Best Pizza In Santa Cruz

Best Pizza In Santa Cruz

Pizza might have first showed up in Italy quite a while back, however there’s no question that Americans have taken the basic dish and made it their own, from thicker style in Chicago to crease over in Brooklyn.

The best varieties in Santa Cruz run the range from connoisseur to oily, however they are joined by their wonderfulness and distinction.

Endeavoring to name the best pizza in Santa Cruz is no simple undertaking, given the abstract idea of the point. The following are our picks, in no specific request. Allow the contention to discuss start…


This family foundation began in Mountain View, however with three areas nearby, Tony and Alba’s is currently a completely Santa Cruzan number one. They’re the one-time champ of Best Pizza in America from the American Pizza and Pasta Association, and it’s not difficult to see the reason why while devouring a Tony’s Special.

The utilization of neighborhood fixings, as Gilroy garlic and Morgan Hill mushrooms, make this considerably more than a standard family pizza place.


This joint principles the East Side with its impeccably crisped dainty outside, spot on sauce, and innovative pizzas like The Abyss, with garlic shrimp, pesto and lemon cuts. They additionally offer considerably more than pizza at their East-Side Eatery, as broiled pickels for starters. They as of late extended to Pacific Avenue, no doubt stirring up a lot of pleasure for the midtown swarm.


At the point when Bantam opened in late 2012, it immediately turned into the up and coming eatery around, and for good explanation. Possessed by a previous pizza-producer at Bay Area legend Chez Panisse, Bantam brought moderate and refined cooking that was time and again missing in Santa Cruz. However you can find various delicious Italian dishes at Bantam, an alternating menu of connoisseur pizzas with fixings like weeds, el Salchichero pepperoni, and Italian chicory is the superstar.


At the point when you notice ‘pizza’ and ‘St Nick Cruz’ to somebody elsewhere in California, their psyche will probably go promptly to Pizza My Heart. Without a doubt, the chain is so famous for its liberal cuts, surfer-themed style, and cool T-Shirts that it’s spread from Capitola to all around the Bay Area. The people who eat there consistently will let you know that the Slice of the Day makes it worth the effort all week long.


Engfer has an agreeable air, with a consistently cordial staff. However, the pizza gets everyone’s attention. Their menu highlights numerous unique and inventive wood-terminated pizzas. Add an extraordinary determination of brew, wine, and a ping pong table, and you have one of the most outstanding pizza spots around.

On the off chance that you haven’t been to Engfer’s then envision the pizza shop identical to Zocolli’s. Snatch your beverage from the cooler, request at the counter, and partake in the casual area style climate.


As is apparent on this rundown, eating pizza these days can frequently be refined, complex experience. That can’t be said to describe Rocker’s Pizza Kitchen, and thank sky for that. The oily, messy, hard pleasure, sold through of a window on Pacific Avenue close to the Catalyst, Rockers likely won’t be winning any honors at any point in the near future, yet it will continuously have a spot in our souls for their delightful modest bar pizza.


An installation of most college towns in California, Woodstock’s figures out how to leave a novel imprint on every local area, including Santa Cruz. The quintessential pizza-and-brew home base, Woodstock’s has extraordinary blissful hours and random data evenings, as well as scrumptious thick-outside pies like the All-Meat Orgy and the Kauai Pie, their zesty contort on a conventional Hawaiian pizza.

Pizza joint AVANTI

Another connoisseur pizza place in the vein of Bantam, Pizzeria Avanti offers first class fixings and wine in a casual neighborhood climate. You’ll nearly feel like you ventured from traffic-weighty Mission Street into a little bistro in Italy, if by some stroke of good luck it wasn’t for the finger-licking-great hot wings on the canapé menu.

By Michael Caine

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