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All about Curd for Weight Loss

People nowadays are a lot more concerned and conscious about their body image. Being fit and maintaining a healthy body should be part of the lifestyle to lead a healthy life. In the case of following a diet knowing the ingredients for weight loss is necessary. Eating curd is one special way to keep the body nourished and lose weight simultaneously. ‘How much curd per day to lose weight, can be searched to know the proper amount necessary to incorporate to achieve results. Research reveals that curd is considered healthy, promotes weight loss, and contains various health benefits which are as follows:-

  1. Great source of protein and calcium- Curd or yogurt is a tasty option and is a superfood for weight loss. Curd is a natural way to reduce weight. It is filled with proteins and calcium which are great for weight loss. Curd benefits our body in many ways; also it is proven to show surprising results, it helps in getting rid of body fat thus reducing body weight. Curd is also a great source of calcium. It not only makes bones stronger but also is effective in getting rid of unwanted body fat. Curd when included in a calorie-deficit diet is way more effective. The protein present in the curd keeps one full.
  2. Packed with probiotics- Curd contains various healthy bacteria that are good for maintaining gut health. Gut health is considered important for overall body health by increasing immunity and providing clear skin. The probiotics in curd promotea good digestive system which could be a base for losing weight without having a bad effect on health.
  3. Helps in weight loss- Curd contains various nutrients such as calciumand protein that could be helpful for weight loss. Phosphorous, vitamin c, and iron are the other micronutrients in curd. The water content in curd makes one feel full for a long time. The protein content mainly helps in weight loss. The amount of protein in curd depends on the different varieties available. However Greek yogurt contains a large amount of protein.
  4. All about curd consumption- Curd can be consumed with various extra elements such as dry fruits, fruits, oats, etc. But the extra additions should be added in a controlled amount so that they don’t overshadow the benefits of curd for weight loss. Although plain curd is considered the best for weight loss. Curd containing more extensive protein content is more beneficial. Homemade curd made from cow milk is also healthy for the body. Low-calorie is a suitable choice of curd in the weight loss journey.

Curd has various health benefits along with various weight loss properties. It contains water content that makes one full. Protein and calcium are the weight loss elements. Curd also helps in maintaining stronger bone health. The question of what is the benefit of eating curd can be answered by the above-described points. Curd can be consumed at any time breakfast, lunch, or even as a mid-time hunger quencher. Curd can be consumed in many ways such as on sandwiches, flavoured smoothies, salads, etc. So its variations invite us to add it to the weight loss plan.

By Michael Caine

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