Best Pizza In Town

Best Pizza In Town

Pizza is a delicacy cherished by all. A marvelous pizza night is a treat for the entire family! With numerous pizza places opening up each day it tends to be hard to pick the one that offers flavorful taste alongside the best worth. Here we have recorded the best pizza in Islamabad alongside their costs so you can have extraordinary pizza without fail.

Best Pizza in Islamabad

In the table beneath we have given a rundown of cafés that have the best pizza in Islamabad, this rundown depends on the surveys from google accounts and the virtual entertainment profiles. In this way, track down the cost and further subtleties in the table beneath:

•             Pizza Restaurants             Pizza Size         Price

•             New Yorker Pizza Islamabad        21″         Rs. 2530

•             Broadway Pizza Islamabad           20″         Rs. 1750

•             Pizza Hut Islamabad        XL           Rs. 2479

•             Round House Pizza Islamabad     21″         Rs. 2100

•             Cheezious Pizza Islamabad           Party     Rs. 1640

•             Pappasallis Pizza Islamabad         Large     R.1750

•             fourteenth Street Pizza Islamabad            Original Rs. 2549

•             OPTP Pizza Islamabad     13″ Large             Rs. 999

•             Tehzeeb Pizza Islamabad              15″ XL   Rs. 1335

•             Forks and Knives              Large     Rs. 895

1. New Yorker Pizza, Islamabad

Perhaps of the most well known pizza in Islamabad is the New Yorker. The heavenly taste and assortment offer something for everybody. It is one of the principal pizza parlors to offer the 21′ pizza and their stuffed outside layer makes certain to fill your heart with joy! They offer an extraordinary number of decisions and determinations be it your pizza size, outside, fixings, or sidelines.

Their sizes include:

•             Cut

•             Half pizza

•             9”

•             12”

•             12” profound container

•             16”

•             21”

The flavors on offer at New Yorker Pizza incorporate the ordinary Chicken tikka, Fajita, Pepperoni, and Roast Beef separated from the extraordinary nearby flavors like Chicken Mughlai and Masala Chicken. Their best and most famous flavor anyway is the New Yorker Special.

New Yorker Pizza likewise offers heaps of delightful sidelines including potato skins, chicken wings, pizza bombs, garlic bread, pizza roll, potato spuds.

Branches in Islamabad:

•             G-13/4 Islamabad: RAS Arcade, St# 122, G-13/4, Islamabad

•             F-8/1 Islamabad: St# 33, F-8/1, Islamabad, ICT

•             Kuri Road: Gondal Arcade, Bahria Enclave, Islamabad

2. Broadway Pizza, Islamabad

One more most recent section into the pizza business in Islamabad is The Broadway Pizza. Laid out in different urban communities like Karachi and Lahore for a long time, Broadway Pizza has amassed a faction following because of its novel taste.

Their menu offers a gigantic assortment of tidbits, including:

•             Garlic Bread

•             Potato wedges and Potato Skins

•             Chicken Wings

•             Pasta

•             Calzones

•             Stove Baked Sandwiches and so forth.

The pizza sizes offered incorporate 6”, 10”, 13″, and 20″. Their most famous flavor is the Wicked Blend because of its over-burden of mushrooms, olives, chicken tikka, and smoked chicken.

Their Molten Lava pastry and Belgian Chocolate Brownie offer the ideal closure of an extraordinary pizza party.

3. Pizza Hut, Islamabad

One of the most established and unique Pizza places in the city, Pizza Hut has served ages in the capital city. Their Chicken Supreme and Chicken Tikka pizza are top choices among millions. Their assemble your own Salad Station is valued by every last one.

The pizza sizes are:

•             Little

•             Medium

•             Enormous

•             XL

•             XXL

The starters on offer are:

•             Potato wedges

•             Chicken Wings

•             Garlic Bread

•             Pizza Hut Special Salad

•             Behari Chicken Spin Rolls

•             Mexican Sandwich

•             Smaller than usual Pizza Pocket

Branches in Islamabad:

•             F-10 Islamabad: 1-K Plaza, F-10 Markaz, F 10/4, Islamabad.

•             F-11 Islamabad: Ground Floor, Hillal Road, Liberty Square Building, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad

•             Centaurus Mall: fourth Floor, Food Court, Centaurus Mall, Jinnah Avenue, F-8, Islamabad.

•             I-8 Markaz: Plot # 20, Time Square Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

•             E-8 Markaz: Margalla Greens Golf Club, Near Naval HQ Service Road, E-8, Islamabad.

4. Cheezious Pizza, Islamabad

The most recent pizza spot to assume control over the twin urban areas is Cheezious Pizza. Their creative flavors, assortment of starters, and speedy help are quick making them a #1 among pizza darlings. With new areas springing up all over, Cheezious Pizza is assuming control over the pizza scene in the twin urban communities.

Their extraordinary Crown Crust pizza is all the rage and has definitely satisfied its expectations. Their flavors incorporate nearby flavors like Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tandoori to worldwide kinds of Euro and Pepperoni.

