Best Pizza In Westchester

Best Pizza In Westchester

Experiencing childhood in New York – and as a vegan since age 12 – pizza was something beyond a staple in my eating regimen. In secondary school and soon after school, I regularly had pizza a few times each week, here and there at least a time or two every day. In any case, I never made a big deal about a work to search out the best pizza; typically, lunch two or three cuts at Pizza Grill or Slices in Hastings-on-Hudson, or The Brick Oven Pizza in Dobbs Ferry.

From 2012 to 2015, I lived for the most part in Tel Aviv, a city with extraordinary food yet pizza that was by and large nearer to Sportime USA than DiFara. At the point when I got back to New York, the pizza capital of the world (Naples being a nearby second), I concluded the time had come to fan out and attempt the pizza thought about the best in the United States, in New York, and in my own region of Westchester.

In the first place, I’ve not had near each pizza in the district; and there are numerous pizza shops broadly considered among the best that I have not yet come to, similar to Gino’s in Yonkers, or just ate excessively quite a while in the past to decide against the puts on the rundown, for example, Peppino’s in Somers reasonably.

Furthermore, as a veggie lover, I am passing judgment on these foundations in light of its vegan contributions. Pepe’s in Yonkers is known for its mollusk pie; assuming I ate shellfishes, maybe I’d rank it higher than its ongoing spot.

Ultimately, notwithstanding a variety of acclaimed pizza joints in northern Westchester, this rundown is to some degree one-sided toward the focal and southern segments of the County given that is where I’ve resided the vast majority of my life.

It’s in view of that I present my suggestion of the Top 15 Best Pizza joints I’ve dared to in Westchester County.

15. Pelham Pizza – 113 Fifth Ave, Pelham

Pelham Pizza is all that you’ll need from a conventional neighborhood pizza joint. Open since May 1978, Pelham Pizza presents an incredible plain cut while likewise offering a scope of specialty pies. My most loved was the eggplant parmesan cut, one of the most mind-blowing I’ve had in this sort.

14. Province Grill – 35 Abendroth Ave, Port Chester

Alongside its brew assortment, Colony Grill has just a single food thing on the menu – Pizza. No chips, no sides, no paninis, or pasta dishes. Just $10 pies with fixings for $1.75 each or a serving of mixed greens pizza for $13.

As a devotee of both brew and pizza, it would have been hard for me not to like Colony Grill.

Yet, this is definitely something beyond bar-style pizza – its fresh meager outside and cheddar carry a quality to the class that you won’t find at many bars in Westchester. The hot oil is a well known garnish decision, and the serving of mixed greens pie is one of my top choices. However, to try not to be excessively sound, I likewise request cheddar and sauce.

Port Chester is one of six Colony Grill areas; four are in Connecticut, one is in Virginia.

13. Dunwoodie Pizzeria and Restaurant – 683 Yonkers Ave, Yonkers

Open beginning around 1970, Dunwoodie serves precisely exact thing rings a bell when you consider exemplary New York pizza. The plain cut isn’t excessively oily however finished off with a lot of cheddar and a delicate yet firm covering. The Sicilian is likewise magnificent – a thicker and cheesier interpretation of the class than Sal’s Pizza in Mamaroneck. Dunwoodie’s grandmother pizzas are likewise a forte, yet you can’t turn out badly with anything on the menu.

Fun reality: Dunwoodie was named the best pizza of Westchester County by perusers of LoHud in 2018.

12. Pizza joint La Rosa – 12 Russell Ave, New Rochelle

Pizza joint La Rosa, established by Frank Pinello, who possesses one of the top pizza joints in Brooklyn called Best Pizza in Williamsburg, and Matt DiGesu, depicts its menu as “exemplary Neapolitan meets New York-style wood terminated pizzas.” Its pies are more slender than an exemplary New York pie, and crispier than the Neapolitan-esque pies.

In couple of pizza shops does the newness of fixings stand apart very as it does as La Rosa – even the plate of mixed greens, requested fundamentally to facilitate the responsibility of one more evening of pizza for supper, was a champion. There are just six pies on the menu, including a margherita and a white that, with caramelized onions and a sesame seed outside, helps me to remember the white cut at Pinello’s Brooklyn foundation.

Another rookie, Pizzeria La Rosa opened in 2017. In any case, its wood-terminated Petersen stove traces all the way back to 1924. Far better, you get a fantastic view watching pizzas going in and emerging from that stove while you eat.

