Best Pizza In Saint Paul

Best Pizza In Saint Paul

Thicker style


This Saint Paul unique presents a wide menu including pizza, subs and the sky is the limit from there, yet ensure your request incorporates their thicker style greatness and match it with a nearby specialty lager. Track down Davanni’s in Saint Paul at Cleveland and Grand or I-94 and White Bear Avenue. Presented previously.

Privately SOURCED

Large River Pizza

Assuming you’re requiring the day to look at all that Lowertown brings to the table, stop at Big River. This food truck turned blocks and concrete makes pizzas with anything that’s selling at the Saint Paul ranchers’ market that week, and it’s gotten the attention of a few nearby foodie distributions.


Italian Pie Shoppe

The contention about whether thicker style ought to be viewed as pie or pizza is one that won’t probably ever arrive at a goal however, assuming it tastes as great as what you can get at the Italian Pie Shoppe, it doesn’t matter at all to us what you call it. Make a beeline for Grand Avenue to get your fix.

Seared CRUST

Mucci’s Italian

Believe it or not. At Mucci’s, the mixture is seared before the fixings are added, and afterward the entire pie is heated. Remember to coordinate any of these to-bite the dust for pizzas with Mucci’s Juice and polish off with a tiramisu.


Punch Pizza

Beginning in Saint Paul, Punch Pizza has developed to incorporate 10 areas. With one on Grand and one on Cleveland, you have twofold the choices on where to enjoy heavenly Neapolitan pizza straight from a 900-degree wood-consuming stove.


Tommie’s Pizza

This is the spot while you’re searching for huge cuts with a foldable outside layer. Tommie’s is the main dark possessed pizza joint in the Twin Cities and they’re presenting new garnishes, pizza by cut and barbecued wings on Selby Avenue in Saint Paul.


Terrific Ole Creamery and Pizzeria

Scooping frozen yogurt beginning around 1984, Grand Ole Creamery added “Pizza shop” to its title in 2011. Request up New York-style craftsman pizza and extra some delightful Grand Ole Creamery frozen yogurt for dessert.


Tono’s Pizzeria + Cheesesteaks

These terminated, produced using scratch individual-sized pizzas provide you with a legitimate taste of Italy, where the batter and sauce recipes were created a while back. However, while going to Tono, don’t rest on the cheesesteaks! Do Philly and Sicily play well together? Of course they do.

Night out

Pizza Lucé

This neighborhood chain’s pizzas have won grants all through the Cities, and its different and adaptable menu makes it an incredible spot for yourself as well as your date to arrange precisely exact thing you need. It’s likewise an incredible spot for pastas and pastries.


Black Sheep

With Camp Bar and Tin Whiskers Brewing not far off, Black Sheep is the ideal spot to get some food and find companions prior to looking around the area a piece.


Nonconformists Pizza

Here and there you really want pizza that is not extravagant by any means — simply oily, exemplary and scrumptious. Nonconformists names themselves Saint Paul’s trick of the trade and we need to concur. This family-claimed spot has generally your #1 works of art made with their hand crafted sauce and house cheddar mix, as well as a few out of control versions.

FAMILY Gathering


The Cossetta’s heritage has been gone through ages in Saint Paul, making it the most ideal choice for when your whole family gets together. Assuming you’re getting pizza, you can likewise avoid the cafeteria-style line.


Holy person Paul Brewing

Partake in this deck with character and taste specialty brew made nearby while you chow down on these out of control pizzas with names like I’m Greeking Out!, Number of the Beast and Baby One More Time. In any case, don’t allow the names to dissuade you, the flavors are on the money!


Mother’s Pizza

Assuming you’re searching for some old fashioned square cut pizza, you’ll track down it at Mama’s Pizza in the North End. This family-run spot has been in Saint Paul starting around 1964 and the pizza comes hot and in enormous parts. You’ll hear local people go on and on about Mama’s endlessly time once more, and it’s an incredible spot to bring kids.



Gameday pizza: While this West seventh pizza shop may be a conspicuous decision before a Wild game, don’t exclude it before your Saints ball games. On the off chance that somebody in your group mysteriously doesn’t need pizza, Zamboni’s likewise does extraordinary gyros and sandwiches.

By Michael Caine

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