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Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Visa Consultant

  There has been a profound increase in the number of Indian students moving abroad. . Before, this trend was existing only  in a few regions of India; however, these days, immigration consultancies are there in almost all towns and rural areas. Students want to study in advanced nations like the USA, UK, etc. 

The Indian government lacks legislation that addresses the procedures and standards of immigration services. These standards exist in the USA  regulation system only. Despite numerous consumer court cases, little is done, and gullible Indians become victims of these powerful organizations that have branches in practically all major cities. So the only thing you can do to safeguard your interests is to be very careful before selecting a visa consultant. 

The truth is that immigrating to another country is not that simple. The procedure involves a lot of formalities. All of the documentation has to be presented carefully. Even if there is any minor issue then you can face rejection of your visa application. That can surely be distressing. All those who want to study in the USA need to file their visa with the help of the best  USA study visa

Keep reading this article to know what you need to keep in mind before you select a visa consultant

Success Ratio

When selecting a visa expert, the success rate should be the very first thing you take into consideration. Find a consultant who has successfully helped several students get their study visas. Now some consultants might mislead by providing fake advertisements regarding their success ratio. You should connect with the students directly and enquire about the visa consultants. 

Verify The Firm’s Licensing Status

Numerous fraudulent immigration consultancies have emerged in recent years. Many of these are not even licensed, thus they are operating illegally. Ask the consultancy to furnish the RCIC license. If they have one, please take the personal number of the RCIC and make sure he is in contact with you. Well, you would surely not desire to lose your precious money due to fake visa experts.  Avoid being sucked into the trap of false promises.

Make A Background Check

Before taking any decision regarding an  immigration expert, you must make sure that you carry out a thorough background check. It is important that the immigration firm possesses an excellent track record. If there’s even a minor problem in their track record then you need to step back. You might think of ignoring minor discrepancies. But avoid doing so. So before selecting a visa expert make sure you are well aware about their track record. 

Communication skills

There is no denying the fact that the process of obtaining a visa places an exceptionally significant emphasis on communication abilities. It is of utmost importance for your visa consultant to be proficient in communication skills. Otherwise, the whole process can become too vexatious for you. Imagine how exasperating it will be for you if your visa consultant lacks the ability to answer your questions accurately. Or he keeps finding a chance to dodge whatever you ask him. Well, it will surely be too frustrating for you. 


The firm’s experience is the next thing to look into. See if you are going out for an outing or meal then you would obviosuly select a restaurant that has been running for years. You are going to spend money so you desire to choose only the place which has good experience of serving customers with satisfaction and delight. Similarly, why would you wish to trust  someone with no experience for something as viable as your visa application process?.But when it comes to your dreams of studying in the USA you should not think about taking any risks. You have to consult someone who has experience of a good number of years in handling visa applications. If you cannot find a knowledgeable visa consultant we can attest to the top immigration consultants in Jalandhar.


The process of moving overseas involves many requirements. You must carefully exhibit each paper. It is essential for you to keep all these things in mind so that your interests, time, and money remain safeguarded. We hope the aforementioned post provided you with some helpful advice on how to pick the best immigration counsel.

By Michael Caine

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