11. The Parlor – 14 Cedar Street, Dobbs Ferry

The Parlor, a popular spot with scrumptious Neapolitan pizza and a fashionable person vibe, is found a short distance from Chef David DiBari’s other Italian café, The Cookery. It is a cut of Brooklyn in Dobbs Ferry, from the uncovered block façade, to the graffitied walls and specialty lagers inside.

You can remain fundamental here with the margherita pizza, which is one of the most mind-blowing you’ll find in Westchester, or you can have a go at something imaginative, similar to the ideal for-early lunch “that everything bagel” pie, which is essentially an egg and cheddar bagel turned pizza.

For a canapé, attempt one of my top picks – The brussels sprouts, presented with bean stew honey, parmesan cheddar and rice krispies. I know, it sounds abnormal, yet trust me, it works.

10. Nonna’s Pizza – 52 Lake Street, White Plains

Old neighborhood predisposition? Perhaps, yet as a White Plains inhabitant Nonna’s has arisen as my go-to for pizza conveyance. There’s nothing extravagant about these pies, and out of the relative multitude of stops on this rundown Nonna’s might be the most un-amazing from an external perspective. In any case, in the event that you’re searching for an exemplary conventional New York cut of pizza, this non-descript pizza shop on Lake Street is difficult to top. The pies reliably are first rate – be it a plain, a ricotta-beat white pie, a plate of mixed greens pie or square dish pizza.

9. Frankie and Fannuci’s Wood Oven Pizzeria – 301 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck

For the almost two years I lived in Mamaroneck, Frankie and Fannuci’s was my go-to for a stay-in pizza evenings, for the most part to a limited extent in view of a $25 extraordinary that incorporates an enormous pie, salad, and garlic bread.

Frankie and Fannuci’s presents delicate, chewy covering ordinary of Neapolitan pie to a standard pie, however Frankie and Fannuci’s doesn’t sell cuts. On the off chance that you need a connoisseur pizza without coughing up near $20 for an individual pie, this is the spot to go.

8. Fortina – 17 Maple Ave, Armonk

Fortina, with three areas in Westchester and one more in Stamford, represents considerable authority in Neapolitan pies, however in an environment that feels less formal than does Burrata in Eastchester. The Neapolitan pies at Fortina opponent any in the region, including the Original Famous Ray’s – a Neapolitan interpretation of an exemplary New York cut – and the exemplary margherita. In any case, the champion here is The Luigi Bianco, which is recorded on the menu as The LB. The LB is finished off with twirls of dark truffle and burrata close by robiolina and parmesan cheddar.

Assuming that you’re searching for a greens to adjust your carbs, the Piatto di Verdura vegetable plate is a fantastic side. And keeping in mind that Fortina likewise has a Nutella pizza, the earthy colored spread bread pudding is the right move assuming you have space for dessert.

7. Coals Pizza – 131 Parkway Road, Bronxville

Coals is the one spot, apparently, in the province that represents considerable authority in barbecued pizza. This style – promoted in Providence, Rhode Island – produces a superbly scorched outside that is sufficiently meager to make Johnny’s Pizzeria in Mt. Vernon seem to be thicker style.

These pies don’t need many elaborate garnishes – and the Heaven Scent with just tomato, cheeses and garlic is my undisputed top choice. Yet, there are additionally pies with fascinating fixings, similar to the hummus-finished off Vegan Pie and the Rustic with truffle oil. The Nutella Pizza might be the best sweet pie in the area. ‘

6. Mario’s Pizza and Pasta – 1 Kirby Plaza, Mt. Kisco

A number one of Examiner Publisher Adam Stone, Mario’s impeccably balances the slight, scorched hull and inventive garnishes of a connoisseur pizza café with the comfort and feel of a cut joint. While you can’t turn out badly with a plain or margarita cut, Mario’s likewise offers some delectable veggie-bested choices.

Which isolates Mario’s, however, from the scores of other pizza places in each town is the hull – a light chewiness that somewhat helps the cafe to remember a Neapolitan pie. I can’t imagine another cut joint – in Westchester or somewhere else – that very deals with this equilibrium.

