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Bathroom plumbing: Tips to avoid problems

At the time of a new work or renovation, attention to hydraulic projects must be redoubled. Bathroom plumbing problems always arise when we least expect them and their impacts are big for everyday tasks.

Events such as seepage or leaking pipes can have serious short- and long-term consequences for the property. To avoid headaches, well-executed projects with quality materials are essential for the proper functioning of the hydraulic system.

Bathroom plumbing is responsible for transporting, distributing and draining clean and used water. That is, it plays an important role in your property. To prevent future problems, a well-done preventative work is necessary.

In this article, we have separated the best information and tips for you not to go through unpleasant situations. Check it out below!

Why invest in a bathroom plumbing project?

As at any time of a work, planning is essential for the construction of a hydraulic system in the bathroom. Predicted details are important to reduce the chances of future problems and ensure comfort during use.

A project aimed at the perfect functioning of the bathroom plumbing brings benefits such as sustainability and economy. In addition to avoiding so many expenses with problems that may arise, the choice of materials avoids wasting water throughout the distribution process.

Another advantage is to always have the planning plan at hand, facilitating future renovations or maintenance. Having the exact knowledge of all installations, how and when they were made, helps in the moment of possible necessary restorations. Surely this saves a lot of headache, see?

A well detailed and executed hydraulic project provides significant savings in money and time for those who are renovating. Not to mention that it brings comfort, accessibility and better conditions of use to the bathroom.

Consequences of incorrect bathroom plumbing

A poorly made hydraulic system can cause several problems. This increases spending on unnecessary repairs and brings bad experiences to everyday life. So, it’s better to have a well-executed project, right?

We list some of the most common challenges and tips on how to avoid them in your property:

Water leak

According to a study the third consecutive year in which water wastage increased. Among the main reasons are leaks, along with water meter reading errors.

Frequent leaks also cause leaks. These, in turn, can stain your walls or, in more serious cases, directly affect the construction of the property. In the case of residential buildings, damage can even affect neighboring apartments and lower floors.

A reconstruction of the structure, aiming at the safety of the residents, may be necessary in this situation. The costs of this work can be quite high, especially when considering the repairs in the other affected houses.

Regardless of the form of water leak, it is necessary to solve the problem as soon as possible. If it is a leak or something more visible, analyzing the structure of the bathroom plumbing makes it easier for repairs.

However, if we are talking about something internal and hidden, it is important to dedicate more time to the solution. Call a specialized professional and guarantee an efficient repair.

Clogged vases, sinks and drains

Draining used water is a crucial step in having a well-functioning bathroom plumbing. However, due to various errors, sinks, drains and vases can end up clogging and causing serious damage to your bathroom.

Avoid throwing toilet paper in the toilet, remember to remove strands of hair from the drain or even shave directly in the sink. These small actions can cause a buildup of waste, making it difficult for water to drain into your plumbing.

Damaged discharge valve

More specific problems, such as the flush valve, need more attention. They are often imperceptible. Therefore, it is best to consult professionals to find where the error causing leaks during valve activation is.

The ideal is to perform the exchange as soon as possible, always looking for quality discharge valves. That way, you prevent water consumption from being greater than necessary, increasing your water bill at the end of the month. Water quality problems

A problem with bathroom plumbing also affects the quality of the water consumed, you know? Leaks, holes and poor installation can allow water to come into contact with bacteria and substances that contaminate it. This directly harms the health of the residents of the residence. Here are some tips why hot water pressure is low

Do periodic inspections with the help of a professional plumber. And, of course, make sure the plumbing design is up to standard, whether you’re building or renovating.

In addition, poorly made bathroom plumbing can favor the accumulation of organic matter in some pipes, you know? The bad smell that exudes from the drains and attracts the presence of those typical mosquitoes, are good examples of this. So, it’s good to pay close attention when doing the hydraulics!

Sewer Return

This is probably the worst plumbing related problem in your bathroom you can find. In addition to causing a horrible odor, the return of sewage can cause infections due to residues and dirt that can come into contact with us. Plumbing Problem Require Plumber intervention

To avoid this frustration, keep an eye out for signs. If the water starts to take a while to drain, the bad smell will be present. Check that there is no clogged pipe. In this case, a plunger is the most practical and quick solution.

By Michael Caine

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