Rhinoplasty in Lahore

Rhinoplasty in Lahore | Nose Job Recovery Time Period

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

Like most other surgeries, your nose surgery will cause your body to heal in stages. Dr. Atta Ul Haq may put a splint on your nose right after the procedure of Rhinoplasty in Lahore to keep it in place, and he may also pack your nose with a dressing to keep the septum in place. A splint is usually only needed if the nasal bones break during surgery and need some rearrangements.

In the first two to ten days after surgery of Rhinoplasty in Lahore, you may feel moderate to severe pain. But pain relief can be with painkillers and cold packs. You might have bruises for one to three weeks, and the swelling could last for six to twelve months. Your skin and soft tissues will continue to change over the new bone and cartilage framework for up to a year after your nose surgery.

Most people who get a rhinoplasty should be able to return to work in a week or two, and they can do all of their normal activities again in four weeks. Sometimes, the effects of Rhinoplasty need time to settle. Depending on the person, this can take anywhere from three months to two years.

Patients who wear contact lenses can keep doing so after Rhinoplasty. Still, people who wear glasses will need to make some changes. Your nose will still need time to heal after a doctor fixes the split. You can also buy special tools that let your glasses rest on your cheeks while your nose heals for the first four to six weeks.

Painkillers Use for Rhinoplasty

Depending on your need, your Rhinoplasty in Lahore operation starts with local anesthesia, a light sedative, or general anesthesia. Most of the time, more complicated systems require a lot of sedation or general anesthesia. If you have any preferences about how you want to sleep, talk to your surgeon about them.

Things you should know before you take medicine:

Before starting to take medicine after Rhinoplasty, it is essential to know and do a number of things.

First, and most importantly, you should only take medicine if your doctor or a nasal surgeon tells you to. You shouldn’t take medicine just because you feel like it.

Second, make sure to get tested before Rhinoplasty. If you have a disease or allergies, talk to your doctor about it.

Third, don’t take medications based on what other people say because everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to drugs.

The risks of having a nose job


Whenever surgery takes place, there is always a chance of getting an infection. But because Rhinoplasty isn’t too invasive, these risks aren’t too big. Antibiotics can usually help to treat infections when they do happen. Some sporadic conditions, like toxic shock syndrome, can be fatal. Most infections can be easily avoided by keeping the wound clean and keeping a close eye on the area as it heals.

Toxicity of Anesthesia:

There are risks with any procedure that requires anesthesia. Still, general anesthesia’s chances are higher than local anesthetics or IV sedation risks—most of the risks of general sedation relate to breathing. Your risks are higher if you already have a heart or lung disease, smoke, or use prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Tell Dr. Atta Ul Haq about any health problems or other things that might make you more likely to have issues after anesthesia.


Due to the cuts made inside the nose, bleeding can last up to a month after the surgery. This can lower down by resisting the urge to pick or blow the nose while it is first healing.

Burst Blood Vessels:

Sometimes, small blood vessels in the nose break during the rhinoplasty procedure. This might look like tiny red spots on the skin that are hard to see. Very rarely can the condition last forever?

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In open Rhinoplasty in Lahore, the patient will have a scar between the nostrils on the underside of the nose. Scarring will differ for each person, but it will almost always be small.

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