Best Pizza In West Seattle

Best Pizza In West Seattle

Seattle’s within the throes of a pizza renaissance, no doubt. But we’ve always been a city that’s severe about its pies and slices, from the mid-aughts Neapolitan heyday to our current deep-dish obsession. However, the high-quality pizza is frequently the only that’s near domestic. Here, our favourite ny slices, Sicilian squares, and seasonal sourdough pies throughout Seattle and beyond.


the former cope with of a cherished hardware keep is now the good-looking, cavernous domestic of brendan mcgill’s neapolitan pizza eating place. Strict naples tradition yields delicate, timber-fired pies you chop together with your own scissors. Toppings are split between traditional restraint (margherita, quattro formaggi) and taste forays, like the model crowned with dates and prosciutto. Open for lunch and dinner, with a few huge roll-up home windows in the front that may approximate out of doors seating.


brandon pettit’s pies may also honor big apple by means of manner of naples, however delancey’s charm draws firmly from the northwest, in topping combos that balance tomato brightness with pairings like zoe’s 1st baron verulam, cremini mushrooms, and basil. When delancey opened in 2009, the pizza vaulted it into seattle organization popularity, even before you throw inside the impeccable salads, wood-fired odes to seasonal produce, and those bittersweet chocolate chip cookies dusted with grey salt. Frelard pizza co. The big apple–ish pies at ethan stowell’s unique pizza joint are lovely, topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and black olives or a play on carbonara. However the appeal of this vicinity is within the large photograph: the adequate patio, the stowellian chopped salads, the clean beer and wine picks. The kids’s play region that’s really still closed, because covid. This region, and the more recent one in ballard, additionally provide shipping through doordash.


the california-based chain has a location on ballard avenue with the antique-brick community’s standard-problem “been there for all time” aesthetic, plus some protected out of doors tables to remind you, it’s certainly 2022. These are the form of pies that positioned skeptics off deep-dish, given the massive, bready jolt of crust around the edges. But the online ordering interface is surprisingly convenient (you can even specify whether to pre-slice that pie) and bursts of fresh garlic and tangy sauce hold this pizza’s middle on factor.

Severe takeout

when tom douglas converted his commissary kitchen into a takeout hub, he essentially gave the neighborhood an outpost of his pizza restaurant—one close to the brewery zone. The pies have to look familiar to fanatics of significant pie: rustic, personal-length crusts with a blistery crackle and fulfilling chew. Not to mention toppings that make smart decisions with seasonal northwest produce. Because the call implies, this area only does takeout, but tented picnic tables offer some out of doors seating. Sunny hill

to call this sunset hill spot a pizza restaurant undersells the burger, the meatballs, and the all of sudden stunning vegetable dishes that remind you chef jason stoneburner is a companion here. But sunny hill puts out two very special forms of extremely good pizza: round, wooden-fired pies and thick-crust square pies, a slightly upscale detroit riff (the latter sells out fast). Both come crowned with easy mozzarella, or diverse veg-ahead mixtures. Order on-line, or dine indoors or on the patio.

Bar del corso

one of the city’s most essential italian eating places lives a double lifestyles as a neighborhood hub. Both of its identities hinge on jerry corso’s pizza—crusts blistered from the wood-fired oven, toppings easy and seasonal. Bar del corso additionally substances the warmest of hospitality, tremendous negronis, and a convivial included lower back patio.

Breezy city pizza

windy town pie’s younger sibling operates inside the clock-out living room, baking pies that hover stylistically somewhere among chicago and detroit. In other words, it’s midwestern pan pizza: all that equal crisped-cheese goodness, with a sourdough crust and wisconsin brick cheese mixed with mozzarella. The pepperoni paint activity, with its dual layers of meat, is a excellent advent, however the experimental specials, like slices inspired with the aid of vegan reubens or quiche or the entirety bagels, are weirdly amazing.

Resonate brewery and pizzeria

why yes, an growing old strip mall inside the newport hills part of bellevue is domestic to a official pizzeria, where rectangular roman-style pies arrive on a private sheet pan. Crusts have admirable chunk, and toppings update conventional parlor combos with exceptional meat. Even better, resonate brews its very own beer, an on hand spectrum from kolsch to imperial coffee stout, plus a gaggle of ipas.


this stunning bar prioritizes pizza and cocktails similarly. This indicates mega-slices to accompany a really perfect negroni, however additionally whole pies which might be delicious of their personal right, like an abruptly reputable banh mi pizza.

Extreme pie

tom douglas restaurants’ pandemic recovery plan worried merging two of the restaurateur’s fine ideas to replace a legend. The previous domestic of dahlia lounge now holds extreme pie and its oval pizzas—crackling, puffed crusts topped with northwest-pleasant mixtures like potatoes, rosemary, and pecorino (even higher in case you upload lardo). The opposite give up of the room holds an enlarged dahlia bakery pastry counter for all your mochi doughnut and coconut cream pie needs.

