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How Teeth Whitening Service Can Help You Get a Perfect Smile

Professional teeth whitening will make your smile shine and whiten. There are many methods to whiten teeth. Some use non-aggressive chemical agents activated by lasers or LEDs.

Which is the best way to restore white teeth? Is there anything that should be avoided when you do teeth whitening? How much will the treatment cost? These (and others) are some of the questions we have answered.

White teeth are an indicator of beauty and health. What do you think if you see someone with yellow teeth? He is probably unwell or neglected. Professional teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure.

The natural whiteness of our teeth, which isn’t so white as we know it, is being threatened by bad habits and everyday living. Our mouths become less glowing by eating and drinking dark drinks, such as coffee and licorice, and smoking is a common activity.

According to the teeth whitening London Ontario specialists, Proper oral hygiene is important, but might not be sufficient. Professional teeth whitening is the solution.

How professional teeth whitening works

professional tooth whitening restores perfect colors. This intervention is performed by specialized professionals and is sometimes called bleaching, or whitening in a chair. It’s different from DIY remedies that can be dangerous to the enamel.

It is very simple. The process starts with a preparatory stage. This involves a thorough cleaning (scaling), and then the application of protective material to the gums.

The dentist then applies a bleaching gel. This can either be hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These substances can be activated with a LED light or a laser.

Two to three applications of hydrogen peroxide are required for teeth whitening. Each application lasts approximately 20 minutes. The one with carbamide peroxide requires only one application but lasts at least 35 minutes.

The dental offices of Doctor Emanuele Puzzilli in Ostia and Rome offer a unique dental whitening procedure that he has developed. This allows him to get optimal results in just two sessions even for very complex cases.

Contraindications to teeth whitening: Pain and damage to the enamel

Patients who choose to have their teeth whitening done will be concerned about two things: the pain both before and after treatment and the damage to the enamel. These fears are not valid. You can be certain that the following:

  • No, teeth-whitening doesn’t hurt. There is no pain after the treatment or during it.
  • Professional teeth whitening is not harmful to the enamel. Non-aggressive whitening agents and machinery are used.

It is the DIY whitening products, also known as grandma’s or home remedies for whiter teeth, that cause the most damage. Think about the damage that substances like hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate can cause to the enamel. Also, If you are in Canada, you may want to know about the best dentists in London Ontario for teeth whitening services.

How to prolong the effects of whitening

If the treatment is done by a qualified professional, teeth whitening can last for about one year. However, the duration of the treatment will depend on how the teeth were treated over the next few weeks or months.

It is important to mention that you should avoid dark drinks and foods containing dyes, such as coffee, licorice, and coca cola, immediately following treatment. You also need not smoke.

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