Best Pizza In Salt Lake City

Best Pizza In Salt Lake City

While Salt Lake City isn’t a pizza objective (we have skiing, mountains, and soft drink shops — can only go so far sometimes!) it has pizza puts that can move you to the preferences NYC, Italy, and Detroit. Whether you really want some takeout for a pizza cookout in the recreation area or you need to pass on a stylish porch chomping on woodfire pizza under the 9 PM summer sunset, this guide takes care of you.


Victor’s Pizza, situated in South Salt Lake City, is an extraordinary spot to get takeout or conveyance. From Indian-roused fixings to exceptionally American (think pizzas with Ranch, BBQ sauce, or Buffalo sauce) to exemplary ish pizzas like one stacked with a lot of various cheeses + basil, there’s something for everybody here. We love the Honey Bunny, which accompanies marinara sauce, mozzarella, feta, salami, and hot honey that pools in the pepperoni. We were likewise enjoyably shocked by the Taj Mahal (the proprietor’s unique!), which is a pulled chicken tikka masala on thick, chewy covering. The pizza covering here is made with a little cornmeal which makes them extra generous.


In the event that you wind up in suburbia of Salt Lake City, OAK Wood Fire Kitchen is an extraordinary spot to plunk down to a pizza (as well as a large group of different dishes, starters, and mixed greens) lunch or supper. The exemplary pepperoni pizza with hot honey is the best approach, however they additionally have a great time fixings like the Elote that accompanies cooked corn and house garlic aioli, or the Prosciutto and Arugula which likewise accompanies garlic cream and apples. The pizza here has a crush, feathery hull, and is truly messy — similar to a half breed American style Neapolitan pizza, so this is a decent put to go on the off chance that you’re vacillating about precisely exact thing sort of pizza you’re in the mind-set for.


Villagio is where we go when we really want New York style pizza that is firm yet bendable, and incredibly messy. The superstar is the Ferragosto, which is a marinara based pizza, finished off with garlic, mozzarella, ricotta, pesto, olive oil, and pecorino. It’s brilliant, messy, and a little wealthy in the most ideal way. This is likewise a decent spot to go if you have any desire to snatch a fast and reasonable cut (in spite of the fact that note that they tragically don’t offer the Ferragosto as a cut).


Pizza Nono is a hip little spot serving woodfired pizzas in the ninth and ninth neighborhood of SLC. Their pizza hull is meager, chewy, and marginally firm, and their garnishes are new and exemplary. We suggest going with a red sauce based pizza, and our most loved is the Beehive. It’s an exemplary marinara pizza with mozzarella, calabrese, and grana stacked with salted jalapenos and hot honey showered over the top. The outcome is a joy of flavors and surfaces: the tomatoes and honey loan a little pleasantness, while the jalapenos and honey provide you with a touch of zest and chomp. The unobtrusive tang from the cured jalapenos arranges the entire pizza.


Fiore is a pizza truck that gives probably the best pizza in Salt Lake City when they’re positioned there. (Really take a look at their timetable on Instagram to see where they’ll be for the week.) The exemplary pepperoni is generally an extraordinary approach (are you seeing a subject here?), with new pureed tomatoes on a delicate, chewy, daintily singed (however not crunchy) slim hull. The turning week after week exceptional is dependably worth difficult, too, with flavors like sweet corn and bacon or rosemary potato. We cherished their new pistachio pizza with cream, rosemary, red onion, mozzarella, parmesan and olive oil. The nuttiness from the pistachios close by the parmesan and olive oil gave it an earthy colored spread flavor that we were unable to get enough of.


Block’s Corner serves remarkable square Detroit-style pizza, and that implies each thick and chewy piece accompanies its own silky, firm, messy edge. Since the pizza is so thick, we generally favor the pureed tomatoes based pizzas over the cream based here since it makes it somewhat milder and squishier. You can’t turn out badly with the Randazzo — an exemplary with red sauce and twofold layers of pepperoni. In the event that you need something somewhat more extraordinary, we likewise love the Sweet Salty Pig, which accompanies delicate BBQ pork shoulder, firm bacon, thick cuts of new tomatoes, caramelized onions, and cured jalapeno chips with a custom made farm dressing sprinkled over the top.


Joining forces with a specialty mushroom cultivator and different homesteads all through the state, Central ninth Market makes probably the best pizza in Salt Lake City. Their sourdough hull is roasted without being fresh, and the cuts hold their shape all around well — no hanging or drooping as you’re holding up your cut in transit to your mouth. In the event that you like mushrooms, you’ll adore the Mushroom Conserva pizza. It’s stacked with rich smooth mushrooms that are somewhat tart, and sautéed with onions and fennel. We likewise love the Roulette pizza — this is where the gourmet expert creates a pizza for you, contingent upon anything new fixings they have close by. We love a pick your-own-experience food experience, and Central ninth Market won’t mislead you! Take your pizza to one of their tables outside, or make a beeline for neighboring Liberty Park for a pizza cookout.


Pizza shop Tasso is a little spot in Holladay that is glaringly obvious, however we need to assist you with finding it since it offers probably the best pizza in the SLC region. Search for the signs that will lead you to the rear of the structure and when you see their huge open air pizza broiler, you know you’re perfectly located. They have exemplary pizzas and a flavor that pivots week by week. We love the Diavola, which is a tomato based pizza with new mozzarella, salami, red onions, parmesan, and their fiery mark oil on top of an exemplary woodfired covering: slender, chewy, somewhat roasted, and totally energetic.


Stoneground Italian Kitchen is simply off of the fundamental drag of downtown SLC, and is on the second floor of the structure, which gives it both a metropolitan and comfortable feel as you’re settled among the treetops peering down on the bystanders beneath. The pizza here comes on somewhat of a thicker, more American-style covering, and keeping in mind that the outside layer didn’t really blow us away, the fixings did! Our top decision is the Diavola pizza, which accompanies marcona romesco, zesty chevre, nduja, mozzarella, and hot honey. It was profoundly delightful, while hitting notes of fiery, sweet, and pungent. In the event that you need something new and green, the Spinaci (stacked with spinach and different veggies) is an extraordinary approach.


Wanderer East is a café situated in the Harvard-Yale area, which gives it extra warm, neighborhoody flows, particularly in the event that you sit on the porch. Their awesome mix of delightful covering + fixings makes it one of the most outstanding spots for fabulous pizza in Salt Lake City. They cook everything in their two enormous pizza stoves, which yields a delicate, chewy pizza covering. We love the Roni-Boy, which is a pureed tomatoes based pizza loaded down with mozzarella and firm edged pepperoni gathering hot oil and housemade hot honey close by crunchy, zesty cured jalapenos. The occasional pizzas are consistently worth difficult, and the momentum occasional one is no exemption. It accompanies garlic cream and mozzarella base, finished off with brittle, hot housemade chorizo, serrano peppers, corn, green onion, cotija and the clincher: a housemade, tart, velvety farm dressing.


Settebello serves exemplary, woodfired, Napoli-style pizza with both work of art and creative fixings. The hull here can’t be bested it’s dainty and light, and the squashed San Marzano tomatoes which go about as the sauce offer the ideal blend of power, pleasantness, and a perfectly measured proportion of corrosive. You can’t turn out badly with the exemplary margarita pizza, which is made with new mozzarella, basil, and squashed tomatoes. Assuming that you’re in the temperament for their exemplary covering with imaginative garnishes, we love the Pizza Pere E Jalapeno which accompanies housemade pear and jalapeno jam, calabrese, red onions, mozzarella, and basil. It’s similar to a charcuterie board on a pizza, and we’re so into it!

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