Best Target Shower Curtains

Best Target Shower Curtains

The most effective shower curtains can do more than just protect your floor from the endless stream of water. They also transform your bathroom. Consider this: Hanging almost floor-to-ceiling and covering a few feet they’re more of an extension of the fifth wall rather than an ornamental feature.

We must point out that picking shower curtains is one of the very few occasions where you can be with your own style Shower curtain curtains are able to be replaced in a matter of seconds unlike wallpaper paint, tile, or. In this regard there are endless possibilities. Find out the top shower curtains that can immediately improve the look of your bathroom.

Shower Curtain Set

Brooklinen is among our top brands for bedding and, as it happens, they also create beautiful, high-quality shower curtains. This set includes everything you require including the curtain, obviously as well as a waterproof PEVA curtains liner (that’s resistant to mildew and mold) as well as 12 hooks for your shower. The shower curtain comes in a variety of designs (black dash and black window pane as well as Oxford stripe are all shown above).

White and Black Shower Curtain

Are you looking for a longer shower curtain? This one in black and white comes in 3 lengths. It’s constructed of strong tough polyester that’s 100% water-proof.

Threshold White Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

The most effective shower curtain for bathrooms of all kinds.

This shower curtain in white will look great in any bathroom. It’s low-cost, machine-washable and reinforced with grommets made of metal and is made of an extremely durable cotton/polyester waffle weave.

Its Threshold The White Weave Curtain is the most affordable under $40 option we’ve found, because it’s easy to wash and long-lasting, and has a classic, timeless design that is perfect for any bathroom. If you’re looking for something more appealing, we provide specific suggestions for you in the section on design in this article.

Threshold Light Stripe Shower Curtain

A great curtain with a delicate pattern

If you’d prefer a shower curtain with stripes that are neutral it’s a great value and can be used in all bathrooms. If you’re looking for more options to decorate we suggest the complete Threshold shower curtain collection.

While not as straightforward and traditional as our primary choice The Threshold Light Stripe Shower Curtain’s classic stripes pattern is suitable for the majority of bathrooms. With a price of around $20, it’s the most inexpensive 100 percent cotton curtain we tried. Its softand gauzy texture stood out from the heavier and polyester curtains we tried. If you’re in search of shower curtains that have more striking patterns We suggest you take a look at the other items in the Threshold collection. Shower curtains with decorative designs can be quite costly, however Threshold offers a variety of great designs at the most affordable costs we’ve ever seen. Many of our staff have purchased and love the Threshold shower curtain.

Crate & Barrel Pebble Matelasse White Shower Curtain

The most luxurious choice

This curtain is heavier and more extravagant than our other choices that have a gorgeous pebbled texture, which elevates any bathroom. When compared to our primary choice, this one shrank slightly during washing however, it still provided ample coverage.

The Crate and Barrel Pebble Matelasse White Shower Curtain is a must-have addition in any bathroom. The softly pebbled fabric (which is Oeko-Tex-certified as being free from harmful chemical) is soft to the touch and drapes beautifully off an adjustable rod. The 100% cotton fabric decreased by 5 inches in both sizes after washing (less than some alternatives we’ve considered) but should provide adequate coverage. If you’re concerned about the size the shower curtain, it’s offered in an extra-long.

Hookless Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain

An all-in-one option

It’s more simple to put up than the other ones we suggest. The large grommets easily and quickly fit onto any rod meaning it doesn’t need hooks, and it is equipped with a liner that snaps on. The curtain is available in 19 different colors.

Curtains that are hookless are particularly practical due to grommets that connect directly to the rod, and also a snap-on fabric liner. The polyester Hookless Shower Curtain is the waffle weave looks great in all bathrooms (and it is available in approximately 19 colors). There is also an opaque panel on the upper edge of the curtain that allows sunlight into the shower without windows.

Maytex Water Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

A low-cost shower liner that can be washed

This shower curtain made of washable polyester can be used in the same way as shower curtains which cost twice as much. It is more resistant to soap scum than plastic liners made of flimsier material It’s also sturdy with a polished finish that allows it to function as shower curtains.

We would recommend the cheaper Maytex water repellent fabric shower curtain Liner. It’s just as good as the polyester liners we tested which cost twice as much and doesn’t create that inevitable soap film way that plastic liners do. Maytex liner Maytex liner can be washed in the machine and is an excellent addition to any of our curtains.

Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks

An easy-to-use hook

The hooks slide effortlessly through a curtain rod and are able to easily accommodate the curtain along with its liner and are available in a variety of colours.

The majority of shower curtains require hooks to hang them and we love our Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks. They effortlessly slide across the majority of shower curtain rods. They’re simple to put up, and are easy to take off when it’s time to wash your curtain. They also come with ample clearance, which means they’ll fit easily into a large shower curtain as well as a liner. In contrast to many rings that are sold in just one of two metal finishes Amazer hooks are available in a variety of colours and finishes, meaning you’ll be able to find a great color to match almost any décor (or make a splash of color to a plain curtain).

Waterfall Shower Curtain

This fringed piece is adorable simple and as easy as a ruffle could get. It drapes beautifully and is machine washable and comes in a variety of shades (including red, black silver, orange, and black). Combine it along with crystal shower hooks for those who want to up the glamour.

Marfa Pine Color Blocked Shower Curtain

The hues of this curtain made from canvas by New York-based company Quiet Town Home are inspired by sky and earth. The fabric is hand-sewn using sturdy denim hemming, and has stylish curly corners. The top is adorned with grommets of metal for hanging using hooks that attach to the rod of your curtain.

Speckled Shower Curtain

Do you see that gorgeous drape? It’s because the shower curtains are made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, and is made by the experts in bedding at Parachute. The ivory is accented by black yarn and a delicate herringbone weave.

By Michael Caine

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