The pizza sizes are:

•             Little

•             Medium

•             Huge

The tidbits include:

•             Cheddar Sticks

•             Kabab Bites

•             Calzones

•             Wings

•             Arabic Rolls

•             Behari Rolls

Aside from Pizza they additionally offer:

•             Sandwiches

•             Burgers

•             French Fries

•             Seared Chicken

•             Pieces

•             Pasta

Branches in Islamabad:

•             F-11 Markaz: Liberty Square, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad.

•             Ghauri Town: Street 8-B, Phase 5 Ghauri Town, Islamabad.

•             Ripha University: Ripha International Uni Rd, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

5. Round House Pizza, Islamabad

Situated at the excellent region of F-10, Round House Pizza is an incredible choice for pizza darlings. The pizza flavors range from Pepperoni, Hawaiian, and smoked Beef to Chicken Tikka and Fajita. The Round House extraordinary Pizza is a #1 among the clients.

The Pizza Sizes accessible are:

•             Single Slice

•             Half Pizza

•             10″

•             16″

•             21″

The Appetizers on offer at Round House are:

•             Potato Skins

•             Garlic Bread

•             Cheddar Bread

•             Chicken WIngs

•             Pizza Roll

6. Pappasallis Pizza, Islamabad

Laid out in 1989 this pizza place is over 30 years of age. You will find legitimate pizza flavors and exact preferences at this pizza parlor. Their combination of starters and sides include:

•             Sandwiches

•             French Fries

•             Pasta

•             Burgers

•             Lasagna

•             Peri Bites

•             Nachos

•             Steaks

•             Salad

•             Garlic Bread

•             Juices

•             Treats

Pizzas are accessible in the accompanying sizes: 6″,8″, 10″,12″,14″ and 20″.

The flavor generally well known at Pappasallis is Chicken incomparable.

Branches in Islamabad:

•             F-7 Markaz: 13-E, Jinnah super market، F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

7. fourteenth Street Pizza, Islamabad

The first pizza spot to present the 20″ pizza in Pakistan, fourteenth Street has been around for quite a while. The pizza sizes accessible incorporate Slice, 9″, 10″, 12″, 15″, and the first 20″.

The flavors range from Creamy Chicken Delight to Hot Chicken Mughlai. A stuffed outside layer choice is likewise accessible.

The canapés include:

•             Messy Bread

•             Cheddar Pockets

•             Garlic Bread

•             Potato Skins

•             Potato Wedges

•             Chicken Wings

•             Chicken tenders

•             French Fries

•             Wavy Fries

•             Chicky Bites

Branches in Islamabad:

•             G-11: Abu cook market، Street 11, G 11/1, Islamabad,

•             Blue Area: Block-R, F6/4, Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

8. OPTP Pizza, Islamabad

OPTP’s most recent contribution is their pizza. Proceeding with their custom of extraordinary quality, their pizza is the same. The sizes include:

•             Broiled Pizza pie

•             9″ meager outside Pizza

•             13″ enormous Pizza

Their stuffed covering choice is colossally well known. The flavors offer an assortment of

•             Smoked Italian

•             American Pepperoni

•             Pakistani Tikka

•             Exemplary Cheese

•             Mexican Jalapeno

•             Rich Arabian

 Branches in Islamabad: Located in numerous region around the city the ideal places include:

•             F-7 Markaz: Markaz F-7, Islamabad.

•             F-10 Markaz: Shop # 07, Farooq Plaza, F-10 Markaz Islamabad

•             F-11 Markaz: Plot No.28, Shop No.9, Ground Floor, Al-Karam Plaza, F 11 Markaz, Islamabad.

•             I-8 Markaz: Plot # 17,18, I-8 Markaz I 8 Markaz I-8, Islamabad.

Orders can likewise be put through the OPTP versatile application.

9. Tehzeeb Pizza, Islamabad

Tehzeeb is an easily recognized name in Islamabad. Their pizza outperforms numerous in the twin urban areas. Their smoked chicken, pepperoni, and Sriracha Pizza are an incredible hit among local people.

They don’t offer home conveyance and pizzas must be picked from their outlet. Aside from pizza they have an entire variety of pastry shop products.

Branches in Islamabad:

•             Blue Area: Al-Malik Complex، 81 Jinnah Ave, G 7/3 Blue Area, Islamabad.

•             G9 Markaz: Karachi Company, Mangla Rd, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad.

•             G-11 Markaz: G 11 Markaz, Islamabad.

•             I8 Markaz: Plot # 17,18, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

•             F11 Markaz: Salman Market, Street 20, F-11/2, Islamabad.

10. Forks and Knives Pizza Kitchen

The keep going pizza put on our rundown is in the Rawalpindi side of the twin urban areas. It is in any case worth a notice because of its spectacularly tasting pizzas. The pizza sizes accessible are:

•             Individual Pan

•             Customary

•             Enormous

The forks and Knives extraordinary pizza best the rundown of most well known pizza at the eatery.

The sidelines accessible at Forks and Knives include:

•             Garlic Bread

•             Salad

•             Cheddar Sticks

•             Chicken Wings

•             French Fries

•             Pasta

•             Rolls

•             Soup

•             Sandwiches

•             Chicken Spin Rolls

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