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How Regular Health Check-Ups Help New Mom and Child Stay Healthy

Life changes for parents, especially for a mother when she gives birth to a baby. A mother has to undergo many mental, emotional, and most importantly physical changes after giving birth. Here it becomes important to pay extra attention to their health. A mother needs to pay attention to her body from the moment she gets to know that she is pregnant. Visiting gynecologists for regular check-ups is always advised. This way the gynecologists will keep a proper track starting with the pregnancy till the mother delivers the baby. Also, once the baby is delivered, still post-partum visits are important.

Also, for the newborn child, it is important to make regular visits to the pediatrician. They will help with taking care of the baby and will keep proper track of the growth and development of the baby. You can easily find a pediatrician in Tirupati and other places online. Take an appointment with them online and visit them. Regular health checks up will ensure the proper growth and development of the child. Pediatricians are professional in handling all the child’s problems till the age of 18. Not only problems. They will also take care of all the vaccinations which are important for good health. These vaccinations will keep diseases away and will increase the immunity to fight against these diseases.

Following are some of the points highlighting how regular check-ups are important for new mothers:

  • Tracks growth- When the mother gets pregnant, the gynecologists will track the growth of the baby. It is important to keep a close eye on the proper growth and development of the baby. Every month, the growth of the baby is tracked. The doctor will track weight, blood pressure, belly size etc. Any abnormality will be identified by the gynecologists and the right medications will be given accordingly.
  • Precautions- During pregnancy, mothers have to take extra care of their health. They have to take a proper diet and follow some medications. The gynecologists will offer some vital medications like folic acid, calcium etc that will help the mother to stay healthy.
  • Tests- The gynecologists will ask you for some tests to ascertain the internal health of the mother. The doctor will make sure that both the mother and child are healthy. The tests will include blood tests, ultrasound, urine tests etc which are mandatory to screen the health problems. The doctor will make sure to guide you with everything before the situation gets worse.
  • Post-partum care- After the baby is delivered, the mother still needs care and proper attention. Am mother’s body goes through several changes, so here the gynecologists will help the mother to take care of her body. The mother has to continue some medicines for a few months to make sure her health stays intact. The gynecologists will help in giving some guidance to take proper care of your health. Some go through some emotional changes, physical changes or even through post-partum depression. Here one should discuss your feelings with the doctor so that the right actions can be taken.

So above are some reasons highlighting how regular check-ups will help the new mother. It is always important to share everything in detail with your gynecologists without any hesitation. This will help you to take preventive measures right on time without worsening the situation.

Also, newborns need special attention as they are too delicate and sensitive. There are many child clinic in Tirupati or other places you can find online. Following are some points highlighting the need to regular visit the pediatrician:

  • Growth- The pediatrician will make sure that the baby is growing healthy noting down their height and weight on every visit. They will estimate everything making sure the baby is growing fine. The pediatricians are aware of the growing pattern of the newborn, so they will examine the baby accordingly.
  • Sleeping- The pediatrician will ask about the sleeping pattern of the newborn. Usually, the newborn sleeps between 14-17 hours a day. The pediatrician will guide you about the number of times the mother has to feed the baby.
  • Screening test- They will do the hearing screening, metabolic screening, and immunization. Also, the pediatrician will pay attention to the baby’s vital signs, basic newborn reflexes, attentiveness, skin tone, and hip stability. This will help in determining that the baby is growing normal
  • Warnings- The pediatrician will ask you to observe things like the response of the child to your calls and noises, speech development, etc. These things will help in detecting the abnormalities right on time. The pediatricians are efficient enough in identifying any of the problems.
  • Vaccinations- Vaccinations are very important in the overall development of the child. They will give you the vaccination chart including the details related to it. They will tell you at what time and age the vaccination should be given. This will help in increasing immunity and hence helps to fight against diseases.

So above are some of the reasons highlighting why regular checkups are important for newborns. It is always advised to seek proper medical attention especially when it comes to newborns. Ask them about everything in detail like feeding, peeing, sleeping pattern, etc. The pediatrician will estimate the length and weight of the newborn and will ask the parents to take proper care. The pediatrician will physically examine the child from head to toe, skin, vision, hearing, etc. Make sure to make regular visits to the doctor which will help in proper growth and development.

There are many women & child care hospitals you can find online. Always make sure to consult the best pediatricians and gynecologists who have good years of experience. Know that regular visits can help you to avoid a wide number of diseases. Both the mother and newborn will be healthy if they follow their doctor’s advice properly. As parents, one should keep a close eye on every little detail of their baby.

By Michael Caine

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