Best Pizza In Scottsdale

Best Pizza In Scottsdale

Pizza has turned into an overall enthusiasm and finding great pizza places, very nearly a science. However, as pizza fans, we know that occasionally we don’t get exactly the thing we are looking, and wind up eating something that our wonderful palates don’t take as great quality.

12 Best Pizza Places in Scottsdale, AZ pin

To take care of you, we have done a few examination and tracked down the best places to eat pizza in Arizona. Thus, in the event that you are visiting the city, and are needing an extraordinary pizza feast, check our rundown of the best 12 pizza places in Scottsdale, AZ.

1. Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana

A few spots guarantee to be of Italian beginning. Pomo Pizzeria conveys genuine Italian food. Applying similar techniques rehearsed in southern Italy for many years, they carry the Mediterranean country to Scottsdale, AZ.

With an exceptional handmade pizza, this pizza place offers a pizza Napoletana with a taste that will wait in your mouth and memory for quite a while.

Their conveyance times are very short since their techniques require a 60-90-second stove cooking. This furnishes a 3mm thick outside layer with a delicate focus and rankled surface.

Attempt their Pomo Specialty Pizza. It incorporates frankfurter, onion, and mushroom. If not, you can go for their more slender Northern Italy-style pizza.

2. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Is there any preferable couple over great pizza and a super cold draft brew? At Grimaldi’s, they are very much aware of that, and they have become popular for their wide assortment of both.

Situated in noteworthy Old Town Scottsdale, this pizza joint is an extraordinary spot both for travelers and local people. Pick among their full-administration bar, their open air decks, or appreciate watching their culinary specialists make pizza.

Their new items are a sure assurance of an extraordinary flavor, and administration is stand-out. An extraordinary spot to visit while in the city.

Attempt any of their coal block stove pizzas and become hopelessly enamored with this spot. Our idea? The Don, finished off with Italian frankfurter, meatballs, and pepperoni.

3. Hull Brothers Pizza

Searching for perfect, hand crafted Midwest-style pizza? Outside Brothers is the response! With a foundation story loaded up with cooking experience, nothing not exactly excellent pizza can be anticipated for an outcome.

This pizza shop understands what you like, and what is stunningly better, likes it also! Their staff most loved pizzas are top-of-the-score manifestations. Attempt any of them, as Cory’s creation, or Dori’s #1.

Their specialty pizzas set an elevated requirement as well. New fixings and the ideal blend of fixings to partake in a wonderful dinner.

While you stand by, and even while you eat as well, pick among their draft lager choice. An extraordinary method for going through a night with family or companions!

4. Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria has required over 45 years in the pizza business in Chicago to Scottsdale, AZ. A quality assurance whatever the request. Full-administration eatery and bar, carryout, or conveyance. Allow Lou to deal with the rest.

Their amazing Chicago-style pizza is guaranteed by delivery their mozzarella cheddar from a similar spot. Indeed, even the water they use for their mixture is sent from their country.

Whether you incline toward thicker style or flimsy outside, this pizza shop has it accomplished for you. Go for their spinach and mushrooms unique, The “Lou”, and you won’t ever think twice about it.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is open seven days per week both for lunch and supper times.

5. IL Bosco Pizza

The #1 eating eatery in Scottsdale, as per TSG (The Scout Guide), IL Bosco Pizza brings great food and an extraordinary air for a preeminent pizza experience. Additionally casted a ballot Scottsdale’s Finest Pizzeria, enough verification they understand what they are doing.

With normal and new fixings, their pizzas are hand-made in an open kitchen and finished off with imported cheddar, natively constructed sauces, and the best meats and vegetables.

As you trust that your pizza will be conveyed, you can appreciate one of their popular and delectable hors d’oeuvres, for example, vegetables with burrata cheddar, or a Caprese salad.

Their Divina pizza is a must-attempt. Share it with companions or family while you additionally appreciate one of their created mixed drinks or tap lager. A superb mix, at an amazing spot.

6. NYPD Pizza

Cooked in stone stoves, NYPD Pizza brings New York-style pizza to Scottsdale, AZ. In the event that you really love gooey cheddar and stacked garnishes, this pizza joint is the right one for you.

With popular top choices, for example, “The Big Kahuna”, “Joey’s Favorite” and “Mott Street Meat Lover”, this pizza place guarantees a similar quality and flavor you would get in New York City.

They have up to six unique sizes to browse, so it is an incredible spot to go either without help from anyone else for a fast snatch and-eat, or with huge family or companion gatherings. Their full Sicilian size takes care of up to 6 visitors!

After an extraordinary dinner, why not partake in an extraordinary pastry? Obviously, in the event that there is still any space for it! Their San Gennaro Zeppolis is an ideal method for gathering together a decent pizza evening.

7. Rosati’s Pizza

Rosati’s is a prospective pizza joint chain that actually offers the help and nature of a neighborhood place. Mindful and diligent staff bring you a delicious pie as well as a warm inviting grin to your table.