5. Burrata Wood Fired Pizza – 425 White Plains Rd, Eastchester

Chas Anderson’s Burrata gets approval as the best of Westchester’s developing Neapolitan pizza scene. It is somewhat upscale for a café known for its pizza, and the connoisseur pies are by and large a decent size for one reasonably hungry grown-up. The pies have every one of the makings of a quality Neapolitan – the delicate and chewy covering made in a wood-terminated stove, light sauce and cheddar, and new garnishes. The champion here is the J. Sexton, which puts the chilled namesake burrata with tomato, garlic, and basil. The Burrata pie, finished off with wild mushroom, as of late procured the distinction of “Best Mushroom Pizza” in Westchester Magazine’s Best of Westchester grants.

4. Pepe’s of Yonkers – 1955 Central Park Ave, Yonkers

Pepe’s is a branch-off of the widely popular 96-year-old New Haven foundation, which routinely positions among the best pizzas in the country. It’s flimsy covering – maybe without a doubt thicker than Johnny’s Pizzeria in Mt. Vernon – cut into many sporadically molded cuts in the exemplary New Haven style. The Original Tomato Pie is an extraordinary Connecticut take on an exemplary plain cut, while the margherita is similarly heavenly.

In any case, it is many times disregarded in conversations about the region’s best pies, presumably in view of its status as the branch-off on an outcast and New Yorkers’ disdain of the regard in which New Haven pizza is held. Regardless of that, Pepe’s makes probably the best pizza in the province, and us Westchesterites are lucky that we have a branch-off of a pizza joint considered the best in the nation so up close and personal

3. Billy and Pete’s Social – 121 Myrtle Blvd, Larchmont

A somewhat new participant toward the Westchester pizza scene, Billy and Pete’s is, as far as anyone is concerned, the main Westchester Pizzeria spend significant time in Detroit-style pizza (which is rectangular and thick, yet more slender and crispier than a Sicilian cut). Furthermore, it compares best Detroit-style joints in NYC, with wonderful outside layer and an imaginative scope of garnishes.

The Tipsy Dog, including a hot vodka sauce, is the smartest option. Billy and Pete’s likewise offers tasty barbecued pizzas, which are more slender and cut into squares. Furthermore, in the event that you’re not driving, Billy and Pete’s serves a few magnificent and imaginative mixed drinks.

Billy and Pete’s is likewise one of the province’s best with regards to vegetarian choices, offering veggie lover hotdog and vegetarian pepperoni.

2. Sal’s Pizza – 316 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck

In the event that there were a Mount Rushmore for Westchester pizza, the Sicilian cut from Sal’s Pizza would surely be among those etched in stone. Not excessively thick with the ideal measure of sauce and cheddar, this Sicilian is quite possibly of the best Sicilian cut I have at any point eaten, in Westchester or past. What’s more, Sal’s plain cut, however frequently disregarded, is apparently all that you can get at any cut joint in the country. In the event that you have the craving, request a “trifecta,” which incorporates the plain, Sicilian, and a magnificent plate of mixed greens cut.

In the event that there’s a by and large agreement among Westchester pizza devotees, it is that most will name Johnny’s Pizzeria in Mount Vernon or Sal’s as the best pizza in the province. Sal’s, which has been open for over 50 years has likewise acquired some public acknowledgment; in 2014 it positioned #66 in The Daily Meal’s 101 best pizzas, and in 2019 the site recorded it among America’s 56 biggest outdated pizza joints.

1. Johnny’s Pizzeria – 30 W. Lincoln Ave, Mt. Vernon

First opened in 1942, Johnny’s has acquired its standing as the district’s best pizza joint. The pies – and you should arrange by the pie – are huge however dainty. The covering is firm, yet all the same not excessively fresh. It doesn’t spill over with cheddar the manner in which something you’d get at a cut joint may, yet nor is the cheddar as meager as, say, a margherita pie from an upscale trattoria. The sauce is loaded with flavor and all around appropriated all through each nibble.

In the event that you’ve made the outing, rely on every individual eating a portion of a pie.

Johnny’s doesn’t seem to be much from an external perspective, and the trouble finding a spot in its inadequately planned parking garage might drive a few less resolved coffee shops away.

Inside, Johnny’s has the vibe or an exemplary area Italian eatery. Yankees memorabilia balances apparently on every last trace of each and every wall. It merits making the excursion to Mt. Vernon for, any place you are in the province. Furthermore, it’s procured the underwriting of Dave Portnoy, known for his “One Bite” pizza surveys. Portnoy scored it a 9.1 out of ten, the best score in Westchester and truly outstanding in the country.

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