probably the best pasta we’ve eaten in Portland, as well as a brilliant butterscotch budino pudding.

10. Attractive PIZZA

Sister eatery to Seastar Bakery, Handsome Pizza is situated at the intersection of NE Killingsworth St. also, sixteenth Ave and makes glorious pizza. We’ve attempted each standard turn pie here and have adored every single one. We love the climate of the actual eatery, housed inside a refreshed 40’s time previous tool shop, where they hand make the entirety of their batter and prepare pizzas in their grasp constructed, wood-terminated stove. The makers behind Handsome Pizza are valid pizza geeks who include privately made craftsman items and backing our neighborhood ranchers and cultivators. The margherita pizza is our go-to pie here, and the white pie (mozz, garlic, oregano, ricotta) consistently stirs things up around town when you’re in the temperament for something more wanton.


Scottie’s Pizza Parlor, a little however strong foundation in Southeast Portland on Division Street serves a portion of the absolute best pizza in Portland as 18″ round pies and 16″ square pies. The pizza here is beyond words (all made with normally raised batter) and Scottie himself has a certified, well disposed nature and humble craving to give individuals joy through great pizza. Scottie’s pizza manifestations are all scrumptious, yet our number one pie here is their grandmother style square Defino pie with new mozzarella, basil, oregano, garlic oil, pecorino romano, and pureed tomatoes. This pizza is a genuine wonderful source of both blessing and pain pizza and they just make 15 every day, so call and hold whenever you’ve focused on this pie! In the mind-set for a fast cut? Scotties offers a significant cut for just $3-4.

8. Pizza shop LA SORRENTINA

Daisuke Matsumoto works a pizza joint in Vancouver (directly across the scaffold) that serves not just probably the best pizza in Portland yet the best credible Neapolitan pie around. Arranged inside their new blocks and cement on 164th Ave, eat here for exemplary Neapolitan pies prepared in minutes. Consistent with Neapolitan structure, every pizza is perfectly burned, delicate and flexible, delicate, and fragrant. Significant extra focuses to Daisuke for the hottest soul and most dominating grin in the entirety of the Pacific Northwest. The pizza here is so amazing in its most essential structure, we seldom stray from their exemplary margherita (pureed tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, and basil) or other straightforward variations like the Mr. Prosciutto (pureed tomatoes, smoked and standard mozzarella, and prosciutto). Be that as it may, never dread, Matsumoto’s menu flaunts 12 red sauce pies, 6 white pies, and pivoting specials.

7. Farm PIZZA

Sicilian Only! Farm Pizza has been serving faint commendable square pies and house-made farm to Portlanders beginning around 2017. They have two physical areas around one on Dekum road and an even more current area on 21st Ave. Assuming that you need something exemplary, get the Sicilian pepperoni pie. It’s made with pepperoni, matured mozzarella, red sauce, pecorino, and new basil. The mark thing here, in any case, is The #4: a square pie made finished off with hot pork frankfurter, Calabrian chilies, ricotta, matured mozz, red sauce, pecorino, new basil. Remember your side of hand crafted farm!


Nonavo Pizza is right over the scaffold and into Vancouver, WA, yet actually thought about piece of the more noteworthy Portland metropolitan region. It’s one of our standard stops for probably the best pizza in Portland. This family-claimed business serves Neapolitan pies with a bend. The mixture is scratch made, and the pies are terminated in a wonderfully tiled wood consuming stove, and come out roasted with a basic delicate pillowy chewiness. Nonavo offers a wide menu of consistently accessible pizzas as well as a consistently imaginative daily unique in light of occasional rancher’s market arrangements. The bolognese pie is one of our number one pies, made with garlic, ragu, oregano, mozzarella, and delightfully sharp grana padano. Remember to attempt a portion of the natively constructed little clump frozen yogurts and probably the best plate of mixed greens and veggie canapé specials in Portland.


Ken’s Artisan Pizza is amazing and without question probably the most notable, best pizza in Portland. On the off chance that you ask a Portlander where the best pizza in Portland is, Ken’s will without a doubt come up in the initial not many breaths. Maker Ken Forkish is a creator, famous cook, and pizza expert. You may likewise remember him from his other Portland organizations, including Ken’s Artisan Bakery, and Checkerboard Pizza inside the Pine Street Market. Ken is a genuine craftsman and has thought of one of our #1 cookbooks at any point on culminating the specialty of pizza making at home (The Elements of Pizza). The pizza at Ken’s flaunts a magnificently slim covering on his pies as a whole. Get the Brooklyn for something with a smidgen of punch (pureed tomatoes, mozzarella, Fra’Mani capocollo, salted jalapeño, honey), or the New Yorker with pepperoni for a wonderfully raised work of art.


Nostrana has been serving top quality pizza in Portland for a long time. With the name Nostrana signifying “our own”, at last this is a spot for the entire family. Come here for a raised eating experience without the stodginess or demeanor. At Nostrana you can anticipate a top notch slim, wood-terminated pie with every one of the exemplary fixings, as well as modern occasional specials. Our number one pizza at Nostrana is the salumi, presented with salami, tomato, provolone, mozzarella, oregano, honey, and Mama’s Lil Peppers, we are blindly enamored with the marginally hot and sweet blend in this pie. Into vegetables? Get the funghi verde, a scrumptious veggie lover pie with shiitake mushrooms, mozzarella, garlic, arugula, pecorino, and lemon olive oil.


Lines and groups during top hours make it rapidly obvious to beginners that Apizza Scholls serves the absolute best pizza in Portland. Come here for noteworthy and delightful neo Neapolitan pies with wonderful outside layer — a smash on the base, yet a holding bread-ey trustworthiness that kept intact in the event that you collapsed it. They utilize an electric stove to accomplish a pleasant, even light searing so the outside has an unpleasant consume that offsets with the yeasty mixture impeccably. There is no decoration to be found at Apizza Scholls, simply strong exemplary pies and a couple creatives tossed in just in case. Get the amatriciana (mozzarella, grana padano, light sauce, red bean stew drops, red onions, and house-restored bacon), or on the other hand on the off chance that you’re a pineapple on your pizza sort of individual, the Pig and Pineapple is flavorful. Additionally significant, Apizza Scholls makes an extraordinary Caesar salad.


Wonderful’s Fifty serves a portion of the very best pizza in Portland. The pizza here reliably has such countless things we love on and in a pizza: natural and normally raised batter, privately developed produce, succulent sauces and toppings, and eggs. Besides they have a greater amount of all that we love in a pizza: more smell, more tone, more person, more taste, more bite. However this pizza isn’t awkward or exaggerated, simply possessing each great pizza component in its ideal totality. The magnificently imaginative and vivacious Sarah Minnick will get your attention with her utilization of entire grain flour in her delectable, profound enhanced mixtures, and for Lovely’s eye towards aestheticism. Albeit changing by week and season The Fifty pie is stunningly vegetable-driven, brandishing normal players such fenugreek greens, calabrian chiles, and chanterelle mushrooms. Check Sarah Minnick’s Instagram represent week by week specials.


On the off chance that you’re genuinely searching for the Best Pizza in Portland, you can’t keep away from an outing to Pizza Jerk. We could eat here two times possibly more than seven days and never become fed up with it. It’s Portland’s brilliant, unconventional pizza wizard, presenting huge New Haven-style pies that are the ideal cross of nostalgic, messy enjoyment, yet still top notch and hazardously irresistible. We love the open and amicable energy at Pizza Jerk, where you feel like the sky is the limit and nobody is judged. Additionally imperative: the noon pizza by the cut accessibility, and a by and large astounding eating decision for youngsters and families.

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