Best Pizza In St Augustine

Best Pizza In St Augustine

It’s pizza time in St. Augustine! We cover our top most loved St. Augustine pizza spots for when you come and visit the antiquated city’s best St. Augustine rentals. From the ocean side to downtown, and in the middle between, pizza in St. Augustine rocks.

Pizza Time

To many, Pizza Time is the characterizing pizza place in St. Augustine. This midtown most loved is exceptionally acclaimed, winning honors for quite a long time one after the other. Most outstandingly, TripAdvisor positioned Pizza Time as the second best pizza spot in the country in 2015.

Pizza Time gives certifiable New York-styled pizza as though straight out of Brooklyn. Guests can come for an entire pie or a solitary cut.

The eatery offers every one of the garnish staples you can expect with valid NYC-styled outside layer. It is entirely expected to find a line running external the structure. Conveyance isn’t accessible nor is call ahead as of now. Pizza Time takes special care of downtown walkers and satisfies that need all week long.

Carmelo’s Marketplace

Carmelo’s is cozy away by a neighborhood service station and in the event that you didn’t realize it was there, you may simply drive on past. In any case, you would be passing up a portion of the city’s best pizza.

Something other than a pizza spot, Carmelo’s Marketplace has a full menu of phenomenal Italian. You can find shop sandwiches, similar to turkey, ham, chicken plate of mixed greens, and meal meat, among other. There are additionally hot sandwiches, similar to cheddar steak, the Philadelphia, frankfurter and peppers, and meatball.

The superb choice for some, however, is the pizza. New York-styled block broiler pizza like the grill chicken, primavera, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, and veggie incomparable.

Carmelo’s offers helpful web based requesting as well as conveyance. Simply call ahead for additional insights regarding conveyance range and the conveyance charge.

Carmelo’s is at 146 King St, right external the primary midtown St. Augustine area of St. George St. We don’t prescribe strolling from downtown to Carmelo’s. Luckily, the café has a devoted stopping region.


Pizzalley’s is a beautiful pizza bistro/eatery blend. Enter from St. George St, and see the absolute best pizza in St. Augustine spread out behind the glass, and request your pizza by the cut. Then again you can enter at the back parking area on Charlotte St. what’s more, stroll through the Chanti Room, a full café with top-level Italian.

Pizalley’s is the nearest café on this rundown to the well known St. Augustine post, or the Castillo de San Marcos. Make certain to see it after you eat! It is situated at 117 St George St. also, is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. with stretched out hours to 11 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. on Sunday. Conveyance is accessible for select regions with an extra charge.

Borrillo’s Pizzeria

Borrillo’s is stowed away on San Marco a piece north of downtown close to the renowned white cross of St. Augustine. Borrillo’s is generally known for its specialty pizzas, including the Borrillo’s Supreme and the margherita.

Al’s Pizza

This frequently ignored niche has different areas all through the locale. The St. Augustine spot is situated in Ponte Vedra Beach, and is our top pizza determination nearby. Conveyance is accessible for its assortment of menu things, including calzones, flatbreads, mixed greens, and pizzas.

While we covered pizza only, there are lots of foods to be found, including a few St. Augustine fish eateries. What’s more, remember to track down a spot to remain however long your excursion might last. We offer a grouping of top-quality St. Augustine ocean front rentals. Contact our group for extra data or affirm your all around procured stay away at the present time.

By Michael Caine

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