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Top 5 Reasons Why Lizol Is The Best Cleaner

Each month we go shopping for a number of cleaning products that we use to keep our homes, offices, and schools clean. Events that have taken place across the world in the last couple of years have taught us the importance of keeping our environment clean and germ-free. So instead of picking up whatever product is displayed on the store shelf, we now look for the best cleaner, disinfectant, and sanitiser when we shop.

When it comes to floor and surface cleaning, Lizol is one of India’s most trusted and popular products. But what makes Lizol floor cleaner the best there is? Let’s take a look.

Keeping those pesky germs away – Lizol is an all-in-one disinfectant cleaner recommended by the Indian Medical Association. A high-quality household cleaning product, it kills 99.99% of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including the COVID-19 virus. Adding Lizol to water used to mop the floors or clean hard surfaces keeps your family and you safe from over 100 disease-causing germs. Lizol is a wonderful disinfectant product that keeps your home safe.

Tough on stains – The Lizol cleaner is not only a great disinfectant, but also one of the best cleaners available in the market. It is tough on stains and keeps your home clean of dust, grime, and dirt. That makes cleaning your home, office, and workplace both easy and effortless. Our floors and surfaces attract a great deal of dirt and germs when we walk in from outside, bring in toys or sports equipment, or even when we return after a walk in the park. Cleaning with Lizol is a great way to remove all the dirt and allergens.

Fresh and fragrant – The one complaint that most people have is that most of the floor or surface cleaners in the market leave behind a harsh unpleasant chemical smell. This is where Lizol outranks other products. Lizol all-in-one disinfectant cleaner comes with a new active bloom formula and is available in a variety of fragrances. These include Neem, Lavender, Citrus, Floral, Jasmine, and Pine. Using Lizol daily keeps your home and surfaces smelling fresh and fragrant.

More than just a floor cleaner – Lizol is one product you want in your household cleaning toolkit. It is the perfect addition to the water you use to mop the floor, but it is much more than a floor cleaner. It is perfect for cleaning the sink, tiles, countertops, doorknobs, handrails, and hard surfaces. Having a multi-purpose cleaner keeps you from needing to stock up on a range of products for your daily cleaning chores.

Bring home the best – As per standard testing protocols, Lizol cleans ten times better than phenyls and detergents. It is one of the best cleaners in the Indian market because it combines cleaning and disinfecting properties while keeping the home smelling great. It is non-abrasive and does not leave scratch marks.

Lizol is a trusted brand and most households in India rely on this cleaner to keep the floors and surfaces clean and germ-free. This is just the product you want to keep yourself and your family safe at all times.

By Michael Caine

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