From the very outset of times, they have worked under Saverio “Sam” Rosati’s adage of “Give individuals what they need”. What’s more, they do so these days, years after Sam’s retirement.

With brief holding up times, your request is prepared inside the space of minutes for you to appreciate. Eat in, request for pickup, or go for their conveyance administration and partake in an extraordinary dinner, even from the cooler the following day!

Rosati’s is open seven days per week, both for lunch and supper times. Continuously prepared for you to come in!

8. Spinato’s Pizzeria And Family Kitchen

Family-possessed organizations are a sure achievement with regards to pizza. Recipes and cooking strategies that have descended from quite a while back are brought to your table at Spinato’s pizza joint.

As a major upside to their stand-out Chicago-style pizza, they guarantee – and do – to regard each client as a visitor, and as a feature of their loved ones. Feel home in any event, when you are an outsider to the city.

Construct your pizza. Pick from four accessible sizes, slim or Sicilian hull – or go crazy with their calzone style – , select from five unique sauces, and conclude which of their more than 15 potential garnishes you need to attempt.

Yet, in the event that you like to go with their ideas, you can likewise browse their specialty pizzas. Attempt their Mamma’s Signature, or their Super Six. Two incredible decisions while visiting Scottsdale, AZ.

9. Chizona’s Pizza

Decent food, incredible consideration, and quick conveyances. This multitude of necessities take you to a similar objective: Chizona’s. Goodness, you need more than that? Every one of them are at a truly open cost.

Newly pre-arranged pizzas with premium fixings guarantee their extraordinary taste and quality. Whether it is for pickup – no line, incidentally – or conveyance, this pizza joint will constantly have consumer loyalty as really important.

Browse four potential sizes, and choose the kind of covering: Chicago-style, or thick outside. Add anything that fixings you need, no restriction at all, and simply sit and trust that your dinner will show up. Chizona’s is actually that basic.

This pizza place is open seven days every week for both lunch and supper times, so they can answer your pizza hankering quickly, any time!

10. Make 64

Wood-terminated pizza, Arizona specialty lager. Nothing can turn out badly in Craft 64 pizza joint on the off chance that those two are available. An incredible spot to partake in a total feast while visiting Scottsdale, AZ.

In any case, in the event that you are not into lager, you can likewise go with your delectable pizza with one or the other wine or their hand tailored mixed drinks. No table is left unturned in this pizza joint!

At Craft 64 they are glad to report that their fixings are ranch new and natural. They support neighborhood ranchers by purchasing straightforwardly from them. Their refreshments are likewise from neighborhood breweries and wineries, so assortment and quality are sure.

In this way, go for an exemplary Margherita, or attempt their Smokehouse pizza, and partake in a handcrafted outside layer alongside one of their 42 lager assortments. You will positively need to return to attempt an alternate one of each!

11. Yo Pauly’s New York Pizza Co.

Hankering a New York-style pizza while in Scottsdale, AZ? Yo Pauly’s carries it to you! Simply request it, and get it in no time. Go for conveyance or pickup, or even feast in. That is totally dependent upon you. Allow them to deal with your dinner.

This pizza joint knows how New Yorkers like their pizza, and they additionally realize you like getting gifts. With incredible limits and advancements, you will safeguard your wallet simultaneously you partake in a remarkable pie.

Go for a “Madison Square Garden” pizza with tomatoes, green peppers, onion, bunches of mozzarella cheddar, and mushrooms. Certainly a must-attempt!

Yo Pauly’s is open Monday through Saturday for both lunch and supper times, and on Sundays for a late night feast and supper. Request on the web and pursue reserve funds!

12. Lorenzo’s Pizza

Lorenzo’s is the ideal mix of true Italian cooking and New York-style pizza. An incredible choice at whatever point you go to Scottsdale, AZ. Their recipes are unique from original Sicilians who came from New York to Arizona.

Referenced in north of five state magazines, their connoisseur pizzas have been supposed to be of the best in the city. In any case, leaving pundits to the side briefly, the most ideal way to demonstrate it yourself is by venturing into their café.

Their pizzas are all produced using scratch consistently, and one of the spot’s top choices is their Lorenzo’s Special. A blend of pepperoni, frankfurter, meatball, mushrooms, and peppers. Every one of them joined with delectable mozzarella cheddar.

Furthermore, as each credible Italian food ought to have, their pastries are additionally worth difficult. Finish an extraordinary dinner with a Nutella Pizza. Don’t even think about passing up that!


Scottsdale, AZ brings New York, Chicago, and Italy to your table without leaving the city. The Italian impact has been kept up with so well for so many ages, you can tell when you are attempting a customary family recipe.

Go with a specialty brew, wine, or mixed drink. Anything the decision, any of these pizza shops will have it for you. Request a hors d’oeuvre while you trust that your request will come, or gather it together with an Italian treat – or why not both?

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