Bar cotto

when ethan stowell offered his pizzeria on fifteenth road, the new owner stored the bubbly timber-fired pies, the salumi platters and burrata, and the feel of a community restaurant on a block generally described through vacation spot dining. One of the servers looks quite acquainted.

Big mario’s

the new york–style pizzeria turned into designed as a hangover antidote to the publish-drinking loads, dishing out widespread foldable slices until 2am. Mario’s is pie that recollects youth pizza parlors, 14- or 18-inch rounds with pillowy cornicione that include a satisfying range of toppings, from pear and gorgonzola to a multitude of meats. However it’s tough to beat the huge wedges of pepperoni, sold by means of the slice for slightly $five apiece.


the pandemic’s crucial mass of terrific pizza popups has already yielded a brick-and-mortar evolution, trading improve orders and fixed weekly hours for walkup-best pies on twelfth avenue. Proper now, pizza only occurs wednesday through saturday, but packs the identical attraction—clearly leavened crust meets clever seasonal combinations. The kitchen has precise a laugh with an expanded list of aspects.


one of the phenoms of seattle’s naturally leavened pizzeria new defend tops its pies with seasonality: roasted leeks with za’atar, foraged mushrooms and confit garlic. However cornelly additionally harbors a deep-dish modify ego. The kitchen used to make restricted-version detroit-style pizza, then upped the stakes to roughly a dozen deep-dish pies every night time—spherical and tangy with a crunchy bottom and engaging wisps of crisped cheese.

Dino’s tomato pie

brandon pettit may also make cerebrally stunning skinny-crust pies across town at delancey, but his olive way pizza bar (no minors, open ’til 2am) leans hard into the chef’s jersey roots: thick-crusted squares that riff on sicily with vibrant sauce, high-quality toppings, and a high quotient of char. Pettit’s pizza scholarship surfaces in the ones caramelized crusts, but dino’s also does a few skinny pies, combining tavern vibes with exceptional cheese. Delivery is to be had thru grubhub.


to maintain the boxing metaphors that permeate john sundstrom’s pizza tavern, this place punches way above its elegance. The james beard–prevailing chef became lark’s unique home on 12th road right into a wooden-fired early adopter of neighborhood grains. Southpaw tops its crusts (by some means each chewy and crunchy) with cool seasonal mixtures like basil-mint pesto with sausage and feta, or roasted mushrooms with lardo. A gluten-free crust and on-line ordering expand the attraction even similarly—ditto the starters, the soft serve, and jm enos’s signature salted chocolate chip cookie.

Thru tribunali

a reliable bastion of neapolitan way of life commenced as a sibling to fellow italophile caffe vita. Now it’s a pair of places in the capable palms of mark mcconnell and cecilia rikard, forging a new era of invitingly rustic eating rooms, loose-flowing barbera, and scrupulous thin-crust pies.

Critical pizza

jackson avenue’s pass-to parlor brings the simple pizza of our children into twenty-first century seattle with mixtures just like the kale-zer soze, which covers bechamel sauce with 1st baron verulam, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and the city’s favored fibrous green. Hospitality reins—an entire phase of vegetarian pies, a gluten-loose crust choice, a willingness to do 1/2-and-half pies, furnished the bottom sauce is the equal. Proper now only some cubicles seat dine-in pizza-eaters, however call without delay for takeout aplenty (or order third-birthday party shipping online).


while ma‘ono chef mark fuller determined to open a pizza bar, he channeled the greasy, oversize pies of your hungover goals, however made them culinary. The latest region restores pizza to the address of seattle’s authentic pagliacci. The lineup of white- and pink-sauced pies begin in familiar americana territory, like the double pep with ample curled-side pepperoni, and get ever bolder, all on a crust that pointers at fuller’s culinary cred.


this pizzeria’s vicinity—huddled between a pair of mid-rises inside a tiny holdout cottage—isn’t even its maximum excellent function. Nope, it’s lee kindell’s seven-by-9-inch detroit-fashion pies. Hand-mixed, high-hydration sourdough yields a crust as a way to blow your mind, however best in very constrained quantities. The person blends his very own cheese, sourcing genuine wisconsin brick. Moto’s toppings are as improbably delightful as its vicinity—lechon kawali with chimichurri, heaps of dungeness with lemon and dill, clam chowder or harlem-fashion chopped cheese sandwich fixings. Each month’s takeout slots ebook up at speeds that make the quest for a pcr check appear kick back, so hover on instagram and mark your calendars. (you may—and should—continually drop by means of for tender serve.)

ideally suited

what mark fuller’s pizza bar on california avenue deliberately lacks in proper plates or utensils, or napkins now not from a dispenser, it makes up for with gonzo pizzas and fun frozen drinks. The lineup of white- and pink-sauced pies start in acquainted americana territory, like the double pep with ample curled-aspect pepperoni, and get ever bolder. They all come on a crust rooted in culinary cred, and that finesse bobs up once more in apparently retro facet dishes like wings, a caesar, and the cult favorite garlic knots.

