Bajaj Mall’s ‘EMI Hai Na’ Festive Sale Brings Exciting Deals On TV on EMI

Searching for the best TV isn’t easy. You would need a lot of research to get an excellent-quality display and a great sound system. However, checking all the TVs can be chaotic, especially with characteristics like QLED and OLED displays. Nonetheless, we have reviewed and tried out the latest TVs in 2022 from renowned producers, including Samsung, LG TV, Sony, etc., to assist you in selecting the perfect TV for your home.  Let’s dig in and learn more about these TVs and how you can avail the Diwali offers on TV from the Bajaj Mall during this festive season. 


According to the current LG TV price, the LG G1 OLED TV has a stunning design. This TV is an upgraded version of the LP’s OLED gallery. This TV is beautiful and sleek and can amp up the look of your room. There’s a significant improvement in the remote of this television, and it’s cheaper than the gallery version. The LG led TV 32-inch price is affordable and has the same bright display as this OLED TV.

The specifications are 

1. It comes in sizes like 55,65 and 77 inches

2. It consists of 4 HDMI ports

3. The weight is 63.9 pounds

4. The screen type is OLED

LG TV is a whole pack of awesomeness, providing excellent colors and a significant brightness level. It has also been awarded as a winner for being the best LG TV.

Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV

This TV comes with a sleek and beautiful design. The neo-QLED in this piece delivers great brightness throughout, along with some tremendous anti-glare abilities. You’ll also get a solar-chargeable remote with the set.

The specifications are 

1. 4 HDMI ports

2. Weighs 53.8 pounds

3. It comes with a QLED screen

4. The refresh rate is 120 Hz

5. Available in screen sizes like 55,65,75 and 85 inches

TCL 6- Series Roku TV

This led TV price is very reasonable and offers a supreme quality picture with a great TV experience. You get great colors and brightness to highlight every detail of the picture. It comes with a fantastic mini LED and QLED display. This TV is best for gamers, and you can also see a considerable application selection here, along with a Roku remote. 

The specifications are:

1. Available in 55,65 and 75-inch screen sizes

2. The refresh rate is 120 Hz

3. It weighs 41.9 pounds


This is by far the best TV in town right now. It provides stunning picture quality along with a sleek design. In addition, the TV has innovative features like built-in Alexa and Google Assistant support. This TV can beat all other TV brands. You’ll get the best picture quality which is unmatched by other TVs.

The specifications are:

1. It weighs 52.9 pounds

2. The screen variety is OLED

3. The refresh rate is 120 Hz

4. It comes with 4 HDMI ports


This TV is the most reasonable and pocket-friendly TV in the industry. It has a 4k OLED display alongside some super smooth, smart features. You can watch anything on this TV, ranging from Disney to Netflix. The sound quality is average. This TV has been awarded the best value TV of 2022.

The specifications are:

1. Excellent audio quality & strong picture

2. 4 HDMI ports

3. It weighs around 44.9 ports

4. The screen sizes are 55 and 65 inches

5. The gaming performance is outstanding with this TV.

Samsung Q80T QLED TV

This TV has some innovative features and has 4k upscaling. It’s very smart, and the sound is outstanding. It also comes with inbuilt Alexa and google assistant support.

The specifications are:

1. Smart TV

2. 4k upscaling

3. Object tracking sound quality

If you’re trying to find an excellent TV for your home, you should research the TV mentioned above. They provide some cool features and have a great warranty and guarantee from the best brands. We can assure you that you won’t regret your decision if you select from the best-listed TVs on EMI.

If you are tight on your budget yet want to buy a TV on EMI, do not worry. Bajaj Mall provides the best solution for you. They provide all these products on credit. If you make a Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card, you can also avail of all their facilities, including zero down payment option. This card comes with a pre-approved Rs 4 lakhs. Along with these, you can also grab Diwali offers on TV with zero down payment and no-cost EMI, making the festive season more valuable.

With the special festive offers and benefits like guaranteed discounts and cashback, this is the best time to purchase a smart TV online from the Bajaj Mall. As a special festive promotional offer, the Bajaj Mall has brought out its lucrative “EMI Hai Na” offers, which assures you a guaranteed cashback from Rs. 2000 up to Rs. 5000 based on your purchase. You can also buy the smartphone of your choice offline from a retail store near you using your Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card to avail of these awesome benefits from the Bajaj Mall.

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