Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon In Arizona

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon In Arizona

One of the most prominent characteristics on your face, the nose greatly affects how you seem. In many cases, little adjustments to your nose’s size or shape can have a significant impact on how you seem. You are not alone if you feel self-conscious about your nose. Thankfully, a rhinoplasty treatment can assist improve the symmetry of your entire face and make you seem your best. Cosmetic surgery called rhinoplasty is performed to alter the nose’s size or shape. This process can also be applied medically to treat an injury, fix a birth abnormality, and ease breathing issues. More than 500,000 people seek treatment each year to improve the appearance of their nose, making the surgery one of the most common cosmetic surgeries now performed.

Various procedures can be used during a rhinoplasty, depending on the problem that needs to be fixed and the intended result. Geoffrey Leber, MD, a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, adapts rhinoplasty techniques to each patient’s unique requirements. The purpose of rhinoplasty is to change the nose in order to give the face a more balanced appearance, producing stunning, unaltered results.

The benefits of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be done by Drs. Ali and Tamir to treat a range of aesthetic issues with your nose, such as:

  • Amount and width
  • Unusual shape
  • tip that is broad, large, or drooping
  • Crookedness
  • narrow or wide nostrils
  • damaged nose

Nose surgery is frequently performed to enhance the harmony of your facial features as a whole, rather than just to enhance the appearance of your nose. In other situations, improving your chin slightly is also the best technique to accomplish this facial harmony. When necessary, Drs. Ali and Tamir may advise rhinoplasty together with chin augmentation for the best outcomes.

Although cosmetic nose surgery is most frequently done for this reason, a functional rhinoplasty can also be done to help with breathing problems brought on by a deviated septum. Your plastic surgeon will take the time to make sure your nose is structurally sound and operating as it should in any scenario.

Am I a Candidate?

Anyone who wants to alter the way their nose looks may be a candidate for rhinoplasty. Drs. Ali and Tamir conduct many nose surgery treatments on patients of all ethnicities, including men and women, adolescents and young adults. Patients who have previously experienced nasal injuries can also get nose surgery from Drs. Ali and Tamir.

  • Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty typically include:
  • your general health is fine
  • possess a completely developed nose
  • wished they could alter the way their nose looked

Set reasonable expectations

Although there isn’t a specific age for rhinoplasty, it’s important that your nose be fully grown. While everyone’s adolescent years are different, this age often falls between the ages of 14 and 15, or approximately 16 for boys. This is due to the possibility that many size and shape issues you may have as a teenager will go away on their own.

Your Individualized Rhinoplasty Process

Drs. Ali and Tamir will personalise your surgery to address your particular facial traits and aesthetic goals because the purpose of rhinoplasty is to improve facial harmony and beauty.

There are generally two distinct rhinoplasty methods. During a consultation at our Phoenix office, we’ll go over each one with you as well as your options.

Operative rhinoplasty

An incision is performed across the columella, or the soft tissue between the nostrils, during this kind of rhinoplasty. As the name suggests, this enables the nose to be ‘opened’ to show the underlying supporting elements. The most significant correction is possible with this method, but there will be very little scarring.

Rhinoplasty With Closure

All incisions performed during a closed rhinoplasty are inside the nostrils. Since your plastic surgeon cannot clearly examine the underlying tissues, this operation can be more challenging but has the advantage of leaving no visible scars.

Recovery from rhinoplasty

All of your post-operative treatment will be handled individually by Dr. Ai and Dr. Tamir, including post-operative office visits and answering any queries you may have at any time, day or night.

Since the treatment will require anaesthesia, you will need to make arrangements for transportation home after it is finished. Make sure to obtain lots of rest and hydrate yourself throughout the rest of the day to prevent dehydration. Additionally, you must have an adult accompany you the rest of the day in case you require help.

For 1-2 weeks, you’ll probably have some mild bruising and swelling around your eyes, but these side effects should gradually go away as you heal. Special dressings might be applied, and they are normally taken off a few days following surgery, depending on the specifics of your procedure.

You should feel and appear healthy enough to resume light everyday activities, such as work and social engagements, after two weeks. You must, however, forgo vigorous exercise and activities for around three weeks. In addition, until Drs. Ali and Tamir give you the all-clear, you must stay away from contact sports and other activities where you could get hit in the nose.

Shortly after your surgery, you should see a difference in the way your nose looks, but the full impact of your procedure won’t become apparent until all swelling, bruising, and healing have subsided. This might take up to a year.

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Why Opt for Plastic Surgery at Mosharrafa?

In the Phoenix area, Drs. Ali and Tamir have been conducting rhinoplasty (nose surgery) on both men and women for more than 20 years. We can assist you in regaining the self-assurance that comes with being pleased with the way your nose looks in both social and professional settings. Contact our office by contacting or completing our online form to begin discussing your rhinoplasty alternatives.

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