Pizzeria 22

a reputable neapolitan-style pizzeria with the credentials to show it. This admiral district spot opened in 2011 and has been sating the community with warm pies crowned with the likes of buffalo milk mozzarella and sweet italian sausage, or cherry tomatoes, arugula, and prosciutto di parma. Additionally: calzones! Something wholly american although: wooden-fired s’mores with melted chocolate and marshmallows bubbly and golden brown from the oven’s flames.

Pizzeria credo

puffy-edged pies emerge blistered from a timber-hearth oven in this compact junction pizzeria, any other outpost in a neighborhood rich in pizza napoletana. Jacques nawar builds his pies with home made mozzarella, imported italian flour, and legitimate san marzano tomatoes (it matters). Private-ish length pizzas come sliced into quadrants, their toppings commonly, however not dogmatically traditional; if it’s available, the gluten-free dough choice is higher than maximum.

Talarico’s pizzeria

how to even give an explanation for this in particular west seattle phenomenon? Component sports activities bar, element untz-untz boomer cocktail lounge. And yet every inch a family-friendly pizzeria that focuses on considerable the big apple–style slices more or less the scale of a small suitcase, and as well foldable as something you might p. C. Interior. Whole pies run a whopping 28 inches, and the roster of non-pizza options (italian and wedge salads, chook parm, meatballs, garlic bread) is further oversize. Certain, this place has the sprawl of a cheesecake factory, and serves bucket-size cocktails with names like junction juice, however wonderful-satisfactory toppings and a thin, but still nicely chewy crust plant talarico’s firmly in “cherished nearby institution” territory.


much like its 3 different siblings around town, the pizza restaurant in admiral is thoroughly, lovingly centered on its neighborhood, from the all-day menu of salads, meatballs, and sandwiches to the breakfast favorites (hash, shakshuka, and sure, viscount st. Albans-and-egg pizza) and coffee served every morning. And of path, the pizza—puffy and flame-blistered, crowned with potatoes and fontina and gorgonzola, or sausage, salami, and pepperoni. At dinner, mother and father order cocktails even as children get their personal 8-inch pies.

West of chicago pizza organisation

the cornmeal-speckled chicago pizza remains a rarity on this city; the exceptional ones come from a commissary kitchen in delridge. Here, shawn millard hands out textbook-best rounds to customers fortunate enough to snag one in all his forty day by day pies. Toppings like meatballs and ricotta, or italian sausage with broccoli and roasted garlic lurk beneath that placid marinara surface (gotta love a pizzeria that lists the intensity, as well as the diameter of its pies on-line). This spring, millard will move to a right eating place, and boom his pizza output exponentially.

 Proletariat pizza

deeply rooted in its white middle environs, but also really worth a journey: medium-foldable crusts—puffed and golden and bursting with deck oven nostalgia—meet deeply natural elements (but additionally spam). Authentic to its call, this spot at the sixteenth avenue strip is client pleasant in the acute: you may order by means of the slice, construct a half-and-half of pie, or change in a exceedingly superb gluten-unfastened crust. Children can snack on plates of pineapple, cheese, and sliced baguette, and the nearby beer listing is ferociously official. All that, and toe-curling tiramisu. Order on line or dine in.

Mod pizza

man or woman-size pies, with one regular charge no matter how many toppings you choose. People regularly compare the modular enterprise model to chipotle’s, and the founders’ roots in espresso stores are obtrusive in a rate of expansion that opponents peak starbucks. Mod’s pies make for a reliable, low-priced lunch anywhere from the seattle middle armory to fremont to factoria (and now as a long way away as florida and west virginia), however the company’s challenge also prioritizes hiring employees who face barriers to employment.

Pagliacci pizza

the cross-to on this town on account that 1979 for shipping pizza, now in neighborhoods from kirkland to west seattle, shoreline to capitol hill (see their website for an up-to-date list of places). Crusts are serviceable structures for some inspired combinations. Classicists like the agog (roasted garlic, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and goat cheese, along side mushrooms, mozzarella, and fontina) but gourmands favor to try seasonal specials, like autumn’s inimitable gorgonzola pear pizza. The sophisticated name-in setup (a pleasant human greets you through name if you’re within the machine) and a consumer-friendly app have become even more cherished in covid times.

Tutta bella neapolitan

those neapolitan pies had been the first within the region to earn a rigorous vpn certification from the respectable governing body of pizza in naples. Now the company spans seven places from wallingford to issaquah, inclusive of  in-store “grocerants” that dispense sparkling-fired pizzas and clutch-and-pass gnocchi, meatballs, and salads at qfcs in kirkland and college village. Via all of it, tutta bella has balanced the ones uncompromising italian traditions with american accessibility.

 Zeeks pizza

now 20 places strong, this pizza chain has a rugged experience to it: snow sports lingo, faucets of excessive-hop nearby beer, and a crust with more personality than you’d anticipate from a 30-yr-vintage operation. Zeeks offers a dizzying breadth of pies, in numerous sizes, sauces, and topping configurations (the buffalo soldier, essentially a buffalo fowl pizza, has a covert fan base). The agency also provides, furnished you live near one of the restaurants.

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