Employment lawyers

Employment Lawyer Service in Canada

An Employment lawyer can assist you in labour disputes and other employment-related issues. These lawyers are experienced in dealing with labour disputes, bringing forth fair results for their clients. The Davidson Law Firm has a long history of helping both employers and Employment lawyers. If you are an employer or employee, Davidson Law Firm can help you resolve your labour disputes.

Monkhouse Law

If you’re in need of an employment lawyer, The firm has 14 employment lawyers on staff to handle claims from both employees and termination without cause ontario. Their goal is to help employees make the right decisions and hold employers accountable for their actions.

Monkhouse Law specializes in Ontario and Canadian Employment Law. The firm is regulated by the Law Society of Ontario, ensuring that its lawyers adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct. They will review your case and advise you accordingly. If you need an employment lawyer in Toronto, contact Monkhouse Law today.

Employment law is a complex area of law, but Ontario has robust protections for workers’ rights. Monkhouse Law focuses on workplace relations, which includes human rights, labour relations, and wrongful dismissal. The firm’s team of lawyers understands the workplace’s unique challenges and provides aggressive representation to clients.

Monkhouse Law is one of the fastest-growing law firms in Canada. The firm has experienced 178% growth in the last three years. The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business ranks companies based on three-year revenue growth. In that time, Law has expanded from two employment lawyers to more than 30. The firm’s reputation for aggressive and thorough representation has only increased.

Employment lawyers

Advocation Professional Corporation

Advocation Employment Law is a Toronto-based employment lawyer service that provides legal representation for a wide variety of workplace issues. Its mission is to promote mutual respect between employees and employers. Its team of employment lawyers is comprised of experienced professionals who address workplace matters that arise in various industries.

Advocation Employment Law offers services for businesses and employees throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The firm is made up of some of the best employment lawyers in the country. Its lawyers focus on workplace issues and disputes and have a well-rounded approach to resolving disputes. The firm also provides free consultations, and its fees are flexible.

The Professional Corporation provides a wide range of legal services for employees in Toronto, including employment contracts and leaves of absence. Their lawyers handle many types of cases, including those involving the Human Rights Act and the Employment Standards Act. They also provide mediation services and can help clients resolve disputes.

The firm’s reputation and experience are important factors when choosing a lawyer for your case. An initial consultation with a lawyer will last for one to two hours and will allow you to ask questions and learn about the court process. Some lawyers are prepared to go to court if necessary, while others prefer to reach a favourable settlement.

Employment lawyers

Complex disputes

LLP is the leading labour law firm in Canada, focusing on the interests of employers. Its clientele spans the private and public sectors and includes both unionized and non-unionized companies. The firm handles a variety of cases, ranging from small, simple disputes to complex disputes.

The firm’s attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of labour relations and employment law. John Hyde, the managing partner, is one of the few lawyers in Canada to be certified as a Specialist in Labour Law. He provides legal advice to both employers and employees, addressing issues ranging from severance packages to wrongful dismissals. John Hyde is also experienced in labour arbitrations and Workplace Safety & Insurance Board matters, as well as in collective bargaining.

The firm has a wide array of services, including legal consultations and legal correspondence. Clients can contact them by email or phone. In some cases, clients can receive free legal advice for a limited time. They can also get their issues solved quickly. Generally, the firm’s services are more affordable than those of other Toronto law firms.

The firm’s employment lawyers have a stellar track record. They have won numerous awards for their clients, including precedent-setting awards in gender discrimination and pay equity. In addition, the firm has been a leader in the fight to unionize the gig economy’s precarious workers. It has also successfully represented a First Nation in a dispute involving mercury poisoning.

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