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How to increase your speed for the government exam

With every passing day, government exams are gaining wide popularity in India. Countless graduates set their eyes on reputable posts in the public sector and its immense privileges. If you also want to grab such a post then, be ready to do a great level of hard work. Hard work, perseverance, the right approach, and proper guidance are needed to ace the government exams. 

The biggest problem that a candidate faces is that it is quite strenuous to attempt the entire paper on time. There will be three phases in most of the government exams. These are the preliminary exam, the main exam and then the personal interview. Well, in the first two rounds time management matters the most. Thus, you must work on improving your speed in order to become able to attempt the paper on time.

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Take your speed for the government exam to the next level with the help of the following points:

  • Pay attention to sectional timing

Prepare yourself to attempt the section within the sectional time you have received. Especially, the first two rounds i.e. prelims and mains phase of the exam will encompass  3 or 4 sections each.  Seek sources that can help you become an expert in attempting the section within the time. For this, they can access last year’s papers and the mock tests. You need to be very quick and accurate if you want to pass the first trials.

  • Polish your skills in mental maths

While attempting the quants section, you will get a very limited time frame to solve the questions. Thus, you won’t have too much tiem for doing calculations on paper. So train your brain to calculate directly without pen and paper. Take your mental maths skills to the next level by getting an expert in implementing shortcut tricks. Well, in your free time, pick up random numbers and get busy doing basic operations (such as multiplying, adding, and subtracting) in mind. It will help save time and get you more time to solve the rest questions. 

  • Clear your basics

Once you start to study for the government exam, the ultimate thing you have to do is have a clear understanding of the basics of several topics.  For this, you have to rely on good quality books that shed light on the concepts briefly. For the quants section, be quick when it comes to solving questions that include Addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Similarly, in the English section, have a basic understanding of grammar and vocabulary. Thus, to master any section of the bank exam,  focus on polishing your knowledge of the basics of the concepts in the syllabus.

  • Practice maximum Mock tests

You can get access to various online websites for free to practice mock tests for ingraining exceptional paper-attempting skills. Practicing mock tests is necessary as these will help you make a constant improvement in your speed and accuracy while solving questions. Know that every section will have a specific time limit and you have to do your best in attempting the paper within that time limit. Once the time is over, the computer will stop accepting the answer and submit the paper automatically. You will come to know more all about this by solving mock tests. 

  • Learn multiplication tables

You must have seen candidates aiming for the government exams experts in memorizing the table. Well, you too have to work hard to memorize tables from 2 to 20. Get a list of the tables on paper and paste it on a wall. Then, take a look at the table in your free time, early in the morning, or before going to bed. This will help you memorize the table within a short span of time. Come in the contact with an exceptional platform that offers the best SSC coaching in Delhi


It is advisable to hold the hands of perseverance and be consistent when it comes to working hard. Also, don’t overlook your health in the rush to achieve your goals. Furthermore, don’t rush, go slow and understand everything with sheer clarity.

By Michael Caine

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